Amazon reportedly plans to release a smartphone this year

After years of rumors, Inc. might finally be getting into the smartphone business.

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Twitter buys data analytics partner Gnip

Twitter says it has bought its data partner Gnip, which provides analysis of the more than 500 million tweets its users share each day—to advertisers, academic institutions, politicians and ...

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Game of drones: Why Google and Facebook are going head-to-head for control of the skies

At twelves miles up into the atmosphere things seem pretty quiet. Commercial flights are safely stowed six miles below along with the threat of any turbulence or convection. Temperatures are ...

16 hours ago from The Independent

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Yahoo profit beats estimates at $312 mn

Yahoo reported a stronger-than-expected first-quarter profit Tuesday, results hailed by chief executive Marissa Mayer as showing growth in the Web giant's "core" business.

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Pioneer to upgrade 5 exisitng consoles for CarPlay, no new hardware required

iPhone owners can buy these aftermarket displays now, get CarPlay this summer.

5 hours ago from Arstechnica

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The Gut Microbes of African Hunter-Gatherers Surprise Scientists

In Western Tanzania tribes of wandering foragers called Hadza eat a diet of roots, berries, and game. According to a new study, their guts are home to a microbial community unlike anything that’s ...

10 hours ago from Wired Science

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Apple, Google, Microsoft and others sign anti-phone-theft pledge

A new pledge signed by nearly every major player in the phone industry is promising that after July of 2015, it will be a lot harder to steal a smartphone, according to a new report ...

5 hours ago from The Verge

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Google adds 'Insert Photo' button for mobile Gmail

The tech giant continues to integrate its products by letting users send photos and videos from a smartphone using Google+'s Auto Backup feature.

2 hours ago from CNET

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Microsoft releases Office 365 Personal -- for iPad too

Newest Office 365 subscription plan is now available and includes iPads among supported devices.

10 hours ago from CNET

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Google Lens: 'Avalanche' of patent filings show Google is eyeing up smart contact lenses

It seems that Google Glass was only the beginning for wearable tech, with a series of new patent filings from Google suggesting that the internet giant is taking the concept of a 'smart contact ...

12 hours ago from The Independent

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