Researcher to talk at Black Hat on 'scary' area in Android

Does that cute little green robotic creature with two ear-sticks call up feelings of an open, friendly mobile operating system, aka Android? Wow, Monday stories were not about how cute and adorable ...

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Google throttles back vision for its social network

Google on Monday said it is throttling back on its vision of having profiles at its social network serve as people's identities across its range of online offerings.

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'Killer robots' with AI must be banned, urge Stephen Hawking, Noam Chomsky and thousands of others in open letter

More than 1,000 robotics experts and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers - including physicist Stephen Hawking, technologist Elon Musk, and philosopher Noam Chomsky - have signed an open ...

4 hours ago from The Independent

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Samsung's newest monitor can wirelessly charge your Galaxy S6

Samsung has introduced a new computer monitor that makes use of the Qi wireless charging standard for mobile devices. The 23-inch and 27-inch offerings for the Samsung SE370 have a circular ...

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"World's first" E paper traffic signs installed in Australia

Sydney, Australia, has become the world's first city to boast E Ink-based traffic signs. Developed by Slovenian firm Visionect, the solar-powered signs promise both greater efficiency ...

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Amazon Prime Music streaming comes to the UK

Hot on the heels of Apple Music, Amazon is launching its own music streaming service in the UK. Unlike Spotify, Rdio and most of its other competitors though, there's no single price for Prime ...

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NSA to stop using bulk US phone data in November

The National Security Agency will cease its access to most bulk data collected under a controversial surveillance program in November, but retain records for litigation purposes, officials said ...

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Ouya has been officially acquired by Razer

Ouya was a Kickstarter darling back in 2012, raising over $8 million during their funding period, but when the Android based micro console became a reality it never made the splash that people ...

15 hours ago from Techspot

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Periscope for iOS can mute notifications

Periscope's latest version for iOS comes with a handful of useful features, including one for folks suffering from notification overload. Now, you can "mute" broadcasters you follow so you don't ...

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Unique tooth structure allowed predatory dinosaurs to efficiently crunch flesh and bone

The Tyrannosaurus rex and its fellow theropod dinosaurs that rampage across the screen in movies like Jurassic World were successful predators partly due to a unique, deeply serrated tooth structure ...

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