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Beyond the lithium ion—a significant step toward a better performing battery

The race is on around the world as scientists strive to develop a new generation of batteries that can perform beyond the limits of the current lithium-ion based battery.

Fri 17 Apr 15 from

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EV owners in San Francisco can now recharge their cars off the grid with solar energy

As of today, electric vehicle owners in San Francisco can revitalize their car's battery at any of three off-the-grid charging stations powered entirely by solar energy. For free. The ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from The Verge

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Engineers purify sea and wastewater in 2.5 minutes

A group of Mexican engineers from the Jhostoblak Corporate created technology to recover and purify seawater or wastewater from households, hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities, ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from

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Apple invests in China solar project, US forest conservation

Apple is expanding its environmental efforts by investing in a new Chinese solar power project and preserving 36,000 acres of "sustainable" timberland in Maine and North Carolina.

Thu 16 Apr 15 from

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Crickets aren't the miracle source of protein

Crickets are not all that they're cracked up to be as an alternative, global source of protein in the human diet to supplement or replace livestock consumption, according to newly published ...

Thu 16 Apr 15 from

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Los Alamos radiation release could have been prevented (Update)

A radiation leak that forced the indefinite closure of the federal government's only underground nuclear waste repository could have been prevented, a team of investigators said Thursday.

Thu 16 Apr 15 from

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Eurus Energy Starts Up 2 Mega Solar Plants in Miyagi, Fukushima

Eurus Energy Holdings Corp announced that the group completed two mega (large-scale) solar power plants in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures and started commercial operation in March 2015.

16 hours ago from Tech-On

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Vietnamese villagers block traffic to protest pollution

Hundreds of villagers in central Vietnam blocked traffic on the country's main artery for hours to protest pollution from a coal-fired thermo power plant, a local official said Thursday.

Thu 16 Apr 15 from

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Packing heat: New fluid makes untapped geothermal energy cleaner

More American homes could be powered by the earth's natural underground heat with a new, nontoxic and potentially recyclable liquid that is expected to use half as much water as other fluids ...

Wed 15 Apr 15 from

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Chief Toyota engineer says electric cars are not practical

It’s common practice today to drive your car to a station and spend 5 minutes filling it with gas. The end result being you get hundreds of miles worth of travel in return. […]

Thu 16 Apr 15 from

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