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Smart yoga mat helps you perfect your poses

Yoga can be a great way to stay healthy, but it's hard to refine your technique at those times you can't see an instructor. SmartMat may have a solution for when you're stuck at home, though. ...

8 hours ago from Engadget

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Engineers complete first comprehensive mesh-free numerical simulation of skeletal muscle tissue

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have completed the first comprehensive numerical simulation of skeletal muscle tissue using a method that uses the pixels in an image as ...

6 hours ago from

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I visited virtual Hawaii from a hotel in Times square

If virtual reality is as successful as its proponents hope, hotel chain Marriott is playing a dangerous game. As of earlier this month, it's touting what it calls the "first-ever ...

13 hours ago from The Verge

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Researchers want to make tech more accessible for animals, too

Studying human-computer interaction is certainly nothing new. With a growing trend of using gadgets to work with animals though, a new conference aims to further research into our furry (and ...

9 hours ago from Engadget

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Why the Shellshock Bug Is Worse than Heartbleed

We still don't know how many systems are vulnerable to the Shellshock bug, but it is likely in the millions.Last Wednesday a serious software vulnerability called Shellshock was reported; the ...

10 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Slideshow: Top 10 biggest HIPAA breaches

Top 10 biggest HIPAA breaches Daily Feature ...

12 hours ago from Healthcare IT News

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Q&A: Experts warn of Bash Bug, what are the risks?

Internet security experts are warning that a new programming flaw known as the "Bash Bug" may pose a serious threat to computers and other devices such as home Internet routers. Even the systems ...

Thu 25 Sep 14 from

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Can cartoons be used to teach machines to understand the visual world?

An enormous gap exists between human abilities and machine performance when it comes to understanding the visual world from images and videos. Humans are still way out in front.

Fri 26 Sep 14 from

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Deep-learning algorithm can weigh up a neighborhood better than humans

Human beings have a remarkable ability to make inferences based on their surroundings. Is this area safe? Where might I find a parking spot? Am I more likely to get to a gas station by taking ...

Thu 25 Sep 14 from

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Artificial intelligence program that learns like a child

Artificial intelligence programs may already be capable of specialized tasks like flying planes, winning Jeopardy, and giving you a hard time in your favorite video games, but even the most ...

Fri 26 Sep 14 from Gizmag

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