New federal requirements on cellphone surveillance

Federal law enforcement officials will be routinely required to get a search warrant before using secretive and intrusive cellphone-tracking technology under a new Justice Department policy ...

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Samsung Zigs With Ultra HD Blu-ray Player As Industry Zags Towards Streaming Media

Samsung had lots to show off at the IFA event in Berlin, and while some of the focus was on high-def TVs as we'd expect, there was also an unveiling of a product we might not have expected: ...

4 hours ago from HotHardware

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Judge approves $415M settlement in Apple, Google wage case

A federal judge has approved a $415 million settlement that ends a lengthy legal saga revolving around allegations that Apple, Google and several other Silicon Valley companies illegally conspired ...

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Japan Made The World's First-Ever Cat Street View

A screenshot of cat street view Hiroshima Prefecture We may not be able to do all the fun things that cats do, like napping all day or always landing on our feet. ...

35 minutes ago from Popular Science

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T-Mobile Leverages VoLTE To Launch Native Video Calling For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge+

When T-Mobile CEO John Legere isn't unloading profanity-laced tirades or needling the competition at every turn, his company actually more often than not actually introduces compelling promotions ...

3 hours ago from HotHardware

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Samsung's SleepSense is aimed at improving things in the bedroom

Samsung has entered the sleep-tracking market, by unveiling its SleepSense device at IFA in Berlin. Unlike some similar products, it doesn't have to be worn on the body or laid across ...

3 hours ago from Gizmag

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Google launches 'fun fact' search trick for trivia lovers

Need to boost your trivia knowledge for the pub quiz tonight or just bored at the office? Google has a new feature just for you.

6 hours ago from The Independent

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Ricoh ups the resolution of spherical photography with Theta S

With faster lenses, larger image sensors and increased resolution, the new Ricoh Theta S, which was launched today at IFA 2015, is a decidedly more grown-up version of the quirky spherical ...

3 hours ago from Gizmag

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Skype gets major refresh for iOS and Android

The popular voice calling and messaging app has a new look and improved features that should make it more appealing to iPhone, iPad and Android users.

5 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Starfish-Killing Robot May Save the Great Barrier Reef

Scientists have designed a robot that kills with the mechanical efficiency you'd expect from a soulless hunk of metal, but there's no reason to be concerned. The COTSbot will soon be set loose ...

3 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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