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Smart meters could cause conflict for housemates, study shows

Arguments about whose turn it is to do the washing up, negotiating rights to the TV remote control and disputes over noise—as many students returning to university for the new academic year ...

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Improved liquid battery: Longer-lasting materials could enable batteries that make renewables more competitive

Researchers at MIT have improved a proposed liquid battery system that could enable renewable energy sources to compete with conventional power plants.

Mon 22 Sep 14 from

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Plant variants point the way to improved biofuel production

Manufacturing biofuels from food crop by-products such as straw could be made quicker and cheaper thanks to the work of scientists in the UK and France.

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IKEA is bringing its residential solar panels to eight more regions

After IKEA began its foray into residential solar panels in the UK, some wondered whether or not the project would take off for the massive boxed furniture outlet. Apparently the program must ...

19 hours ago from Techspot

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Can tapioca replace corn as the main source for starch sweeteners?

Cassava, also known as tapioca, has large starch-filled roots and can grow at high yields in areas of Africa, Asia, and Latin America where corn and sugarcane are not commonly grown. With the ...

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Paraffins to cut energy consumption in homes

40 percent of the total consumption of energy in Europe takes place in buildings, so reducing this consumption is becoming increasingly important. Integrating renewables into the energy supply ...

36 minutes ago from Eurekalert

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Weird Head Contraption Uses Your Jaw Muscles To Generate Electricity

We've seen all sorts of ways that one can generate electricity and energy, but here's a novel concept – what if you could generate energy while you speak, while you chew, or maybe ...

Mon 22 Sep 14 from Ubergizmo

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Fracking's environmental impacts scrutinised

( —Greenhouse gas emissions from the production and use of shale gas would be comparable to conventional natural gas, but the controversial energy source actually faired better than ...

Mon 22 Sep 14 from

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New Report on Global and Chinese Slit Lamp Microscope Industry

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Slit Lamp Microscope Industry Report 2014" report to their offering. The Global and Chinese Slit Lamp Microscope...

4 hours ago from AZoNano

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Dwindling wind may tip predator-prey balance

Bent and tossed by the wind, a field of soybean plants presents a challenge for an Asian lady beetle on the hunt for aphids. But what if the air—and the soybeans—were still?

Fri 19 Sep 14 from

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