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The 'world's first' solar-powered rail line is up and running in the UK

Public transportation systems throughout the world are starting to make the jump from traditional fossil fuel engines to electric alternatives. China's Shenzhen city has already converted its ...

21 hours ago from Techspot

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Walmart, Tesla pause in legal fight over fiery solar panels

Walmart's lawsuit against Tesla over fiery rooftop solar panels is being sealed by the court and both companies say they look forward to addressing all issues.

Fri 23 Aug 19 from TechXplore

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The 2020 Chevy Bolt EV now has a 259-mile range thanks to some cell chemistry tinkering

The 2020 Chevy Bolt EV now has 259 miles of range, a 9% increase from previous year models of the electric hatchback, according to the EPA. To get there, the company focused on cell chemistry, ...

Fri 23 Aug 19 from TechCrunch

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Germany bolsters iodine supply in case of nuclear incident

German authorities are increasing their stockpile of iodine tablets as a precaution for the possibility of a nuclear incident.

Thu 22 Aug 19 from Medical Xpress

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Harley Davidson unveiled its first-ever battery-powered electric BICYCLE with pedal assist

The company will sell three different models according to Electrek, including two that require riders to step over a center piece and one with a dropped middle piece that is easier to mount.

Thu 22 Aug 19 from Daily Mail

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High-end EVs are more likely to cause a crash, report says - Roadshow

French insurance firm Axa claims that electric SUVs and luxury cars cause 40% more crashes than internal combustion-powered ones.

Thu 22 Aug 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Grant to develop drought-tolerant poplars for bioenergy

(University of California - Davis) A new $2.5 million grant from the US Department of Energy will support work at UC Davis and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop drought-tolerant poplar ...

23 hours ago from Eurekalert

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Tesla in advanced talks with LG Chem on battery supply in China: source

U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc is in advanced talks with South Korea's LG Chem Ltd to source batteries for vehicles to be made in its Shanghai plant, a person familiar with the matter ...

Fri 23 Aug 19 from Reuters Technology

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Trump takes aim at automakers that ignored his emissions proposal

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked automakers who ignored his advances and instead reached an agreement with California on future stricter emissions standards.

Thu 22 Aug 19 from TechXplore

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How to have an all-renewable electric grid

The main solution to climate change is well known—stop burning fossil fuels. How to do this is more complicated, but as a scholar who does energy modeling, I and others see the outlines of a ...

Thu 22 Aug 19 from TechXplore

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