Rupert Murdoch says Facebook should pay for 'trusted' news

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch said Monday that large online platforms like Facebook should pay "trusted" news organizations as part of efforts to improve credibility and stem misinformation.

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Netflix lifted by 'beautiful' quarterly report

Netflix shares raced higher in after-hours trade Monday as the streaming television giant reported better-than-expected gains in its global subscriber base and a quarterly profit that nearly ...

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Facebook acknowledges social media's risks to democracy

Facebook acknowledged Monday that widespread use of social media can be harmful to democracy, while pledging to work to minimize these risks.

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New Caledonian crows show how technology evolves

Clever, tool-making crows show scientists the first foundations of technological development.

16 hours ago from BBC News

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Amazon opens store with no cashiers, lines or registers

No cashiers, no lines, no registers—this is how Amazon sees the future of in-store shopping.

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Uber close to scrapping human backups in self-driving cars

Uber plans to carry passengers in autonomous vehicles without human backup drivers in about the same time frame as competitors, which expect to be on the road at the latest sometime next year, ...

Wed 17 Jan 18 from

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Is Amazon Go's checkout-free store the future of retail, or just an expensive gimmick?

Amazon's hi-tech, cashier-free convenience store has just opened to the public and predictably resulted in torrents of "store of the future" headlines. Unveiled a year later than initially ...

5 hours ago from Gizmag

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DJI's Mavic Air drone may have improved 4K video

DJI is supposed to be unveiling a new drone on January 23rd, but the cat might already be out of the bag. Kanzhaji has posted photos and details of the Mavic Air, a foldable drone that ...

15 hours ago from Engadget

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Images of Microsoft's scrapped 'Xbox Watch' project have surfaced

Smartwatches launched with some pretty lofty ambitions. Many of the devices promised to pack the functionality of a smartphone into one sleek and stylish package. While that goal has arguably ...

9 hours ago from Techspot

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Montana mandates 'net neutrality' for state contracts

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- Montana on Monday became the first state to bar telecommunications companies from receiving state contracts if they interfere with internet traffic or favor higher-paying ...

10 hours ago from AP

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