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Paper batteries use electron-harvesting bacteria to make electricity

Many small devices require batteries, but they can be expensive and environmentally unfriendly. Paper batteries powered by bacteria may be the solution

5 hours ago from Newscientist

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Aston Martin will build you a brand new Goldfinger DB5 for $3.5 million - Roadshow

It has functioning gadgets, which I imagine does not include the machine guns.

1 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Elon Musk Thinks Tesla Could Build A $25,000 EV In The Next 3 Years

One of the reasons why electric cars aren’t as widely adopted is cost. Generally speaking they’re a lot more expensive compared to gas-powered cars. However Tesla has been trying to address ...

14 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Panasonic to Supply Battery Cells to Honda (1)

Panasonic Corp will supply automotive lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells to Honda Motor Co Ltd.

15 hours ago from Tech-On

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Stop worrying about how much energy bitcoin uses

The word "bitcoin" is as likely to garnish feverish excitement as it is glaring criticism. The financial community sees speculative promise in the form of trade that currently has little to ...

1 hours ago from

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Teenage Tesla Obsession, Threats, & Fuel Confusion — Working At A Tesla Store

I recently dropped into a Tesla store to test drive a Tesla Model 3 for the second time. I thought I'd just write about the car, but I talked with staff there for a while and a few extra points ...

21 minutes ago from CleanTechnica

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Electric cars could use another big battery breakthrough — this CEO says he’s got it

Elon Musk is well known for trying to disrupt old industries. He builds spacefaring rockets in-house and makes them reusable, dramatically lowering the cost to leave Earth. He showed ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from The Verge

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Tesla files lawsuit against Ontario government

Electric car maker Tesla Motors said Thursday it is suing Ontario's new government, claiming it was treated unfairly in the cancellation of a program providing rebates to residents who bought ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Kroger begins testing driverless grocery deliveries

Kroger will begin testing grocery deliveries using driverless cars outside of Phoenix.

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Elon Musk proposes Los Angeles tunnel to Dodger Stadium

Traffic-weary baseball fans could someday travel to and from Dodger Stadium on a public transportation system underneath Los Angeles—if Elon Musk's latest bold plan comes to fruition.

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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