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Larger mountain moths

Researchers from three universities have measured more than 19,000 tropical moths from 1,100 species to find out whether their size varies with elevat

Sat 13 Oct 18 from The Hindu

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Crowd-sourced data wins protection for endangered tricolored blackbird

When scientists first proposed adding the Tricolored Blackbird to the California endangered species list in 2004, they had a problem. Tricolored Blackbirds nest in large colonies that can move ...

Wed 10 Oct 18 from

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Scorpion census: Researchers update global record of medically significant scorpions

Scorpions can be found at every corner of the globe and on six of the seven continents, from the southern tip of South America to the arid expanse of the Sahara Desert.

Tue 9 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

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Tropical frogs found to coexist with deadly fungus

Amphibian biologists from around the world watched in horror in 2004, as the frogs of El Copé, Panama, began dying by the thousands. The culprit: Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a deadly fungus ...

Wed 3 Oct 18 from

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Complex factors can drive the emergence and evolution of plant pathogens

For many of us, bumper crops of zucchinis and cucumbers conjure up the sweltering days of summer, while pumpkins and gourds decorate our holiday tables throughout the fall. However, these iconic ...

Wed 3 Oct 18 from

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Family of rodents may explain how some groups of animals become so diverse

How did a single species of rodent invade South America and then quickly branch off into 350 new species?

Wed 3 Oct 18 from

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Wild suburbia—more mammals than expected live near people

It's a jungle out there in the suburbs, where many wild mammals are thriving near humans. That's the conclusion of a large-scale study using camera trap images from hundreds of citizen scientists ...

Tue 2 Oct 18 from

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Study links decline in Ozarks lizard population to fire suppression

Eastern collared lizards, once plentiful in the Ozark Mountains, are now listed as a "species of greatest conservation need." What does their decline say about habitat degradation in the Ozarks?

Tue 2 Oct 18 from

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Decline in native fish species—invasive species on the increase

The majority of Bavaria's watercourses are in poor ecological condition. A team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now conducted the first systematic analysis of long-term data ...

Tue 2 Oct 18 from

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There really are snakes on planes

Slithery hitchhikers devastated Guam’s birds and have Hawaii in their sights. Nick Carne reports.

Mon 1 Oct 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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