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Tricking the eye to defeat shoulder surfing attacks

Every ATM or smartphone user can attest to the discomfort of having a stranger standing close enough to observe a financial transaction—and potentially note a PIN or account number. Now researchers ...

12 hours ago from TechXplore

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Computer algorithm automatically recognizes soccer formations and defensive strategies

Though soccer players have assigned roles, it's routine for players to swap positions during the course of a game, or even of a single play. Other players and most fans recognize when this occurs ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from TechXplore

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Microsoft's speech recognition system is now as good as a human

Microsoft researchers have hit a milestone 25 years in the making. The company's conversational speech recognition system has finally reached an error rate of only 5.1 percent, putting ...

Tue 22 Aug 17 from Gizmag

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Formula One launches eSports world championship

Formula One will crown its first virtual world champion at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after announcing on Monday the launch of an eSports series to run from September to November. ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from Daily Mail

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AI visionary who teaches humans to teach computers

Andrew Ng has led teams at Google and Baidu, and now claims he wants to 'free humanity' using AI technology - and hopes to create a system that learns like a child.

15 hours ago from Daily Mail

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New theorems help robots to correct errors on-the-fly and learn from each other

Errors in Artificial Intelligence which would normally take a considerable amount of time to resolve could be corrected immediately with the help of new research from the University of Leicester.

Mon 21 Aug 17 from TechXplore

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Virtual Reality Platform Created For Lab Animals

New VR platform could help shed light on human genes and brain circuits

Mon 21 Aug 17 from IEEE Spectrum

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Mimicking the reflexive detection ability of the animal visual system for computer detection of moving objects

The detection of moving objects is one of the most fundamental and important mechanisms of the animal visual system, having evolved to quickly detect both predators and prey. Yet reproducing ...

21 hours ago from

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Thanks to Google, Shutterstock can stop automated watermark removal

Stock photos have watermarks to make sure that you don't use them without paying for them. Removing them used to take some Photoshop know-how, but Google found a way to remove ...

12 hours ago from Engadget

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Clippers’ guard rotation provides flexibility

While the Los Angeles Clippers are undoubtedly worse off without Chris Paul, they have assembled a worthy backcourt that will give head coach Doc Rivers plenty of options. The ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from AXS

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