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Opinion: On Easter, Jesus' Evolution Tells of Changing America

Jesus has been born and born again over the course of American history.

Sat 19 Apr 14 from National Geographic

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Scientists find 'Model T Ford' of sharks

JAWS: THE PREQUEL: Scientists have unveiled the impeccably preserved fossilised remains of a shark that lived 325 million years ago.

Thu 17 Apr 14 from ABC Science

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Pompeii "Exposed and Vulnerable" to Neglect and the Elements

In her new book, Ingrid D. Rowland explains of abiding allure of Pompeii over the centuries and laments the effects of neglect and the weather.

Sun 20 Apr 14 from National Geographic

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Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

Paw prints and hoof prints of a few meddlesome animals have been preserved for posterity on ancient Roman tiles.

Fri 18 Apr 14 from

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Snake eats centipede that fought back

A snake found by scientists in Macedonia had a meal that bit back as a centipede ate its way through the predator's stomach

Fri 18 Apr 14 from Science

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Earliest ancestor of land herbivores discovered

New research from the University of Toronto Mississauga demonstrates how carnivores transitioned into herbivores for the first time on land.

Wed 16 Apr 14 from

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The Fix Was in for Ancient Wrestling Match

Researchers have deciphered a Greek document that shows an ancient wrestling match was fixed.

Thu 17 Apr 14 from

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Roman dig 'transforms understanding' of ancient port

( —Researchers from the universities of Cambridge and Southampton have discovered a new section of the boundary wall of the ancient Roman port of Ostia, proving the city was much larger ...

Thu 17 Apr 14 from

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These Are Some of the Oldest Living Things on Earth

Animals sometimes sleep inside the hollows of giant 2,000-year old baobab trees inside Kruger Game Preserve in South Africa. Humans too, sometimes use the trees, for more dubious purposes -- ...

Fri 18 Apr 14 from Wired Science

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Chickens to chili peppers: Scientists search for the first genetic engineers

Suddenly there was a word for chili peppers. Information about archaeological remains of ancient chili peppers in Mexico along with a study of the appearance of words for chili peppers in ancient ...

Thu 17 Apr 14 from

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