US airlines to limit 'smart luggage' over battery fire fears - CNET

Starting January 15th, a number of major airlines will ban any “smart luggage” that features a non-removable lithium-ion battery. Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines have all released similar guidelines in the last week that will prohibit these bags from being checked or carried onto flights, and others are reportedly considering joining them. Travelers will still be allowed to check smart luggage with removable batteries, provided they take those batteries with them in the cabin. Luggage with removable batteries will also still be permissible as a carry-on item. The move to restrict luggage with built-in batteries was spearheaded by American Airlines and the International Air Transport Association in order to... Continue reading…

US airlines to limit 'smart luggage' over battery fire fears - CNET

New rules require removal of lithium ion batteries from luggage before being checked -- a task impossible for some bags.

Thu 7 Dec 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

U.S. Airlines Crack Down on Battery-Powered Smart Luggage

Think twice about giving the gift of smart luggage this year. The popular travel bags often feature GPS locators, weight scales, USB ports, remote lock systems, and other anxiety-reducing functions. ...

Thu 7 Dec 17 from

US airlines plan to enforce new rules on smart bags

Travelers looking to use their fancy new smart luggage may soon face a hard time getting the bags on a plane due to safety concerns about their batteries. According to CNN, American, ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from Engadget

'Smart bags' may not fly if battery cannot be removed

GENEVA (Reuters) - "Smart suitcases" may be able to charge mobile phones or be easily found if misplaced, but unless their battery can be removed they risk being sent packing by the world's ...

Tue 5 Dec 17 from Reuters Technology

'Smart Bags' May Not Fly If Battery Cannot Be Removed, Tue 5 Dec 17 from Voice of America

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