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New Google Camera app adds depth to your photos

Google's newest photo app brings panorama effects, Photo Sphere and depth of field effects to all Android devices running KitKat.

14 hours ago from CNET

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Bloomberg: iOS 8 Will Have Shazam's Song Identification Baked In

Can't name that tune? No worry: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is partnering with Shazam to embed song identification software right into its forthcoming iOS 8.Read more...

1 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Wireless industry makes anti-theft commitment

A trade group for wireless providers said Tuesday that the biggest mobile device manufacturers and carriers will soon put anti-theft tools on the gadgets to try to deter rampant smartphone theft.

Wed 16 Apr 14 from Phys.org

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Eyefi's new service sends your camera's photos to the cloud as soon as you shoot

There are plenty of cameras that send their photos to your phone, but you frequently have to transfer those pictures yourself -- and it's another hassle to get the pics to other devices. Eyefi ...

29 minutes ago from Engadget

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Google Offering $100,000 For Best Project Ara Module

Google's Project Ara is expected to make its way into the hands of consumers in January 2015, assuming that everything goes to plan. However what good is a modular smartphone if there aren't ...

8 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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PS4 Update 1.70 To Feature SHAREfactory

Sony will be rolling out the PS4 update 1.70 really soon, and this is set to be a major system software update for your next generation console (that has recently passed the 7 million mark ...

2 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Project Tango's 3D mapping capabilities revealed in teardown

Project Tango, Google’s latest prototype smartphone with 3D mapping technology, is now in the hands of developers. And if you are wondering exactly what sort of hardware is lurking under ...

13 hours ago from Techspot

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Amazon reportedly plans to release a smartphone this year

After years of rumors, Amazon.com Inc. might finally be getting into the smartphone business.

Tue 15 Apr 14 from Phys.org

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Amazon makes Kindle documents available via Cloud Drive

If you have any documents (or e-books acquired in a "non-standard" way) stored on your Kindle, now you can access them anywhere via Amazon Cloud Drive. Starting today, documents uploaded to ...

10 hours ago from Engadget

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Rhodri Marsden: Neil Young's quest for purer listening is pure elitist garbage

I like vinyl. By which I mean records, rather than upholstery. Compact discs did music a disservice in a number of ways, from the ugly plastic jewel case to the shuffle function that rode roughshod ...

12 hours ago from The Independent

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