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'Oldest' Iron Age gold work in Britain found in Staffordshire

A British Museum expert says the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs are of international importance.

5 hours ago from BBC News

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Newfound primate teeth take a big bite out of the evolutionary tree of life

Fossil hunters have found part of an ancient primate jawbone related to lemurs—the primitive primate group distantly connected to monkeys, apes and humans, a USC researcher said.

19 hours ago from

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Did seaweed make us who we are today?

Millions of years ago something happened, allowing early Homo sapiens to branch out from the primitive hominoid family tree. Was this crucial turn in human evolution partly driven by seaweed ...

2 hours ago from

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Second largest Maya jade found in Belize has unique historical inscription

To say that UC San Diego archaeologist Geoffrey Braswell was surprised to discover a precious jewel in Nim Li Punit in southern Belize is something of an understatement.

Fri 24 Feb 17 from

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New species of parasitic wasp discovered in the eggs of leaf-rolling weevils in Africa

A new species of parasitic wasp has been obtained from the eggs of weevils, associated with bushwillows, collected and identified by Dr. Silvano Biondi. Given the tiny insect from northeastern ...

Mon 27 Feb 17 from

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New evidence on the diet of the 'Homo antecessor' from Atapuerca

The Homo antecessor, a hominin species that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula around 800,000 years ago, had a mechanically more demanding diet than other hominin species in Europe and the African ...

Mon 27 Feb 17 from

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It may not have been too late to save 'extinct' pigeon

The Passenger Pigeon, a species of pigeon that died out in the early years of the 20th century, could have been saved even after it was considered doomed to extinction.

24 hours ago from

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New insights into how ungulates got bigger in the Neogene

The observed increase of body size in ungulates during the 20 million years before the Pleistocene is driven by the process of species selection, according to researchers from the Senckenberg, ...

Mon 27 Feb 17 from

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Moonlight wins the Oscar for Best Picture

Despite some shall we say hilarious reading difficulties, Moonlight has won the Oscar for Best Picture. The film managed to beat out favorite La La Land, along with other films Lion, ...

Mon 27 Feb 17 from The Verge

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Archaeologists hunt for long-lost tomb of Scottish king

The tomb of a medieval king whose murder changed the course of Scottish history in a real-life "Game of Thrones" could be unearthed in a new hi-tech project launched Saturday.

Sat 25 Feb 17 from

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