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Grammatical habits in written English reveal linguistic features of non-native speakers' languages

Computer scientists at MIT and Israel's Technion have discovered an unexpected source of information about the world's languages: the habits of native speakers of those languages when writing ...

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The International 4 DotA 2 Winners Have Been Revealed

As you might have heard, the DotA 2 finals took place the past couple of days and it looks like the winners have officially been crowned! For those who have yet to watch the finals, then ...

24 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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The Big Picture: Not-quite San Francisco's 'Davis Street'

Take a second look at the above image -- it isn't actually a photo. Nope, the entire scene (dubbed Davis Street) was painstakingly created with the graphics rendering suite 3DS Max. To achieve ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from Engadget

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Philosopher uses game theory to understand how words, actions acquire meaning

Why does the word "dog" have meaning? If you say "dog" to a friend, why does your friend understand you?

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Camera-studded dome used to reconstruct 3D motion

It might soon be possible to perform large-scale 3D motion reconstructions of sporting events or other live performances, thanks to new research by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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Security contest techies say they hacked Tesla Model S

The good news: Tomorrow's cars are computers on wheels. The bad news: Tomorrow's cars are computers on wheels. Ma Jie, writing in Bloomberg News, reported this week that the Tesla Model S sedan ...

Sat 19 Jul 14 from

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There's a Trippy Walk-In Kaleidoscope Hiding In This Shipping Container

Drugs are illegal and often pretty bad for you. But who needs LSD when the world has talented designers like Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki. Last year, the Japanese duo took on the challenge ...

Fri 18 Jul 14 from Gizmodo

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From Tech City to Tech Nation

Tech City CEO Gerard Grech says UK's digital technology does not begin and end in London

Mon 21 Jul 14 from Tech

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New technique could boost internet speeds tenfold

Researchers at Aalborg University, MIT and Caltech have developed a new mathematically-based technique that can boost internet data speeds by up to 10 times, by making the nodes of a network ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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