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Seeding plant diversity for future generations

( —The Millennium Seed Bank dries, freezes, stores and maintains seeds for future generations to enjoy and use. It aims to save seeds from all the wild plant species of the world and ...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from

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Modern forests hold signs of prehistoric apocalypse

Meteorite that wiped out dinos took a heavy toll on flowering evergreens as well

Tue 16 Sep 14 from Science Now

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What's in your porcini packet? You may find a new species ... or three

Mycologists – scientists who study fungi – estimate there are up to five million species of fungi on Earth. Of these, only about 2%, or 100,000 species, have been formally described. So where ...

Wed 17 Sep 14 from Medical Xpress

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Global wild tiger population to be counted by 2016

Thirteen countries with wild tiger populations agreed Tuesday to take part in a global count to establish how many of the critically endangered animals are left and improve policies to protect ...

Tue 16 Sep 14 from

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Wild Chinese sturgeon on brink of extinction: state media

The wild Chinese sturgeon is at risk of extinction, state media reported, after none of the rare fish were detected reproducing naturally in the polluted and crowded Yangtze river last year.

Mon 15 Sep 14 from

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Tigers, pandas and people a recipe for conservation insight

The first big revelation in conservation sciences was that studying the people on the scene as well as nature conservation was crucial. Now, as this science matures, researchers are showing ...

Mon 15 Sep 14 from

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How are hybridized species affecting wildlife?

Researchers who transplanted combinations of wild, domesticated, and domesticated-wild hybridized populations of a fish species to new environments found that within 5 to 11 generations, selection ...

Mon 15 Sep 14 from

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Ban on shark trade comes into force

In a significant step forward for shark conservation, all trade in five named species is to be regulated from today.

Sat 13 Sep 14 from BBC News

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Diversified farming practices might preserve evolutionary diversity of wildlife

As humans transform the planet to meet our needs, all sorts of wildlife continue to be pushed aside, including many species that play key roles in Earth's life-support systems. In particular, ...

Thu 11 Sep 14 from

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Eagle-eyed birds of prey help scrounging vultures find their dinner

Zoologists from the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin have discovered how endangered vultures find their food, which will have important applications for their conservation. ...

Wed 10 Sep 14 from

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