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Cups runneth over: Beaker folk account for most of the British genome

Genetic analysis finds migration starting at 2500 BCE changed the ancient Britons almost completely. Paul Biegler reports.

13 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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New paper links ancient drawings and the origins of language

When and where did humans develop language? To find out, look deep inside caves, suggests an MIT professor.

17 hours ago from

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Tasmanian tiger 'joeys' revealed in 3D

Scientists scan Tasmanian tiger specimens to better understand the marsupial's development in the pouch.

18 hours ago from BBC News

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Birds offer clues to dino running

Sending chickens around a racetrack provides insight into how T. rex moved. Andrew Masterson reports.

12 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Brain size of human ancestors evolved gradually over 3 million years

Modern humans have brains that are more than three times larger than our closest living relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos. Scientists don't agree on when and how this dramatic increase took ...

23 hours ago from

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Origins of land plants pushed back in time

Plants appeared on land 100 million years earlier than previously thought, according to new research.

Tue 20 Feb 18 from BBC News

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Laser technology takes Maya archeologists where they've never gone before

With the help of airborne laser mapping technology, a team of archaeologists, led by University of Arizona professor Takeshi Inomata, is exploring on a larger scale than ever before the history ...

12 hours ago from

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Researchers discovered new prehistoric migration paths

Researchers analyzed skeletal remains from Croatia for the new study. The remains came from 225 individuals. The scientists learned about two prehistoric migration waves.

6 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Study identifies traces of indigenous 'Taino' in present-day Caribbean populations

A thousand-year-old tooth has provided genetic evidence that the so-called "Taíno", the first indigenous Americans to feel the full impact of European colonisation after Columbus arrived in ...

Mon 19 Feb 18 from

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Archaeologists find fossils, Mayan relics in giant underwater cave in Mexico

Archaeologists who have been exploring the world's largest underwater cave—recently discovered in Mexico—presented their findings Monday, including fossils of giant sloths and an elaborate shrine ...

Tue 20 Feb 18 from

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