Germany blocks WhatsApp data transfers to Facebook

German data protection authorities on Tuesday said they had blocked Facebook from collecting subscriber data from its subsidiary WhatsApp, citing privacy concerns.

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Elon Musk to discuss his vision for how he plans to colonize Mars

The much-anticipated speech comes just a few weeks after one of SpaceX's rockets blew up, leaving questions about the the future of the company.

19 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Hate standing in line? Japan now has self-driving chairs

Hate standing in line at your favourite restaurant? Japanese carmaker Nissan claims to have just the thing for those sore legs.

14 hours ago from

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Rogers Communications committed to dividend growth - deputy chairman

TORONTO (Reuters) - Rogers Communications Inc remains committed to its dividend growth strategy and the failure of its Shomi video streaming joint venture has not diminished its enthusiasm ...

8 hours ago from Reuters Technology

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Popular YouTube Ripping Site Gets Sued By Record Labels

A popular YouTube ripping website which enabled people to convert YouTube videos to .mp3 audio files has been sued by a group of record labels which includes some big names like Sony Music, ...

11 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Deep learning boosts Google Translate tool

Internet giant's latest service employs neural networks to cut error rate by 60%, the company says.

11 hours ago from Nature News

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Outrageous heads led to outrageously large dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus rex and other large meat-eating theropods were the biggest baddies on the prehistoric block, and ornaments on their heads could help us figure out why. New research from North ...

14 hours ago from

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Health care provider Aetna might buy you an Apple Watch

Smartwatches, especially higher-end models, are a tough sell as many can’t justify parting with several hundred bucks for what more or less amounts to a toy. But, if your health insurance ...

5 hours ago from Techspot

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Ancient eggshell protein breaks through the DNA time barrier

Scientists from the Universities of Sheffield, York and Copenhagen have identified fossil proteins in a 3.8 million year-old ostrich eggshell, suggesting that proteins could provide valuable ...

15 hours ago from

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Drake’s Album First To Hit One Billion Streams On Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the fastest growing music streaming services out there and the company has a strategy of picking up exclusive releases from some of the hottest names in the industry ...

13 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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