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Google Home Bluetooth Audio Streaming Finally Rolled-Out In Latest Firmware Update

If you own a Google Home device and have been craving some Bluetooth audio action, then you should be really happy to know that as of right now, an update is being rolled out to the devices ...

9 hours ago from HotHardware

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Replacement screens can be used to hijack your phone

A new study has shown that one of the most common fixes to a stock smartphone ailment can be used to steal your data, and compromise your device. In the newly published paper, researchers ...

7 minutes ago from Engadget

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 might be available on September 15th

Samsung is expected to officially unveil its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone on August 23rd at an event in New York City. Noted leak specialist Evan Blass is reporting that the phone will ...

Sat 19 Aug 17 from The Verge

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Monster brings a music-centric voice assistant to its headphone line

 Monster isn’t exactly regarded as the most innovative force in tech, but it has decided to get in on the voice assistant game by baking support for a helper called Melody directly ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from TechCrunch

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Sprint plans fix for BlackBerry KEYone that reinstalls bloatware

We were pretty impressed with BlackBerry's newest smartphone, the KEYone, especially given how long the company had gone without a serious contender on the market. But it seems ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from Engadget

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PlayStation 4 firmware version 5.0 makes several major usability improvements

Sony made a few significant changes to the PlayStation 4’s system software. Version 5.0 of the PS4 operating system (codenamed NOBUNAGA) adds better parental controls, improved broadcasting ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from Techspot

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The Creator of Android Made a $699 Phone That’s Beautiful but Not Essential

We tried Andy Rubin’s new Essential Phone so you don’t have to.

Fri 18 Aug 17 from MIT Technology Review

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Instagram adds a new creative way to reply to a photo or story

 Instagram inception, here we come. If somebody sends you a photo or video in a private conversation on Instagram, the app will now let you play around with the original photo so that you ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from TechCrunch

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Alexa paired with exoskeleton could bring fresh step in mobility

"Alexa, I'm ready to stand" or "Alexa, I'm ready to walk." What a meaningful type of command those could be for the people who are hampered by lack of mobility.

18 hours ago from TechXplore

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Motorola patent describes the self-healing smartphone screen of our dreams

A cracked screen is a nightmare scenario that many smartphone owners have faced, so wouldn’t it be great if there was a handset that could repair the damage itself? Based on a recently ...

Thu 17 Aug 17 from Techspot

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