Advanced cyberspying tool dates from 2008

A highly sophisticated cyberspying tool has been used since 2008 to steal information from governments, businesses and others, security researchers said Monday.

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Google settles with ex-banker over online abuse

Google has agreed to a settlement with a former Morgan Stanley banker who sued the search engine over defamatory Internet posts.

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Apple's latest (RED) campaign pushes to end age of AIDS

Corporations work to 'help people live longer.'        

4 hours ago from USA today

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WSJ: Galaxy S5 sales 40 percent below Samsung's expectations

Sold 12 million S5s in the time it took to sell 16 million Galaxy S4s.

11 minutes ago from Arstechnica

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Automakers aim to drive away car computer hackers

Against the team of hackers, the poor car stood no chance. Meticulously overwhelming its computer networks, the hackers showed that—given time—they would be able to pop the trunk and start the ...

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BT shares jump on 'preliminary talks' with Telefonica over sale of O2

BT has set the City alight as it revealed that it is in talks over a takeover of either mobile rival O2 or EE in a deal worth as much as £10 billion.

2 hours ago from The Independent

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'Ass Hunter' game where players 'kill gays' pulled from Google's app store after outcry

Google removed a game that asked users to kill gay people to survive today, after a public outcry, but not before the game had been available for weeks and downloaded thousands of times.

41 minutes ago from The Independent

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Redbox's rental prices are going up

Redbox has always been aggressive about pricing. Taking home a DVD or Blu-ray from one of the company's rental kiosks is cheaper than paying to watch the same movie via iTunes or ...

11 minutes ago from The Verge

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New method for quickly determining antibiotic resistance

Scientists from Uppsala University, the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in Stockholm and Uppsala University Hospital have developed a new method of rapidly identifying which bacteria ...

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Canines trained on pseudo-explosives could not reliably identify the genuine article

When it comes to teaching dogs how to sniff out explosives, there's nothing quite like the real thing to make sure they're trained right. That's the message from William Kranz, Nicholas Strange ...

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