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Like seasoned holiday enthusiasts, majoid crabs decorate their shells

'Tis the holiday season and it seems homes are festively trimmed at every turn. Ornaments of all shapes and sizes embellish everything from trees to windows and yards.

Fri 8 Dec 17 from

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New discovery, more bees mark Michigan's first, full bee census

The first complete bee census, led by Michigan State University scientists, confirmed a new species and revealed that the actual number of bee species in Michigan exceeded earlier estimates.

Thu 7 Dec 17 from

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It's good to be rare, for some species

When most people think of rare species, they think of endangered ones that humans have caused to be rare through habitat loss, poaching, climate change and other disturbances. But some species ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from

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Instagram will hide people taking selfies with animals amid fears they are encourage abuse

Many animals don't like to be held, and must be captured and stolen to force them to do so

Tue 5 Dec 17 from The Independent

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New York City suburb on edge over sightings of 'coywolf,' a wolf-coyote cross

A mutant animal is terrorizing a suburban New York City community threatening pets and reportedly stalking residents as authorities try to track down the beast.

Thu 7 Dec 17 from FOXNews

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'Whodunnit', as Aussie reptiles go extinct: study

Three species of reptile on Christmas Island in Australia have been declared extinct in the wild, according to a study released on Tuesday, with scientists baffled as to the cause.

Tue 5 Dec 17 from

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New species discovered in Malaysian rainforest during unprecedented, top-to-bottom survey

This fall, the California Academy of Sciences partnered with The Habitat Penang Hill and colleagues to conduct a top-to-bottom rainforest survey unprecedented in its comprehensive approach. ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from

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Dahl's toad-headed turtle threatened by fragmented habitat, shrinking populations

A recent study published in Conservation Genetics by researchers from the Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), and the Turtle Survival ...

Tue 5 Dec 17 from

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Big data helps researchers in battle to control plant invaders

Researchers at The University of Western Australia are part of an international team that has discovered why some plant species are more successful than others at successfully invading new regions.

Tue 5 Dec 17 from

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Study finds variation within species is a critical aspect of biodiversity

Concerns about biodiversity tend to focus on the loss of species from ecosystems, but a new study suggests that the loss of variation within species can also have important ecological consequences.

Tue 5 Dec 17 from

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