Netflix hopes you won't mind losing access to some big movies

Here's hoping that you weren't bent on watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire or World War Z on Netflix -- if so, you don't have much time to do it. Netflix has confirmed ...

5 minutes ago from Engadget

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New Apple TV Reportedly More Expensive Than Predecessor

If all of the recent reports are to be believed then at its event next month Apple is going to unveil a new Apple TV set-top box. It has been quite some time since the company launched a new ...

2 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Android-Powered BlackBerry Venice QWERTY Slider Poses For Its Closeup

It interesting how the tides turn when a company is faced with irrelevancy in the smartphone market. BlackBerry once pitched the BlackBerry 10 operating system as a competent rival to Apple's ...

5 hours ago from HotHardware

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Discarded electronics mismanaged within Europe equals about 10 times the volume of e-waste exported

Mismanagement of discarded electronics within Europe involves a volume 10 times that of e-waste shipped to foreign shores in undocumented exports, according to a comprehensive 2-year investigation ...

4 hours ago from

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The Army Wants Its Missing Missile Back

A 100 pound training missile fell off an Army helicopter in northern New York on Friday, and the Army still hasn't found it.Read more...

6 minutes ago from Gizmodo

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Amazon Echo Can Now Play Music And Audiobooks From Multiple Accounts

Amazon Echo isn’t meant to be a personal device rather it works best when placed in an open environment where multiple users can interact with it, ask questions, get information, listen ...

6 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Pentagon funding new high-tech venture

Defense Secretary Ash Carter will announce Friday that the Pentagon is funding a new venture to develop cutting-edge electronics and sensors that can flex and stretch and could be built into ...

Fri 28 Aug 15 from

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Facebook gets 1 billion users in a day: site becomes bigger than almost every country

One billion people use Facebook in just one day making it far bigger than most countries, and easily the most used technology product on Earth.

Fri 28 Aug 15 from The Independent

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HTC Forges More VR Relationships As Co-Founder Peter Chou Joins Visual Effects Firm

 HTC’s much-anticipated VR headset, created in partnership with games firm Valve, just had its launch delayed until the first quarter of next year, but that isn’t stopping the ...

17 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Existing Contract Customers On Verizon Will Get Phone Upgrades

Earlier this month Verizon announced that it is also doing away with conventional service contracts, the announcement was well received but it did end up confusing existing contract customers ...

5 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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