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Plants are going extinct up to 350 times faster than the historical norm

Earth is seeing an unprecedented loss of species, which some ecologists are calling a sixth mass extinction. In May, a United Nations report warned that 1 million species are threatened by extinction. ...

Fri 23 Aug 19 from

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Image of the Day: Baked with Ancient Yeast

Scientists extracted 4,500-year-old yeast from Egyptian pottery to use in breadmaking.

Thu 22 Aug 19 from The Scientist

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New evidence on contested identity of medieval skeleton found at Prague Castle

Used as a propaganda tool by the Nazis and Soviets during the Second World War and Cold War, the remains of a 10th century male, unearthed beneath Prague Castle in 1928, have been the subject ...

Thu 22 Aug 19 from

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Earliest evidence of artificial cranial deformation in Croatia during 5th-6th century

People in Croatia during the 5th to 6th centuries may have used cranial modifications to indicate their cultural affiliations, according to a study published August 21, 2019 in the open-access ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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The Paleozoic diet: Why animals eat what they eat

In what is likely the first study to look at how dietary preferences evolved across the animal kingdom, UA researchers looked at more than a million species, going back 800 million years. The ...

Thu 22 Aug 19 from

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Waxham to Winterton and Horsey

The main aim of the recent camping trip to the North Norfolk coast aside from camping for the sake of it was to see some of the seals that have a colony at Winterton/Horsey, a couple of miles ...

7 hours ago from Sciencebase Blog

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High diversity of harvestmen in Atlantic Rainforest and ancient geological events

In the southern Atlantic Rainforest remnants between Rio de Janeiro State in Southeast Brazil and Santa Catarina State in South Brazil, there are some 600 species of harvestmen (Opiliones), ...

Fri 23 Aug 19 from

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Image of the Day: Skeleton Lake

Human remains around Roopkund Lake in India bear South Asian, East Asian, and Mediterranean ancestry.

Fri 23 Aug 19 from The Scientist

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Lifting the lid on primate brains

Rare find provides important evolutionary clues. Dyani Lewis reports.

Wed 21 Aug 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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Vikings arrived in Ireland when the population was in serious decline

New research has found that the population of Ireland was in decline for almost 200 years before the Vikings settled.

Thu 22 Aug 19 from

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