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Rescue of 11 Asian elephants in Cambodia

The rescue of 11 Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) from a mud hole inside the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia, on 24th March 2017 avoided a tragedy for wildlife conservation ...

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New population of rare tigers found in eastern Thailand

Camera traps caught images of the critically endangered Indochinese tigers in eastern Thailand.

Tue 28 Mar 17 from BBC News

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Kids' wildlife preferences differ from island to mainland

Growing up on an island or mainland location can shape the way children think about wildlife, including which species they prefer, according to North Carolina State University research. Comparison ...

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Fellowship aims to protect threatened Australian night parrots

Ensuring one of Australia's most high-profile threatened bird species does not disappear a second time is the mission of a University of Queensland researcher.

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Seasonal warming leads to smaller animal body sizes

Changes in the body size of animals measured under controlled laboratory conditions have been shown to closely match changes in body size with seasonal warming in nature, according to research ...

Tue 28 Mar 17 from

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Cornering endangered species

As certain species decline in number, the geographic areas they inhabit also shrink. Still, even with less space to occupy, these decreasing populations manage to remain locally abundant.

Tue 28 Mar 17 from

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Adapting to changes in partner abundance

Many ant species live in often highly specific symbiotic relationships with plants from which both partners benefit. LMU researchers now reveal that such selective interactions can break down ...

Mon 27 Mar 17 from

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Scientists overcome inaccessibility of caves through molecular genetic approach

An international group of scientists has used a novel highly sensitive method for detection of environmental DNA in groundwater to extend the poorly known range of the rare subterranean amphibian ...

Mon 27 Mar 17 from

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Of Star Trek, Mark Twain and helmets: 15 new species of wasps with curious names

A total of fifteen new species of parasitic wasps have been described from across the Neotropical region. Apart from belonging to a peculiar group of wasps distinct with large and elongated ...

Mon 27 Mar 17 from

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The different tigers of the world

Learn more about this charismatic carnivore!

Tue 28 Mar 17 from ZME Science

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