Pirate Bay is returning this weekend, but trimmed down version creates rift between staff

The Pirate Bay is set to return this weekend, but the comeback will be limited after a fallout between the site's staff.

Wed 28 Jan 15 from The Independent

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Google Now gets tips and cards from third-party apps including travel and news sites

Google Now, the personal assistant built into Android and other software made by the company, can now show notifications and information from third-party applications.

Fri 30 Jan 15 from The Independent

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Jay Z to acquire Wimp music service

US rap star Jay Z will make a $56-million foray into the music streaming business by taking over the Norwegian service Wimp, its shareholders confirmed Friday.

Fri 30 Jan 15 from Phys.org

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Google Earth Pro Is Now Available for Free

Google Earth Pro, the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth service, is now free. Google sliced the price from $400 a year, so this is a pretty solid deal. If you like to make 3D ...

1 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Verizon gives in to pressure, will let users opt out of 'permacookie'

The discovery of Verizon’s “permacookies” caused an uproar among privacy advocates and average consumers alike that the company has simply been unable to ignore. As a result, ...

23 hours ago from Techspot

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Google's Nest loses two key execs, including Dropcam CEO

Dropcam co-founder Greg Duffy and Yoky Matsuoka, Nest's vice president of technology, have left the company, according to The Verge.

6 hours ago from CNET

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New Report Highlights Divide between Scientists and Public

Last year, the late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel added some levity to theácontentious GMO debate. He went to a Los Angeles farmers market and asked passerby to define GMO. ...

Fri 30 Jan 15 from Discover Magazine

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Google to make privacy policy more clear after criticism from UK watchdog

Google has been forced to change its privacy policy to be more clear about how the search giant uses the data is gathers.

Fri 30 Jan 15 from The Independent

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FCC Redefines Broadband: Lack of Competition Now Obvious

At a new minimum of 25 Mbps fewer Americans have broadband and most don't have any choice in providers

Fri 30 Jan 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Vine Launches Kid-Friendly Version Of Its App

Vine plays home to all kinds of short video clips. Some are hilarious, some are weird, and some might not necessarily be safe for work OR kids. While we doubt Vine will be launching a safe ...

22 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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