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Leap Motion believes it's the perfect companion for virtual reality headsets

Technology has finally caught up to our aspirations of virtual reality. The Oculus Rift is leading the pack but as I've outlined in previous posts, we've yet to see the company's ...

14 hours ago from Techspot

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Computer games give a boost to English

If you want to make a mark in the world of computer games you had better have a good English vocabulary. It has now also been scientifically proven that someone who is good at computer games ...

15 hours ago from

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Visual search to shop: gimmick or game changing?

Imagine using your phone to snap a photo of the cool pair of sunglasses your friend is wearing and instantly receiving a slew of information about the shades along with a link to order them.

13 hours ago from

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Inter-dependent networks stress test

Energy production systems are good examples of complex systems. Their infrastructure equipment requires ancillary sub-systems structured like a network—including water for cooling, transport ...

19 hours ago from

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Together, humans and computers can figure out the plant world

As technology advances, science has become increasingly about data—how to gather it, organize it, and analyze it. The creation of key databases to analyze and share data lies at the heart of ...

18 hours ago from

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Cheap 3D printed plastic key can open most locks

The proliferation of 3D printing is really picking up–you can even have objects printed while you wait in some office supply stores. With that kind of power comes the risk that someone ...

14 hours ago from

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How Movies Manipulate Your Brain to Keep You Entertained

At a recent event hosted by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists got together with film makers to discuss what both groups have learned---the ...

Tue 26 Aug 14 from Wired Science

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Obama's plan calls for computer chip implants to help soldiers heal

Brooks HaysWASHINGTON, Aug. 27 (UPI) -- President Obama is backing a unique program aimed at developing computer chip implants that well monitor and augment an injured soldier's nervous system.

Wed 27 Aug 14 from UPI

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New technology may identify tiny strains in body tissues before injuries occur

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed algorithms to identify weak spots in tendons, muscles and bones prone to tearing or breaking. The technology, which needs to ...

Tue 26 Aug 14 from Medical Xpress

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Spheree takes a globular approach to displaying 3D models

Although viewing a 3D digital model of an item allows you get a sense of the "real" object, it certainly doesn't help if you're looking at that three-dimensional model on a flat screen. That's ...

Tue 26 Aug 14 from Gizmag

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