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Carnivore Comeback: Wolves, Bears and Lynx Thrive in Europe

Data was pulled from all over Europe

18 hours ago from TIME

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Protections blocked, but sage grouse work goes on

(AP)U.S. wildlife officials will decide next year whether a wide-ranging Western bird species needs protections even though Congress has blocked such protections from taking effect, Interior ...

Wed 17 Dec 14 from

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Turtle that breathes through its bottom is endangered, scientists warn

The days of the white-throated snapping turtle (Elseya albagula) appear to be numbered, according to the Australian government, which has recently declared them critically endangered.

Tue 16 Dec 14 from The Independent

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Earth could face sixth mass extinction within 100 years

The earth could face a mass extinction by the next century if species continue to disappear at the current rate, according to a report by the scientific journal Nature.

Sun 14 Dec 14 from The Independent

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A new trout species described from the Alakir Stream in Antalya, Turkey

A group of researchers from Recep Tayyip Erdo?an University, Faculty of Fisheries in Turkey discovered a new trout species. The newly described species Salmo kottelati, belongs to the Salmonidae ...

Fri 12 Dec 14 from

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The importance of understanding the interactions of invasive species and native species

The effect of invasive species on native species can be profound, yet very little is known about the complex interaction between the invaders and the native species, or, perhaps more importantly, ...

Mon 15 Dec 14 from

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Invasive species can dramatically alter landscapes

Invasive plant and animal species can cause dramatic and enduring changes to the geography and ecology of landscapes, a study from Purdue University and the University of Kentucky shows.

Thu 11 Dec 14 from

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Scientists prepare for another wave of tsunami debris, possible invasives

Scientists monitoring incoming tsunami debris were taken aback last spring when some 30 fishing vessels from Japan washed ashore along the Pacific Northwest coast many of them covered in living ...

Tue 9 Dec 14 from

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US names red knot bird a threatened species

The federal government has ruled that a rust-colored shorebird known for its 10,000-mile migration is a threatened species.

Tue 9 Dec 14 from

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Poppies fade from Flanders fields as Europe's plant life changes

One hundred years after the outbreak of the First World War, the flower that has come to symbolise the lives lost in conflict the poppy is disappearing from former battle fields of northern ...

Wed 10 Dec 14 from

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