The new, safer nuclear reactors that might help stop climate change

Troels Schönfeldt can trace his path to becoming a nuclear energy entrepreneur back to 2009, when he and other young physicists at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen started getting together for an occasional “beer and nuclear” meetup. The beer was an India pale ale that they brewed themselves in an old, junk-filled lab space in the institute’s basement. The “nuclear” part was usually a bull session about their options for fighting two of humanity’s biggest problems: global poverty an

The new, safer nuclear reactors that might help stop climate change

From sodium-cooled fission to advanced fusion, a fresh generation of projects hopes to rekindle trust in nuclear energy.

Wed 27 Feb 19 from MIT Technology Review

Liquid has structure, which may be key to understanding metallic glass

Researchers have found that liquid has structure in certain circumstances, and that this structure significantly influences the mysterious and complex formation of metallic glasses.

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

The quest for boundless energy

Thu 21 Feb 19 from Science Now

The little reactors that could, Thu 21 Feb 19 from Science Now

Stores accused of 'watering down' bottle deposit scheme

Campaigners say retailers want fees to only apply to smaller containers, rather than all plastic bottles.

Sun 17 Feb 19 from BBC News

US seeks ways to recycle lithium batteries in cars, phones

The U.S. government will lead an ambitious effort to develop technologies to recycle lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, cellphones and other sources to ensure a reliable and affordable ...

Sat 16 Feb 19 from TechXplore

AI text generator too dangerous to release, say creators

Developers cite concerns over fake news proliferation and risk of online impersonation

Fri 15 Feb 19 from The Independent

Fake-News-Generating AI Deemed Too Dangerous for Public Release

Your friendly neighborhood fake news writer could be out of a job if systems like GPT2 become commonplace. For the time being, the researchers who developed this AI consider it too dangerous ...

Tue 19 Feb 19 from Extremetech

OpenAI built a text generator so good, it’s considered too dangerous to release

A storm is brewing over a new language model, built by non-profit artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, which it says is so good at generating convincing, well-written text that it’s ...

Sun 17 Feb 19 from TechCrunch


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