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Beer's long history revealed by 5,000-year-old Chinese artifacts

Beer is one of, if not the, world's oldest prepared beverages. More evidence of this has now come to light with researchers having used ancient relics to piece together a 5,000-year-old ...

Mon 23 May 16 from Gizmag

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Early armored dino from Texas lacked cousin's club-tail weapon, but had a nose for danger

Pawpawsaurus's hearing wasn't keen, and it lacked the infamous tail club of Ankylosaurus. But first-ever CT scans of Pawpawsaurus's skull indicate the dino's saving grace from predators may ...

16 hours ago from

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Fossil gives clues to ancient extinction

A strange sea-dwelling reptile fossil suggests there was a burst of evolution after the mass extinction 250 million years ago.

Mon 23 May 16 from BBC News

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Stonehenge: Easier Done Than Said

How hard could it have been for prehistoric Britons to move stones the size of dump trucks?

17 hours ago from

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New research maps in unique detail the devastation of the Black Death on medieval England

An innovative new archaeological study has revealed in detail for the first time how individual towns, villages and hamlets across swathes of medieval England were decimated by the Black Death.

Mon 23 May 16 from

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Images: Artifacts Unearthed at Malcolm X House

Toys, 18th century ceramics and even historic wig curlers were discovered on the grounds of the Malcolm X House.

8 hours ago from Livescience

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Behold The Game Of Thrones Intro Redone By Slime Mold

Animals A Song Of Slime And Mold Slime mold remakes TV show theme.

Mon 23 May 16 from Popular Science

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ESF lists top 10 new species for 2016

A hominin in the same genus as humans and an ape nicknamed "Laia" that might provide clues to the origin of humans are among the discoveries identified by the SUNY College of Environmental Science ...

Mon 23 May 16 from

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Nile Crocodiles Found in Florida

The reptiles have been known to attack humans

10 hours ago from TIME

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Insects pose threat to inlay work at India's Taj Mahal

Archaeological experts say insects from a polluted river near the Taj Mahal are marring the 17th century monument of love's intricate marble inlay work by leaving green and black patches of ...

Mon 23 May 16 from

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