iPhone 8 to drop Lightning connector in favour of USB-C port, making everyone buy new accessories, claims report

It's the second controversial port change in as many years

4 hours ago from The Independent

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There's no escaping Boston Dynamics' wheeled jumping robot

Boston Dynamics has officially unveiled its latest robot after footage leaked earlier in February showing the new design. Known as "Handle" the new research robot incorporates elements ...

15 hours ago from Gizmag

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Netflix CEO: co-workers were affected by Trump travel ban

Netflix employees were personally affected by U.S. President Donald Trump's attempt to ban people entering from seven Muslim countries, its CEO said Tuesday.

29 minutes ago from Phys.org

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SoundCloud Go Gets Cheaper At $5 Per Month

It has only been a few months since SoundCloud launched its music streaming service called SoundCloud Go and the company has now announced that it’s making some changes to this service. ...

1 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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De-extinction may cause extinction

The likely huge costs of re-engineering extinct animals might deprive some of today’s endangered species the help and protection they need to recover. Andrew Masterson ...

14 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Amit Singhal 'left Uber due to prior complaint at Google'

Amit Singhal (file picture), 48, retired from Google after 15 years at the company last year. His departure came after a female employee made a complained against him, a report said Monday. ...

7 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Chinese tech giant Xiaomi eyes global market with custom chip

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi on Tuesday unveiled an in-house processor, setting its sights on a top-tier global market long dominated by American companies.

5 hours ago from Phys.org

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Toys leak 2MILLION voice recordings from kids online

The leak from California-based 'Spiral toys' left millions of families' private conversations, including voice recordings of their child alone with the toy, exposed for days before it was ...

1 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Xbox Games Pass: Microsoft launches $10 monthly subscription for over 100 titles

It's like Netflix or PlayStation now – with some key differences

2 hours ago from The Independent

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FCC chairman Ajit Pai calls net neutrality a 'mistake'

New FCC chairman Ajit Pai has made his views on net neutrality clear in the past -- he's against it. But today at Mobile World Congress, Pai gave a wide-ranging speech in which ...

28 minutes ago from Engadget

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