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Renault and Nissan end standoff over post-Ghosn governance

Renault announced Thursday that it had reached an agreement with its partner Nissan on the Japanese carmaker's governance overhaul, paving the way for the French company to back changes decided ...

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Nissan's zero-emissions ice cream truck gets rid of the ICE - Roadshow

Its dedication to eco-friendliness goes beyond the vehicle itself.

2 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Rooftop solar panels get boost from tool that previews a year on grid in minutes

Homeowners and businesses may now have an easier time getting solar panels on rooftops thanks to software developed at Sandia.

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Perovskite solar cells tested for real-world performance—in the lab

It was only ten years ago that metal-halide perovskites were discovered to be photovoltaic materials. Today, perovskite solar cells are almost as efficient as the best conventional silicon ones, ...

5 hours ago from TechXplore

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Research details response of sagebrush to 2017 solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse's swath across Wyoming and the United States in August 2017 provided an opportunity for scientists to study a variety of celestial and earthly phenomena, from learning ...

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Ford reveals Mustang horsepower, torque for the ‘most powerful street-legal Ford ever’

Ford said Wednesday its 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 will have 760 horsepower and 625 foot-pounds of torque.       

7 hours ago from USA today

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Record efficiency for a gas engine

At the end of May, the final meeting of the "Horizon 2020" project "GasOn" with the EU Commission took place in Brussels. The aim of this EU project was the further development of gas engines ...

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Powering a solution: Professor takes charge at improving lithium ion batteries safety

As cutting edge as electric vehicles are, they're still vulnerable to an Achilles heel—the very source that gives them power.

Wed 19 Jun 19 from

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What role can households play in the energy transition?

What role can households play in the energy transition? Can changes to everyday practices make a difference? The European ENERGISE project, led by the University of Geneva (UNIGE), in Switzerland, ...

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Under pressure, plane industry vows cleaner flight—someday

Battery-powered planes, solar planes, hydrogen planes—jet makers are working on myriad ways to make flying less damaging to the planet. Yet clean flying on a mass scale remains decades away.

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