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DNA finds relatives of animal that baffled Darwin

An analysis of ancient mitochondrial DNA has cleared up the family tree of the mysterious Macrauchenia patachonica, writes Jana Howden.

8 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Sensitive faces helped dinosaurs eat, woo and take temperature, suggests study

Dinosaurs' faces might have been much more sensitive than previously thought, according to a University of Southampton study – helping them with everything from picking flesh from bones to wooing ...

3 hours ago from

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Previously unknown extinction of marine megafauna discovered

Over two million years ago, a third of the largest marine animals like sharks, whales, sea birds and sea turtles disappeared. This previously unknown extinction event not only had a consid-erable ...

Mon 26 Jun 17 from

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Researchers document early, permananet human settlement in Andes

Using five different scientific approaches, a team including University of Wyoming researchers has given considerable support to the idea that humans lived year-round in the Andean highlands ...

7 hours ago from

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Fossil feces from Ice Age hyenas discovered in Spain

Researchers have discovered fossilized feces from hyena ‘latrines’ dating back to the Early Pleistocene, in two sites in Spain known to have been inhabited by ancient humans.

17 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Subway digging uncovers 'Pompeii-like scene' in Rome

Digging for Rome's new subway has unearthed the charred ruins of a 3rd century building and the 1,800-year-old skeleton of a dog that apparently perished in a fire.

Mon 26 Jun 17 from

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New bone identification method will help the study of past human societies

A new technique enabling archaeologists to distinguish between the bones of sheep and goats has been developed by researchers at the University of Sheffield.

Mon 26 Jun 17 from

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Origins of Cu-Pb-Zn-bearing and W-bearing granites

The Nanling Range of South China is world famous for its widely developed, multiple-aged granitic magmatism and related polymetallic mineralization. Various kinds of granites have distinct diversities ...

Tue 27 Jun 17 from

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Sword found in bog may tell of medieval knight's demise

The medieval sword, at just over three pounds, wouldn't have weighed down its owner.

Tue 27 Jun 17 from FOXNews

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Group claims to have found an ancient, mummified alien – but it almost certainly hasn't

Videos of the mummy have been watched more than a million times – which appears to be all part of the plan

Mon 26 Jun 17 from The Independent

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