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Nature or nurture: is violence in our genes?

Nature or nurture? The quest to understand why humans kill one another has occupied the minds of philosophers, sociologists and psychologists for centuries.

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Photos: Biblical Gate Shrine Uncovered in Israel's Tel Lachish National Park

An excavation in Tel Lachish National Park in Israel has revealed archaeological evidence that confirms biblical tales of the size and use of city gates.

16 hours ago from Livescience

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Roman coins discovered in ruins of Japanese castle

Archaeologists have been stunned by the discovery of Roman coins in the ruins of a Japanese castle.

18 hours ago from FOXNews

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Ancient eggshell protein breaks through the DNA time barrier

Scientists from the Universities of Sheffield, York and Copenhagen have identified fossil proteins in a 3.8 million year-old ostrich eggshell, suggesting that proteins could provide valuable ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Outrageous heads led to outrageously large dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus rex and other large meat-eating theropods were the biggest baddies on the prehistoric block, and ornaments on their heads could help us figure out why. New research from North ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Snake venom composition could be related to hormones and diet

Many people are afraid of snakes, but scientists are now revealing insights about their venoms that could give even ophidiophobes an appreciation for the animals. One team has found that the ...

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Bones found in Roman-era grave in London may be Asian

(—A small team of researchers with Durham University, the Museum of London and the British Geological Survey has tentatively established that two skeletons found in a Roman-era grave ...

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Lev Grossman will reimagine King Arthur’s legacy in The Bright Sword

Fantasy author Lev Grossman has announced his next book project: The Bright Sword, which will be a new take on Arthurian legend. The Bright Sword will begin following the death of ...

15 hours ago from The Verge

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Fossils can help predict future species survival

Many people are concerned about conservation of the planet's cute and cuddlies. But in a world of global climate change, sometimes we must prioritize which species we can and should save from ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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