Nissan & Infiniti Showcase Electric Car Concepts At NAIAS (page 6)

My first article attempted to answer the question, “Why buy an electric vehicle?” This month I continue with the second article, where I go into more depth to help people understand exactly what to expect when they go electric, and how to get the best out of an electric vehicle

Nissan & Infiniti Showcase Electric Car Concepts At NAIAS

Nissan brought 2 new electric vehicle concepts this week, one an SUV and one it says is not an SUV. Are they anything to get excited about? You decide.

Wed 16 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica

Electric Buses Coming To Hawaii, New York City, & Estonia

More electric buses are coming to Hawaii, New York, and Estonia as the world continues the transition away from diesel engines for its transportation needs.

Mon 14 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica

Cadillac Will Unveil Electric SUV At Detroit Auto Show

Cadillac will have a concept electric SUV on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week. Few details about the car are known, other than it is expected to have ...

Mon 14 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica

CES 2019 gadgets you can buy right now

The best tech at CES often isn't available for weeks, months or even years. But we've got a bead on what's on sale today.

Mon 14 Jan 19 from Techradar

More Tesla Model 3 Sales In 2018 Than All Plug-in Hybrids Combined (USA)

Following up on my report on fully electric car sales, I was planning to write a report highlighting the year-over-year growth plug-in hybrids saw in the USA last year

Sun 13 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica

A New Wave Of Electric Vehicles: The Startups Challenging The Status Quo

The clean energy vehicle revolution is giving rise to a new generation of Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric vehicles that are largely being ushered into the market by a new breed of ...

Sun 13 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica

Volkswagen Ramping Up EV Charging Network In China

Volkswagen has created a new business to install EV fast chargers in China as it ramps up for electric car sales in that country.

Fri 11 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica

Dacia Exec Promises “Shockingly Affordable” Electric Car

Dacia, part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance -- has a reputation for building basic vehicles and selling them at a low price. The head of the brand says that won't change when it comes ...

Fri 11 Jan 19 from CleanTechnica


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