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Feathers evolved more than once

Ancient flying vertebrates thought to be furry were actually feathered. Andrew Masterson reports.

Mon 17 Dec 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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New insight on inflammatory regulation could inform future pain drug development

A novel way in which the inflammatory response to pain is regulated has been described in the open-access journal eLife.

12 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Sue, the world-famous T. rex, gets a new lair in Chicago

Sue, the largest, most complete and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever unearthed, gets to show off its new lair this week at the Field Museum in Chicago.

10 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Hastings dinosaur footprints exposed by cliff erosion

Dozens of well-preserved dinosaur footprints from at least seven species have been uncovered.

Mon 17 Dec 18 from BBC News

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Explaining differences in rates of evolution

Scientists look to fossils and evolutionary trees to help determine the rate of evolution albeit with conflicting results. A new model by ETH researchers has helped to resolve these contradictions.

17 hours ago from

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Satellite data exposes looting

More than 2,500 years ago, horse riding nomads expanded their cultural realm throughout the Eurasian steppe from Southern Siberia to Eastern Europe. These tribes buried their dead in large burial ...

17 hours ago from

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Archaeologists Discover Unspoiled Egyptian Tomb, Sealed For 4,400 Years

A new, unspoiled tomb from Egypt's Fifth Dynasty is one of the oldest, most pristine discoveries of its kind. The post Archaeologists Discover Unspoiled Egyptian Tomb, Sealed For 4,400 Years ...

Mon 17 Dec 18 from Extremetech

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Ancient Japanese pottery includes an estimated 500 maize weevils

Researchers have discovered an ancient Japanese pottery vessel from the late Jomon period (4500-3300 BP) with an estimated 500 maize weevils incorporated into its design. The vessel was discovered ...

15 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Horned dinosaur Crittendenceratops discovered in Arizona

Palentologists are announcing a new dinosaur discovery in the southwest United States. Crittendenceratops krzyzanowskii is a new ceratopsid (horned) dinosaur from 73-million-year-old (Late Cretaceous) ...

Fri 14 Dec 18 from

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Photos: Artifacts from a Watery Desert Grave

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient mass grave at the ancient quarry site of Gebel el-Silsila

Mon 17 Dec 18 from Livescience

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