One of the best Android phones is now dabbling in Windows Phone

If you're a fan of Windows Phone and you want a high-end flagship, your options are pretty slim. Today, though, HTC added a high-profile release from the Android side of aisle to that list. ...

17 hours ago from Gizmag

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Dropbox's Gentry Underwood on great design's disappearing act (Q&A)

Dropbox's design chief arrived at the online storage company with his stylish and popular email service, Mailbox. Now, as Dropbox evolves, he's helping it design a way into every facet of our ...

13 hours ago from CNET

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Sharp's new phone has an edge-to-edge display ... as long as you ignore one edge

In the future, it's possible that our smartphones and tablets will have edge-to-edge screens. Most devices we use today fall far short of that, but a new phone from Sharp takes us a little closer ...

7 hours ago from Gizmag

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Uber hires former Obama adviser

Uber is stepping up its political game with a high-powered new hire.

13 hours ago from

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Google launches Photo Sphere app on iOS

The search company is bringing the app that takes 360-degree photos to its rival mobile platform -- in line with Google's desire to expand its photo products.

14 hours ago from CNET

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Roku takes aim at TV market with new Roku TV

Not content with producing the best media streaming box on the market, Roku has now set its sights on the television market by releasing an HDTV with all of the Roku's streaming capabilities ...

18 hours ago from Extremetech

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Parallels Desktop 10 For Mac Announced With OS X 10.10 Support

For the most part, OS X supports mainstream applications that are also available on Windows, but if you're looking to use a very particular piece of software that just isn't available ...

56 minutes ago from Ubergizmo

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Twitter to delete images of deceased family members on request

Policy revamp comes a week after Robin Williams' daughter abandoned Twitter in response to gruesome images of her late father were sent to her on the social network.

4 hours ago from CNET

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Google reportedly working to offer Gmail, YouTube accounts to kids under 13

Google doesn't officially allow kids under the age of 13 to use its services, but that could change soon. According to The Information, the company is working to overhaul its online services ...

13 hours ago from Techspot

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Google's self-driving car is programmed to speed for your safety

We've been told all along that self-driving cars are safer that today's human-powered vehicles. By eliminating human error, these autonomous vehicles are expected to drastically reduce ...

10 hours ago from Techspot

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