What is the Lizard Squad and what does it want?

Starting on Christmas Eve, reports began emerging of problems with the networks used by both Xbox Live and PlayStation which allow users of the consoles to play the video games with a wider ...

3 hours ago from The Independent

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Kodak brand is returning to store shelves

Name is familiar but other companies are making the products.        

6 hours ago from USA today

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?Ho, ho, ho! NSA reports on its spying naughtiness

In response to an ACLU lawsuit, the agency on Christmas Eve releases heavily redacted reports detailing privacy violations between 2001 and 2013.

5 hours ago from CNET

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Sony reportedly working on large-screen tablet to compete with super-sized iPad

Apple is expected to unveil a large-screen iPad early next year, a rumor that reportedly has the competition clamoring to beat the Cupertino-based company to the punch.

3 hours ago from Techspot

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Apparently The Bitcoin Bowl Is A Real Thing That's Happening Right Now

 When I first heard about the Bitcoin Bowl, I assumed it was a joke, or maybe a weird startup publicity stunt. It turns out that yes, the Bitcoin Bowl is promoting Bitpay, a Bitcoin-processign ...

28 minutes ago from TechCrunch

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Facebook Gets Coal In Its Stocking, Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Message Scanning

Facebook will have to face a class action lawsuit that accuses the company of violating its users' privacy. The lawsuit states that Facebook has been scanning the content of users' messages ...

10 hours ago from HotHardware

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Lizard Squad Calls Off DDoS Attacks On PSN And Xbox Live After Kim Dotcom Offer

It was a very un-merry Christmas for millions of gamers who scored a Microsoft or Sony game console yesterday, or otherwise wanted to partake in some online console gaming, only to find out ...

6 hours ago from HotHardware

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Tesla to reveal Roadster return this week, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Tesla is set to reveal an update version of its sporty electric car, the Roadster, this week.

Wed 24 Dec 14 from The Independent

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Sony film mess reflects gadgets-entertainment gap

Sony's iconic gadgetry and the star appeal of Hollywood may have appeared to be a perfect match when the electronics giant bought Columbia Pictures in 1989. A quarter century later, it's apparent ...

15 hours ago from Phys.org

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Hundreds of Portuguese Buses and Taxis Are Also Wi-Fi Routers

Routers on 600 buses and taxis allow free Internet access and collect data for city planners.A massive mobile Wi-Fi network that could be a model for many cities was launched in the city of ...

20 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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