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The importance of 'edge populations' to biodiversity

More than two-thirds of Canada's biodiversity is made up of species that occur within the country's borders only at the very northern edge of their range. Biologists have long debated how much ...

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Using endangered barbary macaques as photo props could negatively impact Moroccan tourism

Wild animals are increasingly exploited for entertainment and photo opportunities. A new study highlights that tourists in Morocco object to the use of barbary macaques as photo props, raising ...

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Broading the biodiversity catalogue of spider populations in the Iberian Peninsula

The biodiversity catalogue of the Iberian Peninsula spiders is now adding the discovery of a dozen new species -- from seven different families -- that are mainly found in edaphic environments ...

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Hen harriers and red grouse: Finding common ground in a persistent conflict

A conflict between those working to conserve numbers of hen harriers and those maintaining commercial shooting of red grouse in the English uplands has existed for decades with little sign of ...

Mon 17 Dec 18 from

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Scientists find Mexican endemic fish never identified in US

Texas A&M University's Dr. Kevin Conway, Dr. Joshuah Perkin and their team have located an extremely rare find within the waters of the Rio Grande along the U.S. and Mexico border.

Mon 17 Dec 18 from

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Oyster aquaculture limits disease in wild oyster populations

A fisheries researcher at the University of Rhode Island has found that oyster aquaculture operations can limit the spread of disease among wild populations of oysters. The findings are contrary ...

Sun 16 Dec 18 from

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Bird business: The man who taught his tribe to profit from conservation

Read the other stories in this four-part series on the indigenous groups living around Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh, India: From a new bird to a new community reserve: India’s ...

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Record number of Mexican gray wolves found dead in 2018

Wildlife managers have confirmed a record number of Mexican gray wolves have been reported dead this year, fueling concerns about the decades-long effort to return the endangered predator to ...

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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Unpredictable food sources drive some bats to cooperatively search for food

Humans aren't the only species that have dinner parties. Scientists have observed many animals, including bats, eating in groups. However, little was known about whether bats actively help each ...

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Scientists identify 66 alien species that pose greatest threat to European biodiversity

Scientists have identified 66 alien plant and animal species, not yet established in the European Union, that pose the greatest potential threat to biodiversity and ecosystems in the region.

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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