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Amazon made a real-life button for instant orders around your home, and it's only now added it to the site

The physical versions are arguably more useful, as they allow you to shop without firing up your computer

24 hours ago from The Independent

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Meitu: App that makes people 'beautiful' also seems to be collecting huge amounts of data about people who use it

Lurking beneath those big eyes and shiny faces is something not very beautiful at all

Fri 20 Jan 17 from The Independent

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The President’s New Smartphone

Donald Trump has been forced to hand over his old phone for a more secure device—which might make tweeting a little harder.

18 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Nintendo's Switch won't have video streaming apps at launch

We've been up close with the Nintendo Switch, tried some of its games and heard the company's pitch for the system. But still, questions remain. Thankfully, the folks at Kotaku ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from Engadget

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How to Make the iPhone's Touch ID Work With Gloves

It’s cold and with what feels like an eternity of wintery weather ahead of us, it’s most definitely glove-wearing season.Read more...

18 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Leica reveals the M10, a slimmed-down digital M

Leica has announced its latest digital M camera, and the slimmest to date. Despite offering ergonomics which are said to be closer to those of analog M cameras, the new Leica M10 is ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from Gizmag

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Fujifilm's latest X-Series cameras offer faster, sharper shooting

Fujifilm has announced a couple of updates to its X-series line-up with the launch of the X100F and X-T20 cameras. The new shooters stick with the retro-styling which has made the series ...

Thu 19 Jan 17 from Gizmag

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Amazon Alexa on a phone: What's the big deal? - CNET

Amazon's voice assistant arrives for the first time on a phone next month, which is...cool? Redundant? Here's how it might help you, and how it won't.

2 minutes ago from CNET

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iPhone bug crashes phone with emoji

It exploits a workaround iOS uses in order to create the rainbow flag character

Wed 18 Jan 17 from The Independent

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Nintendo Switch Dashboard Reveals More Details About The Console

We’re not sure why but Nintendo did not exactly dive into as many details as we would have liked about the Switch durings its pricing and availability reveal. Perhaps they were still tweaking ...

Fri 20 Jan 17 from Ubergizmo

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