Google buys product design firm Gecko

Google on Friday confirmed that it bought Gecko Design to bolster its lab devoted to technology-advancing projects such as self-driving cars and Internet-linked Glass eyewear.

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Last minute iPhone 6 display redesign could limit availability at launch

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone in little over two weeks, but a last minute snag with the display’s backlighting may result in limited availability at launch. According to ...

8 hours ago from Techspot

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Wearable chair allows workers to sit anywhere - and could save millions in healthcare bills

It's still a while before powered exoskeletons become common among factory workers (although closer than you think) but a new, simpler mechanical enhancement might make life that little bit ...

14 hours ago from The Independent

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U.S. Copyright Office Denies Monkeys Rights To Their Selfies

Smile Wikimedia Commons In 2011, British wildlife photographer David Slater was traveling through the jungle in Indonesian when a crested black macaque grabbed his camera and started snapping ...

5 hours ago from Popular Science

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Movie pirate given almost 3 years in prison for filming Fast & Furious 6 in back of cinema

A man who secretly filmed Fast & Furious 6 in a Walsall cinema has been sentenced to almost three years in prison.

9 hours ago from The Independent

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Oregon sues Oracle over failed health care website

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says she's filed a lawsuit against Oracle Corp. and several of its executives over the technology company's role in the state's troubled health insurance ...

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A hydrogen generator that runs on an ordinary AAA battery

Researchers find cheap way to split water and produce clean energy

16 hours ago from Science Now

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Researchers use logic hack to match anonymous users with their scandalous posts on Secret

Popular anonymous confessional app Secret isn't so secret after all. That's because a pair of security researchers with Rhino Security Labs recently uncovered a logic hack that allowed ...

5 hours ago from Techspot

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Mobile apps could be used to auto-dial expensive phone calls without permission

It seems like very week developers and researchers find new security holes in the systems and services we use everyday. Many of these vulnerabilities open users up to data theft and privacy ...

4 hours ago from Techspot

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People stick with favorites in sea of mobile apps

There may be a growing number of applications for smartphones, but people in the US tend to cling to the few they like and shun the rest, an industry tracker says.

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