Cyborg snail gets biofuel cell implant

Earlier this year we reported that researchers had <a href="" target="_blank">implanted a cockroach</a> with an enzyme-based biofuel cell that could potentially be used to power various sensors, recording devices, or electronics used to control an insect cyborg. While it may not be the most dynamic of creatures, a team from Clarkson University has now performed a similar feat with a living snail. .. Continue Reading Cyborg snail gets biofuel cell implantSection: Research WatchTags: Biofuel, Clarkson University, Cyborg, Fuel Cell, Glucose, Implant Related Articles: Sugar-powered biofuel cell to power artificial organs and medical implants Mitochondria fuel cells could be powered by soda pop Bass-thumpin' rap music used to power implantable medical sensor Powering insect cyborgs with an implantable biofuel cell New yeast strain produces ethanol more efficiently Scientists claim that cars could run on old newspapers

Cyborg snail gets biofuel cell implant

Earlier this year we reported that researchers had &lt;a href=&quot;; target=&quot;_blank&quot;&gt;implanted a cockroach&lt;/a&gt; ...

Fri 16 Mar 12 from Gizmag

Cyborg snail produces electricity

( -- First it was grapes, then cockroaches, and now snails have become the latest organism to generate electricity through an implanted biofuel cell. The process works similarly ...

Thu 15 Mar 12 from

Cyborg snails power up

Molluscs with implanted biofuel cells produce electricity from glucose.

Mon 12 Mar 12 from Nature News

Biofuel cell-implanted snails can produce months of electricity

]]>Snails &#8212; you know those slimy mollusks (they're not bugs or insects) with the rock hard shells that move really reaaally slow? Yeah, scientists at the Clarkson University in Potsdam, ...

Wed 14 Mar 12 from Dvice

Cyborg Snail Turned Into Living Battery

A snail that became a living battery capable of generating electricity for months could lead to tomorrow's tiny military spies.

Tue 13 Mar 12 from Livescience

Biofuel cell draws electrical power from its snail host

Researchers have created a snail cyborg by implanting a gastropoda with a biofuel cell that draws its power from the snail itself.

Mon 19 Mar 12 from The Engineer

Researchers Create Cyborgs by Implanting Biofuel Cells in Living Creatures

Work aimed at creating bio-powered sensors for remote environmental monitoring, military applications

Thu 15 Mar 12 from Voice of America

Implanted Biofuel Cell Operating in Living Snail

Researchers have implanted a biofuel cell in a living snail. This is the first incidence of an implanted biofuel cell continuously operating in a snail and producing electrical power over a ...

Thu 15 Mar 12 from ScienceDaily


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