Best friends from the start: how man and dog are the perfect match

It's been a bone of a contention, in zoological circles, as to how man and dog first began their famous relationship. When did dogs evolve as a separate species from wolves and did it happen ...

2 hours ago from The Independent

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Bronze Age Danish girl 'German-born'

New research reveals that a girl buried 3,400 years ago in Denmark who became one of the country's best-known Bronze Age relics was probably born in Germany.

4 hours ago from BBC News

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Dating site hack reveals sexual secrets of 4 million users

A hacker has exposed the personal and sexual details of nearly 4 million users on one of the world-leading dating sites.

8 hours ago from The Independent

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Adult dating website hack exposes personal data

A data breach at a website billed as "the world's largest sex and swinger" community may expose personal and sexual information on millions of users worldwide, a report said Friday.

44 minutes ago from

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Strange weather phenomenon in Mexico causes the Sun to develop a halo - video

Mexico was going crazy with talk of the "end of the world" and alien invaders on Thursday after a weather phenomenon saw the Sun appear as if it had developed a halo around it.

4 hours ago from The Independent

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Supermarket's "indoor sat-nav" guides shoppers to discounts

A supermarket in France has become the first in the world to install an "indoor positioning system" created by Philips. The LED-based technology acts like a sat-nav for shoppers, providing ...

Thu 21 May 15 from Gizmag

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Razer Firefly Mousepad Lights Desks With Any Of 16.7 Million Colors

In case you wanted to have the most eye-catching mousepad imaginable, Razer's gaming-centric Firefly floats above configurable RGBLED lighting. Holding the exact shade of your favorite color ...

14 minutes ago from InventorSpot

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Google Scrubs Its Way Into IoT OS Market With Android-Based 'Brillo'

One of the hottest segments in technology is the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), sort of an umbrella term to describe the wealth of Internet-connected gadgets. It's an emerging category ...

43 minutes ago from HotHardware

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Top 10 new species list includes cartwheeling spider

NEW SPECIES: Some 18,000 species - great and small - were discovered in 2014, adding to the 2 million already known, say scientists.

13 hours ago from ABC Science

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Can YouTube attract a new audience with 60fps HD live streaming?

YouTube announces it will support live streaming at 60 frames per second, considered the standard for video games. YouTube will also allow viewers to rewind streams, then speed them up to catch ...

3 hours ago from The Christian Science Monitor

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