Meerkat vs. Periscope: Live-streaming app battle & buzz

Download Periscope, Twitter's just-launched live video-streaming app, and you'll find people broadcasting all sorts of mundane stuff: waiting for AT&T to fix their wiring, getting out of bed ...

8 hours ago from

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Facebook to test 747-sized drones that will beam broadband to the entire world

Facebook has announced plans to test its ambitious Aquila drone program this summer.

5 hours ago from The Independent

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Festo unveils robotic ants, butterflies and chameleon tongue gripper

Designing a robot that can convincingly move like a member of the animal kingdom is a much more difficult prospect than merely building something that has the outward appearance of one. Some ...

2 hours ago from Gizmag

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Engineering students use sound waves to put out fires

Two engineering students at George Mason University have found a way to use sound waves to quash fires and have built a type of extinguisher using what they have learned that they hope will ...

Thu 26 Mar 15 from

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YouTube's Absurd 60FPS, 4K Videos Are Too Awesome for Your Computer

Google is working on an exciting new feature for YouTube: videos you can't watch! Blame your shitty computer and internet connection.Read more...

1 hours ago from Gizmodo

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A peek at the secret life of pandas

Reclusive giant pandas fascinate the world, yet precious little is known about how they spend their time in the Chinese bamboo forests. Until now.

3 hours ago from

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New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site

What do butterflies, spiders and lobsters have in common? They are all surviving relatives of a newly identified species called Yawunik kootenayi, a marine creature with two pairs of eyes and ...

2 hours ago from

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Google loses bid to block Safari privacy lawsuit in the UK

Back in February 2012, the Wall Street Journal revealed how Google was able to quietly bypass privacy settings in Safari and track the sites people were browsing. The company eventually paid ...

3 hours ago from Engadget

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SSD Arms Race Heats Up As Toshiba Begins Sampling 48-Layer, 128-Bit 3D NAND

Toshiba and SanDisk announced the joint development of what they claim is the world's first 48-layer three dimensional stacked cell structure flash memory, otherwise known as BiCS (Bit Cost ...

1 hours ago from HotHardware

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A $50 device is breaking North Korean government's grip on media

A simple media player spreads through the black market.

2 hours ago from Arstechnica

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