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Style Transfer Makes A Movie

It is only a few months ago that neural network based style transfer was the latest thing. Now we have a short and serious movie which contains sections that were generated by style transfer. ...

9 hours ago from iProgrammer

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'Dear Angelica': A VR film that steps inside a painter's brain - CNET

At Sundance, Oculus Story Studio is one of several creative teams probing limits of storytelling in virtual reality. This test: How does it feel inside art?

Fri 20 Jan 17 from CNET

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Data Mining Solves the Mystery of Your Slow Wi-Fi Connection

Chinese researchers have worked out the reasons for why Wi-Fi can take so long to connect.

Fri 20 Jan 17 from MIT Technology Review

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Emotional security system

A security system that analyses a user's brainwaves could determine whether the user is in a fit mental state to be granted access to resources. Details are published in the International Journal ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from

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For white-collar staff, AI threatens new workplace revolution

If your job involves inputting reams of data for a company, you might want to think about retraining in a more specialised field. Or as a plumber.

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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System finds and links related data scattered across digital files, for easy querying and filtering

The age of big data has seen a host of new techniques for analyzing large data sets. But before any of those techniques can be applied, the target data has to be aggregated, organized, and cleaned ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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The Lawnmower Man is coming back, will let you “touch god” in VR

No word yet on director, cast, warrior chimps, or VR sex.

Thu 19 Jan 17 from Arstechnica

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Getting Ahead with Broadband Macromodeling

This webinar will show how the state-of-the-art macromodeling software IdEM provides the ideal tool to verify the physical self-consistency of S-parameter data.

Fri 20 Jan 17 from IEEE Spectrum

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Athletics bring back Casilla

The Oakland Athletics have brought back relief pitcher Santiago Casilla on Friday. Casilla, a right handed pitcher from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, played his first six ...

3 hours ago from AXS

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Making AI systems that see the world as humans do

A Northwestern University team developed a new computational model that performs at human levels on a standard intelligence test. This work is an important step toward making artificial intelligence ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from

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