BBC micro:bit: Can a pocket-sized computer 'inspire digital creativity' in Britain's children?

It promises to revive fond memories for a generation raised on the BBC Micro. Now the BBC has shrugged off calls to rein in its "imperial ambitions" by unveiling the BBC micro:bit, a successor ...

4 hours ago from The Independent

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Google's self-driving cars hit the roads in Austin, Texas

Moving beyond California, the company is now test driving an autonomous vehicle in Austin, where it will further try to learn how to safely navigate the roads.

4 hours ago from CNET

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Microsoft Rebrands Xbox Music To Groove Ahead Of Windows 10 Launch

Microsoft announced name changes for its Xbox music and video features this week as part of its overall effort to create a familiar experience for users across all devices when Windows 10 launches. ...

4 hours ago from HotHardware

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Spy tech firm breach exposes extent of world surveillance market

The hacking of Hacking Team, which sells surveillance tools to governments, shows there are almost no countries not involved in buying spy technology

7 hours ago from Newscientist

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Samsung forecasts profit fall as S6 sales disappoint

Samsung Electronics Co. forecast a fall in second quarter profit in a sign that sales of its much anticipated Galaxy S6 smartphones failed to meet expectations.

13 hours ago from

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GoPro to sell smaller camera

GoPro, the sports camera maker, plans to launch its smallest camera yet.

13 hours ago from

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You can now get verified on Tinder

Isn't it annoying when you're flirting with Drake on Tinder and then are like 'Hold up, he's never professed a love for The Santa Clause 3 before, why do we share this liking on Facebook? Is ...

4 hours ago from The Independent

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Instagram upgrades picture resolution, making pictures look much more crisp

All Instagram pictures everywhere are about to get far nicer-looking, as the company is finally upgrading its photos to HD.

2 hours ago from The Independent

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Robot Taxis Could Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 82%

Autonomous vehicles would make cities greener and drivers less employable

23 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Showtime CEO says viewers made new streaming service a priority

Showtime CEO: Viewers want live and on-demand options        

4 minutes ago from USA today

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