Tropical plant rediscovered after 150 years

A small team of researchers with the Crop Research Institute and Palacký University, both in the Czech Republic, has rediscovered a plant first (and last) recorded over a century and a half ago. In their paper published in the journal Phytotaxa describing their find, Michal Sochor, Zuzana Egertova, Michal Hrones and Martin Dancak describe the plant, a mycoheterotroph called Thismia neptunis.

Tropical plant rediscovered after 150 years

Tue 6 Mar 18 from

Freaky 'fairy lantern' plant rediscovered after 151 years - CNET

A mysterious, long-missing mushroom-munching "fairy lantern" shows us just how bizarre the plant world can be.

Mon 5 Mar 18 from CNET

Bizarre, Parasitic 'Fairy Lantern' Reappears in the Rainforest After 151 Years

A strange plant that needs no sunlight and sucks on underground fungi for nutrients has turned up in Borneo, Malaysia, 151 years after the last time a scientist found it.

Mon 5 Mar 18 from Livescience

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