Apple buys the music discovery app Shazam

Apple's acquisition of Shazam shores up its music credentials and its artificial intelligence chops

12 hours ago from The Washington Post

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You’ll soon be able to watch almost all NFL games online, no matter your Internet provider

The move raises new questions about the future of the cable bundle and highlights Verizon's ambitions to take on Google.

13 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Former Facebook Executive Says Social Media Is ‘Ripping Apart’ Society

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are supposed to bring society closer, where thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can connect with each other. However according ...

2 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Over 460 HP Laptop Models Shipped with Keylogger

Just weeks after getting caught with onboard spyware, HP has been found shipping a keylogger (albeit a disabled one). The post Over 460 HP Laptop Models Shipped with Keylogger appeared first ...

10 hours ago from Extremetech

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Google Releases A Trio Of Experimental Photo Apps

From time to time, just like many companies probably do, Google experiments with various ideas to see how it could potentially be turned into a product or service. However it isn’t always that ...

4 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Google’s “AR Stickers” app launches, puts Star Wars characters in your camera

Google’s first ARCore app launches, but you’ll need a Pixel phone and Android 8.1.

8 hours ago from Arstechnica

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Net neutrality repeal based on false description of Internet, inventors say

FCC claims that broadband isn't "telecommunications."

11 hours ago from Arstechnica

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The FCC and FTC announce partnership to watch the internet burn

A draft agreement announced by the FCC and FTC today outlines how the agencies will work together after net neutrality is killed. Under the plan the FCC will review complaints from ...

3 hours ago from The Verge

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American, Asian and European wind farming could take a serious hit from climate change

According to new climate modeling data, the Northern hemisphere's wind farms could see a dramatic downturn in productivity over the next hundred years, as climate change disrupts some ...

2 hours ago from Gizmag

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Airbnb To Use Virtual Reality To Let Guests Preview Rooms & Cities

When browsing an Airbnb listing, you pretty much only have the photos supplied by the host and the reviews of previous guests to determine whether or not this is a listing for you. However ...

4 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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