Resistance to antibiotics found in isolated Amazonian tribe

Villagers evolved antibiotic resistance without being exposed to Western medicine

20 hours ago from Science Now

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Verizon slices up the bundle, lets customers choose

The Pay-TV bundle is finally getting more flexible.

Fri 17 Apr 15 from

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NailO puts a wireless trackpad on your thumbnail

Imagine if you had your hands full preparing a meal, but then had to put everything down so you could reach over to turn the recipe page on your laptop or tablet. Well, you wouldn't have to ...

Thu 16 Apr 15 from Gizmag

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Facebook isn't trying to take over the internet and doesn't oppose net neutrality, says Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has hit out at claims that his initiative aimed at getting everyone online but only offering certain services is undermining the principle of net neutrality.

24 hours ago from The Independent

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Sony hacking scandal: WikiLeaks publishes leaked documents on its website

WikiLeaks has published hundreds of thousands of emails and documents which were leaked during a highly embarrassing cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment last year.

Fri 17 Apr 15 from The Independent

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Touch-Friendly Office For Windows 10 Phones Promised For This Month

It's an interesting choice that Microsoft has made when they launched touch-friendly/optimized versions of their Office productivity suite for iOS and Android devices before releasing it for ...

15 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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iOS vs. Android Leads To Roommates Stabbing

The war between iOS and Android couldn’t get more intense with fans physically hurting each other. In recent years, we have witnessed many virtual wars between the companies in the comment ...

19 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Study links brain anatomy, academic achievement, and family income

Many years of research have shown that for students from lower-income families, standardized test scores and other measures of academic success tend to lag behind those of wealthier students.

Fri 17 Apr 15 from

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Japan's Maglev Train Breaks Its Own Record At 366mph

As some of you guys might have heard, Japan is building a new maglev train system that would supposedly be faster than their Shinkansen train system and according to an announcement by JR Central, ...

16 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Is super-diverse Amazon microbiome something to strive for?

The Yanomami people in the Venezuelan rainforest have the most diverse population of gut microbes ever seen, far more varied than Western guts. Does it matter?

21 hours ago from Newscientist

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