Amazon adds more Dash buttons after rollout

Amazon's futuristic "Dash" buttons appear here to stay.

13 hours ago from

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Sony at IFA 2015 review: Xperia Z5 launched as company hopes to bring camera and TV prowess to mobiles

Berlin's electronic extravaganza, IFA, swings into life later this week. One of the first companies to reveal its gadgets for the coming season was Sony. There was talk of new headphones, hi-resolution ...

8 hours ago from The Independent

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The Jenga PC? Acer's Revo Build is a modular tower

Google's Project Ara has shown us how a modular component approach can work with a smartphone, and now Acer is trying the same strategy with the compact PC. Its latest Revo Build machine ...

11 hours ago from Gizmag

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New Google logo: search giant unveils smooth new text to look good on tiny screens

Google has revealed a new logo, smoothing the text into a new image that it says can more easily read on tiny screens.

17 hours ago from The Independent

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Asus unveils the VivoStick, a $129 PC-on-a-stick loaded with Windows 10

Asus is diving head-first into the PC-on-a-stick market with a new product it’s calling the VivoStick. Fashioned in the image of Intel’s Compute Stick, the VivoStick outpaces the ...

6 hours ago from Techspot

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Toshiba flexes with new 12-inch 4K laptop

Toshiba aims for mainstream 4K with a 12.5-inch touchscreen.        

4 hours ago from USA today

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Hulu rolls out commercial-free subscription tier for ad-haters

In July, rumors surfaced that Hulu was putting the finishing touches on a new subscription tier that would eliminate ads completely. On Wednesday, the streaming video service made it official. ...

7 hours ago from Techspot

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Hands-on with Acer's Predator 8 gaming tablet

Acer's new gaming tablet is light, feature packed, and offers a great looking display. It also looks like a gaming device, with stylings you might expect to find on a gaming notebook. ...

11 hours ago from Gizmag

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Oldest known species of sea scorpion unearthed

1.7-meter-long predator cruised the seas of what is now Iowa about 467 million years ago

Mon 31 Aug 15 from Science Now

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Amazon Prime Video launches offline viewing, feature Netflix has said is 'never going to happen'

Amazon Prime Video has launched offline viewing, a hugely-requested feature that main competitor Netflix has sworn is "never going to happen".

15 hours ago from The Independent

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