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German cars will share real-time data to help you find parking

However smart your car might be, there's only so much it can tell you by itself. Wouldn't it be nice if cars regularly shared helpful driving info beyond what you offer in ...

30 minutes ago from Engadget

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This Laowa lens lets you take photos of scary bugs while staying away from scary bugs

My mom tells me bugs are more scared of us than we are of them. I don’t believe her, but maybe that’s what the creators of Venus Optics’ new camera lens are thinking. The 24mm f/14 ...

3 hours ago from The Verge

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Are driver selfies a step forward for Uber safety?

The company says the selfies will make Uber travel more secure, but critics believe real safety calls for greater use of traditional security methods, such as fingerprinting and background checks.

Fri 23 Sep 16 from The Christian Science Monitor

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Now You Can Build a Drone from LEGOs

Kids who love playing with LEGOs will love setting these into flight. The kit from Flybrix, which isn't affiliated with LEGO , is compatible ...

Sat 24 Sep 16 from Discovery News

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Uber 'ghost' scam sees terrifying drivers appear on people's app and trick them out of money

The trick is apparently common in a number of Chinese cities is meant to frighten people out of money – and seems to be working

Thu 22 Sep 16 from The Independent

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Security team demonstrates ability to hack and control some functions of Tesla vehicles

(Tech Xplore)—A team of Japanese researchers with Keen Security Lab (part of Tencent Security) has demonstrated an ability to hack into the computer that controls some functions of a Tesla Model ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from TechXplore

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Tesla update halts automatic steering if driver inattentive

Tesla Motors says a software update to its Autopilot system will disable automatic steering if drivers don't keep their hands on the wheel.

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Amazon UK found guilty of airmailing dangerous goods

Online retailer fined £65,000 and ordered to pay £60,000 costs for failing to stop batteries and aerosols being sent by airmailAmazon UK has been found guilty and fined £65,000 for breaking ...

Fri 23 Sep 16 from

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Measuring your heartbeat and breath wirelessly, this device can tell if you're excited, happy, angry, or sad

As many a relationship book can tell you, understanding someone else's emotions can be a difficult task. Facial expressions aren't always reliable: A smile can conceal frustration, while a poker ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from TechXplore

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Waze sets out to eliminate 'tunnel blindness' on mobile maps

The popular navigation app Waze is putting a new twist on the phrase "tunnel vision." It's trying to ensure drivers relying on digital maps don't lose their way when their GPS signal disappears ...

Wed 21 Sep 16 from

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