'That's how websites work': OkCupid boasts about Facebook-style experiments on users

Facebook accidentally sparked a media firestorm when it revealed it had been tweaking users' News Feeds in psychological experiments, and now it seems dating website OkCupid wants in on the ...

3 minutes ago from The Independent

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Apple gives the MacBook Pro with Retina display lineup a speed bump

Apple today pushed out a refresh of its MacBook Pro with Retina display lineup, giving both the 13- and 15-inch models a little more horsepower under the hood. Additionally, Apple has dropped ...

2 hours ago from Gizmag

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New Amazon store lets customers customize and print 3D products for delivery

Amazon has announced a new 3D Printed Products store. The store has launched with more than 200 print-on-demand designs. Users can customize items like earrings, pendants, rings and bobble head ...

8 hours ago from Gizmag

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EA to bring gaming subscription service to Xbox One

Electronic Arts, the game publisher behind Madden and FIFA, introduces EA Access, a $4.99-per-month gaming subscription service exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox One console.

3 minutes ago from CNET

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Police place adverts on piracy websites

The City of London police has started placing adverts on sites offering pirated movies and films to dissuade users from downloading copyrighted material illegally.

6 hours ago from The Independent

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What Killed The Dinosaurs? Bad Luck, Study Suggests

The asteroid was simply the straw that broke the camptosaurus's back

4 hours ago from TIME

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Israel's Iron Dome missile shield 'hacked' by Chinese military hackers, says report

Chinese military hackers have reportedly stolen "huge quantities of sensitive data" regarding Iron Dome, Israel's US-funded, billion-dollar missile shield.

5 hours ago from The Independent

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Microsoft says under antitrust probe in China

Microsoft said Monday it was under investigation by antitrust authorities in China, pledging to cooperate in the investigation.

Mon 28 Jul 14 from Phys.org

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Facebook Makes All Users Switch to the Standalone Messaging App

Over the next few days, if you go to send a message through Facebook's smartphone app, you'll see the alert shown above. Starting this week, Facebook is fully unbundling its messaging service, ...

5 hours ago from Gizmodo

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BlackBerry ups mobile security ante with Secusmart buy

BlackBerry's acquisition of German software firm Secusmart aims to secure voice and data and put better mobile security in every president and chancellor's hand.

3 hours ago from CNET

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