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IBM Watson machine smarts hitch a ride with GM cars

IBM on Wednesday announced it was teaming with General Motors to put Watson artificial intelligence to work to personalize the driving experience for motorists.

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Finding patterns in corrupted data: New model-fitting technique efficient even for data sets with hundreds of variables

Data analysis—and particularly big-data analysis—is often a matter of fitting data to some sort of mathematical model. The most familiar example of this might be linear regression, which finds ...

16 hours ago from TechXplore

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New analysis of big data sheds light on cell functions

Researchers have developed a new way of obtaining useful information from big data in biology to better understand—and predict—what goes on inside a cell. Using genome-scale models, researchers ...

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New method reduces amount of training data needed for facial performance capture system

Disney Research has found a way to tailor a facial capture system to the characteristics of a specific actor's expressions while dramatically reducing the time and effort it would normally require.

Tue 25 Oct 16 from

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'Brainprint' researchers get $900K in funding

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A Brief History of Every TV Version of Knight Rider, Ever

With today’s news that car-a-holic director Justin Lin is spearheading a “digital reboot” of classic 1980s NBC action show Knight Rider, we got to thinking: exactly how many versions of Knight ...

Tue 25 Oct 16 from Gizmodo

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Combining cellphone data with perceptions of public spaces could help guide urban planning

For years, researchers at the MIT Media Lab have been developing a database of images captured at regular distances around several major cities. The images are scored according to different ...

Mon 24 Oct 16 from TechXplore

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People can tell if they are voting on a secure system, study finds

"Rigged" election rhetoric in the headlines aims to cast doubt about the security of the American voting system; however, people have a sense of whether a voting system is secure, according ...

Mon 24 Oct 16 from

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