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A timescale for the origin and evolution of all of life on Earth

A new study led by scientists from the University of Bristol has used a combination of genomic and fossil data to explain the history of life on Earth, from its origin to the present day.

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Skeletons buried in Israel's Upper Galilee reveal migration from ancient Turkey and Iran

An international team of researchers from Tel Aviv University, the Israel Antiquities Authority and Harvard University has discovered that waves of migration from Anatolia and the Zagros mountains ...

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Fossilized Beetle Is Earliest Evidence of Insect Pollinator

A 99-million-year-old beetle preserved in amber alongside grains of pollen likely pollinated prehistoric plants.

Thu 16 Aug 18 from The Scientist

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Microfossils, possibly world's oldest, had biological characteristics

Scientists have confirmed that the 3.4 billion year old Strelley Pool microfossils had chemical characteristics similar to modern bacteria. This all but confirms their biological origin and ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Scotland's first design museum is inspired by its famous coastal cliffs

Set to open next month, the V&A Dundee is an undulating modern museum set on the banks of Scotland's longest river that marks the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma's first foray into the ...

13 hours ago from Gizmag

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Ancient Egyptian mummification 'recipe' revealed

Forensic examination of a mummy shows the original ancient Egyptian embalming recipe, scientists say.

Thu 16 Aug 18 from BBC News

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Are our wild animals growing old gracefully?

For most of us, the body's deterioration is an unavoidable part of getting older. This age-related decline, known as "senescence", can occur subtly and slowly for some individuals, while for ...

Fri 17 Aug 18 from

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Egyptian Papyrus Reveals Rare Details of Ancient Medical Practices

New translations of ancient medical texts detail Egyptians' scientific and medical knowledge.

Fri 17 Aug 18 from Livescience

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Seen from the air, the dry summer reveals an ancient harvest of archaeological finds

For an aerial archaeologist 2018 has been a bumper year. The long, hot summer has revealed ancient landscapes not visible from ground level, but easily recognised in fields of growing crops ...

Fri 17 Aug 18 from

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Old species learn new tricks... very slowly

A quick look at the fossil record shows that no species lasts forever. On average, most species exist for around a million years, although some species persist for much longer. A new study published ...

Wed 15 Aug 18 from

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