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The City of the Monkey God: Archaeologists claim to have found city lost for 1,000 years in remote Honduran jungle

The mossy carving had lain undisturbed for up to a millennium in some of the remotest jungle on Earth. It is a powerful effigy of a "were-jaguar" but also the pristine legacy of a vanished ...

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Video: Extremely rare and strange-looking goblin shark dissected by researchers in Australia

This video shows the dissection of the rarest and most distinctive looking sharks ever to have been discovered.

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Jesus' House? Structure May Be Where He Grew Up

The 1st-Century house is partly made of mortar-and-stone walls, and was cut into a rocky hillside.

12 hours ago from

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Research challenges popular theory on origin of languages

International research involving the University of Adelaide has shed new light on the origins of some of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

17 hours ago from

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Archaeologists open the mysterious lead coffin found buried just feet from the former grave of King Richard III

A mysterious lead coffin found close to the site of Richard III's hastily dug grave at the Grey Friars friary has been opened and studied by experts from the University of Leicester.

Mon 2 Mar 15 from

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Hundreds of Medieval Bodies Found Under Paris Supermarket

The bodies, which were lined up head to feet, were found at the site of an ancient cemetery attached to the Trinity Hospital, which was founded in the 13th century.

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Precise dating of ancient charcoal found near a skull is helping reveal a unique period in prehistory

A partial human skull unearthed in 2008 in northern Israel may hold some clues as to when and where humans and Neanderthals might have interbred. The key to addressing this, as well as other ...

13 hours ago from

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Humans eradicated Neanderthal rivals thanks to early dogs bred from wolves

Humans were able to eradicate their Neanderthal rivals in Europe thanks to early dogs bred from wolves, according to a prominent American anthropologist.

Sun 1 Mar 15 from The Independent

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Ancient DNA reveals how wheat came to prehistoric Britain

Finding suggests trade between British hunter-gatherers and European farmers.

Thu 26 Feb 15 from Nature News

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How were fossil tracks made by Early Triassic swimming reptiles so well preserved?

A type of vertebrate trace fossil gaining recognition in the field of paleontology is that made by various tetrapods (four-footed land-living vertebrates) as they traveled through water under ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from

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