Controversy over Queen Elizabeth II's 'first tweet'

Queen Elizabeth II sent what was billed as her first official tweet today, opening up the new Information Age exhibition at London's science museum.

3 hours ago from The Independent

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Facebook launches Rooms app to bring the wild, wild web to your smartphone

Facebook has launched a new iPhone app that wants to bring the anonymous internet forums of the mid-2000s directly to your smartphone.

48 minutes ago from The Independent

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Fossils reveal very awkward dinosaur once roamed the Earth

Paleantologists in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia have discovered new fossils that allow them to create a picture of what one of the most unusually-shaped dinosaurs looked like.

19 hours ago from The Independent

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Ancient human bone reveals when we bred with Neanderthals

When a human bone was found on a gravelly riverbank by a bone-carver who was searching for mammoth ivory, little did he know it would provide the oldest modern-human genome yet sequenced. The ...

5 hours ago from

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Humans were living at extreme altitudes 1000 years earlier than thought

Paleoindians reached new heights soon after arriving in South America

21 hours ago from Science Now

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Early Easter Islanders had contact with Americas

ANCIENT MARINERS: They may have lived on a remote dot of land in the Pacific, but the ancient Polynesian people who populated Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, were not as isolated as long believed.

13 hours ago from ABC Science

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Hate your email? Google knows: its new app promises the earth (and a manageable inbox)

Google has launched a new smartphone app "years in the making" that it claims will let people finally take control of their inboxes.

Thu 23 Oct 14 from The Independent

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Google teams with Oxford to teach machines to think

Google on Thursday announced a partnership with artificial intelligence teams at Oxford University to teach machines to think like people.

20 hours ago from

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Christian Bale to play Apple's Steve Jobs

Oscar-winner Christian Bale, best known for his star turn in the blockbuster "Batman" film franchise, will play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic.

24 hours ago from

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'Anti-Facebook' social network gets fresh funding

Flush with a reported $5.5 million in fresh funding, upstart social network Ello on Thursday legally changed its corporate standing to back a promise to remain ad-free.

21 hours ago from

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