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CloudFlare tackles lost SSL key risk with Keyless SSL

Organizations looking for and concerned about optimal security protection are the targets of a new service announced by San Francisco-based CloudFlare. The offering is called Keyless SSL. CloudFlare ...

Fri 19 Sep 14 from

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Google, Dropbox partner up to make security technology and tools simpler to use

In this day and age of data breaches and government snooping, there’s a few things you can do to keep your data safer from prying eyes. Yet security solutions often require more figuring ...

Fri 19 Sep 14 from Techspot

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Online volunteers map uncharted Ebola zones to help save lives

Donating to disasters used to mean writing a check to Oxfam or the Red Cross. These days in the Internet age, for the Ebola crisis, citizens from all over the world are donating their time by ...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from FOXNews

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Sweeping security law would have computer users surrender privacy

Parliament is about to consider a range of changes to Australia's security laws introduced by the Abbott government during its last sitting. The most controversial measures in the National Security ...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from

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From online dating to driverless cars, machine learning is everywhere

Dr Michael Osborne from the University of Oxford answers our Q&A about the mysteries of a component of artificial intelligence Continue reading...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from

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Study finds 'magical contagion' spreads creator's essence to pieces, adding value

Not all things are created equally. We don't view a Picasso sculpture in the same way we look at a hammer, for exampleŚno matter how fancy the hammer.

Tue 16 Sep 14 from

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NOSE Allows You To "Breathe" Out Morse Code Messages

Talk to the hand, cause the face – it ain't listenin'. Now that is a pretty bad ass way of trying to look and sound cool in one's juvenile years, although a slight variation of ...

Wed 17 Sep 14 from Ubergizmo

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Computerized emotion detector

Face recognition software measures various parameters in a mug shot, such as the distance between the person's eyes, the height from lip to top of their nose and various other metrics and then ...

Tue 16 Sep 14 from

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FBI facial recognition system at "full operational capability"

Bureau says database is for "utilizing biometrics as an investigative enabler."

Tue 16 Sep 14 from Arstechnica

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