New dad Zuckerberg vows to give away Facebook fortune

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday announced he is a dad and pledged to give away his fortune to make the world a "better place" for baby daughter Max and others.

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Huge, long-necked dinosaurs once tromped Scotland

Hundreds of 70-centimeter-wide fossils found on the Isle of Skye

6 hours ago from Science Now

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Even Adobe is ready to be done with Flash, meet Adobe Animate

Flash has got to go. That’s not the first time you’ve heard that here. But an announcement from Adobe makes it seem like they’re on board with us (and the rest of the internet), ...

1 hours ago from Techspot

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Samsung replaces mobile chief as smartphone lead dwindles

Samsung appointed a new mobile president at Samsung Electronics for the first time in six years after growth stalled at the world's largest smartphone maker.

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Google's Chrome for Android update aims to make the mobile web less painful on slower connections

Part of the issue with the mobile web as opposed to, say, service-specific apps, is that pages with numerous ads and images can be painstakingly slow. This is especially true in an age of instant ...

2 hours ago from Techspot

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Can Christmas tree lights really play havoc with your wi-fi?

Ofcom, the UK's independent telephony regulator, has just released a wi-fi checker app for your smart phone. At the same time, it warned in its press release that your Christmas tree fairy lights ...

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Nokia's professional-grade Ozo VR camera gets $60,000 price tag

Nokia over the summer announced a curious looking virtual reality camera dubbed Ozo. The Finnish company said that its eight-sensor, semi-spherical shooter was designed specifically for professionals ...

4 hours ago from Techspot

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AT&T confirms $5 increase for grandfathered unlimited smartphone plans

AT&T has confirmed its mobile subscribers who have managed to hang on to their unlimited data plans will see a price-hike on their bill in the New Year. Yes, those grandfathered into the ...

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Details of FBI's National Security Letter revealed for the first time

The FBI has been secretly tracking user information without judicial oversight since 2001. Ever since the Patriot Act's controversial expansion of the Bureau's authority, tens ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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Google hires the engineering manager behind Tesla's semi-autonomous 'Autopilot' driving system

Google has hired Robert Rose, the man who led the development of Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’ project. The news was discovered by 9to5Google after the site noted that Rose’s ...

27 minutes ago from Techspot

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