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NFL players to get tracking chips in shoulder pads

Beginning with the NFL's regular season, players will be equipped with tracking technology in their shoulder pads measuring how fast, far and what routes they run - in real time.

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San Francisco airport to test sensors that talk to smartphone apps to help the blind find their way

Officials with San Francisco International Airport (SFO) have announced a pilot program to test the usefulness of sensors placed on the walls to help blind people find their way. The sensors ...

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Robocopters Haul Tons of Stuff in Afghanistan, Return Home Victorious

The U.S. Army's plan to replace as many humans as possible with robots looks like it's going very well

Thu 31 Jul 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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The Bike Design Project seeks the ultimate commuter

Although many people may think of commuter bicycles as being the boring frumpy cousins to fancier road and mountain bikes, lately we've been seeing more and more models featuring all sorts of ...

Tue 29 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart reveals she has flying robot ... to take photos of her farm

Martha Stewart wrote an opinion column for Time magazine this week titled "Why I Love My Drone". The only appropriate response is to pen an answering column about "Why We Love Martha Stewart's ...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from The Independent

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Many tongues, one voice, one common ambition

There is much need to develop energy efficient solutions for residential buildings in Europe. The EU-funded project, MeeFS, due to be completed by the end of 2015, is developing an innovative ...

Thu 31 Jul 14 from

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Berkeley team explores sound for indoor localization

The global positioning system, or GPS, has its limitations—namely, it cannot work indoors. Potential solutions for indoor positioning continue to fire up the imaginations of scientists. The ...

21 hours ago from

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Scholars Say No to FAA's Model Aircraft Regulations

Educators voice their objections to new rules for small drones

Wed 30 Jul 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Ask Ford's Top Automotive Interior Designer Anything You Want

Amko Leenarts has been the head of interior design at Ford Motor Co. since 2012. He's the one guiding the look of Ford's car interiors worldwide. And he's here in Gizmodo's comment section ...

Wed 30 Jul 14 from Gizmodo

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A smart wristband for nocturnal cyclists

Five EPFL PhD students have developed a wristband that flashes when the rider reaches out to indicate a turn. Their invention was recognized at a European competition.

Tue 29 Jul 14 from

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