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Computer program to take on world's best in Texas Hold 'em

Carnegie Mellon University researchers are going all in, pitting a computer program against some of the world's best professional poker players.

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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Team develops faster, higher quality 3-D camera

When Microsoft released the Kinect for Xbox in November 2010, it transformed the video game industry. The most inexpensive 3-D camera to date, the Kinect bypassed the need for joysticks and ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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A peer-reviewed study finds value in peer-reviewed research

The best scoring peer-reviewed grants are associated with more papers and patents, a new study finds. But whether peer review is the best system is another question entirely.

Thu 23 Apr 15 from ScienceNews

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Now and then

IN THE 19th century, inventors were heroes. The likes of Stephenson, Morse and Goodyear were the shock troops of the Industrial Revolution. Their ideas helped drag humanity from agrarian ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from The Economist

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Project Elysium wants to use VR to revive deceased loved ones

Oculus VR Jam entry promises a "personalized afterlife experience."

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Arstechnica

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Spider-Man animated film coming from The LEGO Movie creators

Spider-Man’s about to get an animated reboot from the minds behind The LEGO Movie. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller signed on to write and produce the project, though nothing was mentioned ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from

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Zensors: Making sense with live question feeds

Getting answers to what you really want to ask, beyond if the door is open or shut, could be rather easy. A video on YouTube demonstrates something called Zensors. Started at Carnegie Mellon ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from

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Colorado police charge man for "killing his computer" with a handgun

We have all been there at some point or another. Our computers freeze up or some error occurs and we lose hours (or even days) of work. This is usually followed by a series of loud expletives ...

Wed 22 Apr 15 from Techspot

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Cloud security reaches silicon: System for defending against memory-access attacks implemented in chips

In the last 10 years, computer security researchers have shown that malicious hackers don't need to see your data in order to steal your data. From the pattern in which your computer accesses ...

Wed 22 Apr 15 from

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Reducing big data using ideas from quantum theory makes it easier to interpret

Analysing the large volumes of data gathered by modern businesses and public services is problematic. Traditionally, relationships between the different parts of a network have been represented ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from

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