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New species of extremely leggy millipede discovered in a cave in California

Along with many spiders, pseudoscorpions, and flies discovered and catalogued by the cave explorers, a tiny threadlike millipede was found in the unexplored dark marble caves in Sequoia National ...

6 hours ago from

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Meet Savannasaurus, Australia's newest titanosaur

The outback region around Winton in central Queensland is arguably Australia's ground zero for giant dinosaur fossils. Here, graziers occasionally stumble across petrified bones on their paddocks, ...

Fri 21 Oct 16 from

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Scientists locate site where ancient Roman armies breached Jerusalem walls

Archaeologists say they've found evidence of a battlefield from the Roman emperor Titus' siege of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

Sat 22 Oct 16 from FOXNews

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Science sheds light on 250-year-old literary controversy

The social networks behind one of the most famous literary controversies of all time have been uncovered using modern networks science.

Fri 21 Oct 16 from

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New 3-D technology raises hopes for the coldest of cold cases

The faces are haunting. They stare, straight ahead, unblinking and made of malleable clay. There are fourteen total, all busts of the missing, the unidentified, the murdered. The forgotten.

Fri 21 Oct 16 from

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Monkey 'tools' raise questions over human archaeological record 

Capuchin monkeys in Brazil unintentionally produce rock fragments that resemble ancient stone tools.

Wed 19 Oct 16 from Nature News

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Fish fossil upends scientists’ view of jaw evolution

Specimen suggests that people and ancient fish have more in common than previously thought.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from Nature News

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Study finds earliest evidence in fossil record for right-handedness

Perhaps the bias against left-handers dates back much further than we thought.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from

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Mysterious origin of European bison revealed using DNA and cave art

Threatened forest icon may be a hybrid of two extinct species.

Wed 19 Oct 16 from Nature News

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First dinosaur bones found in Denali National Park

Paleontologists from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the National Park Service found the first dinosaur bones in Denali National Park during an expedition in July. They also discovered ...

Tue 18 Oct 16 from

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