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Researchers film protein quake for the first time

One of nature's mysteries is how plants survive impact by the huge amounts of energy contained in the sun's rays, while using this energy for photosynthesis. The hypothesis is that the light-absorbing ...

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Hybrid Bus Charging Technology Trial Kicks Off In London

A good city is one where it has all of the necessary infrastructure to get it going, and that includes an efficient public transport system to handle the huge number of commuters who ...

6 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Study says Earth can sustain more terrestrial plant growth than previously thought

A new analysis suggests the planet can produce much more land-plant biomass the total material in leaves, stems, roots, fruits, grains and other terrestrial plant parts than previously thought.

Tue 26 Aug 14 from

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Off-grid Jero yurt assembles in a few hours, can be towed by bike

Ancient nomadic people knew a thing or two about living off-grid, so it makes sense that Scottish company Trakke drew on the traditional Central Asian yurt for inspiration when designing a modern ...

4 hours ago from Gizmag

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Researchers find boron facilitates stem cell growth and development in corn

Boron deficiency is one of the most widespread causes of reduced crop yield. Missouri and the eastern half of the United States are plagued by boron deficient soil and, often, corn and soybean ...

Mon 25 Aug 14 from

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Chinese scientists use laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to identify toxic cooking 'gutter oil'

The illegal use of waste cooking oil in parts of the nationwide food system is threatening the public's health in China.

Tue 26 Aug 14 from

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Solar Energy Isn't Always as Green as You Think

Do cheaper photovoltaics come with a higher environmental price tag?

Tue 26 Aug 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Nanoscale Material Enables Cheap, Emission-free Hydrogen Production

For first time, a non-precious metal is used as a catalyst for splitting water using only 1.5 volts

23 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Expert calls for nuke plant closure

A senior federal nuclear expert is urging regulators to shut down California's last operating nuclear plant until they can determine whether the facility's twin reactors can withstand powerful ...

Mon 25 Aug 14 from

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Process helps overcome obstacles to produce renewable fuels, chemicals

There's an old saying in the biofuels industry: "You can make anything from lignin except money." But now, a new study may pave the way to challenging that adage. The study from the U.S. Dept. ...

Tue 26 Aug 14 from R&D Mag

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