Amazon launches one-hour shipping in Manhattan

Amazon says it is offering one-hour delivery of thousands of basic products to its Prime customers in Manhattan.

1 hours ago from

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A look at North Korea's cyberwar capabilities

Most North Koreans have never seen the Internet.

7 hours ago from

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Blackberry launches the Classic, a new phone for people that want an old keyboard

Blackberry today launched its Classic, a new phone that it hopes will convince those holding onto old Blackberrys for their keyboard and size to finally upgrade.

Wed 17 Dec 14 from The Independent

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Internet Explorer 'browser ballot' ends, takes market share with it

Microsoft's browser was the dominant force in 2009 when the EU required the company to offer consumers a choice of browsers. But that has changed dramatically over the past several years.

13 minutes ago from CNET

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Watch a man control two robotic prosthetic arms with his mind

Thanks to a neural surgery and robotic technology, a man in Colorado named Les Baugh is the first person to gain the ability to control two shoulder-level robotic arms with his mind. ...

43 minutes ago from The Verge

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Mojang and Telltale Games team up to give Minecraft a story mode

Two of the hottest game developers are teaming up to give Minecraft a story.

2 hours ago from

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Birds can sense impending storm, skip town

Migratory birds may use low-frequency sound waves to detect severe weather

2 hours ago from Science Now

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Disabled dog is now able to run, thanks to 3D-printed prostheses

Derby the dog faced a challenge right from Day One. Due to a congenital deformity, he was born with very small forelegs and no front paws. This resulted in his ending up in the care of Hillsborough, ...

18 hours ago from Gizmag

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LG's WebOS 2.0 Smart TVs To Debut At CES 2015 With Improved UI Performance

LG is planning to showcase a new line of smart TVs with a newer version of webOS that's supposed to increase the user experience with a boot time that's been reduced by 60 percent and several ...

4 hours ago from HotHardware

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Sprint accused of billing for unwanted services

(AP)—Federal regulators are accusing Sprint Corp. of illegally billing its wireless customers tens of millions of dollars in unwanted charges for text message alerts and other services.

Wed 17 Dec 14 from

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