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Google's self-driving car is programmed to speed for your safety

We've been told all along that self-driving cars are safer that today's human-powered vehicles. By eliminating human error, these autonomous vehicles are expected to drastically reduce ...

16 hours ago from Techspot

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Research paves way for development of cyborg moth 'biobots'

North Carolina State University researchers have developed methods for electronically manipulating the flight muscles of moths and for monitoring the electrical signals moths use to control ...

3 hours ago from

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This Passive Exoskeleton Makes 36 Pounds Feel Like Nothing

You all remember the TALOS, right? That big cybernetic exosuit designed to boost the physical abilities of its wearer? This is its unpowered cousin and, while it won't turn you into Captain ...

14 minutes ago from Gizmodo

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Vehicle-to-Home technology boosting the value of automobiles

Cars arenâ??t just for driving around in; they can also supply power to the home. This new capability of the automobile, called Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), is now entering commercial use in electric ...

Tue 19 Aug 14 from Tech-On

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Intelligent navigation system to personalise shopping trips

A ground-breaking indoor navigation system is being developed to help improve people's experiences of a range of businesses, including supermarkets, hospitals and leisure parks.

5 hours ago from

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Electronic 'noses' to detect chemical warfare gases

Researchers of the Universitat Politècnica de València have developed a prototype of electronic "nose" for the detection of chemical warfare gases, fundamentally nerve gases (Sarin, Soman and ...

5 hours ago from

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McLaren lifts the lid on P1 GTR design concept at Pebble Beach

McLaren wasn't holding back at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. As well as showcasing two of its latest models with a couple of one-off vehicles, it took the wraps off the 650S ...

Mon 18 Aug 14 from Gizmag

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AHRLAC: The first multi-platform military aircraft designed and built in Africa

Claimed to be Africa's first home-grown military aircraft, the Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC), is designed to integrate a range of military and civilian support ...

Fri 15 Aug 14 from Gizmag

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Autonomous drones could be used to inspect bridges

When bridges are inspected for cracks and other defects that could lead to their collapse, engineers must either hang beneath those bridges on lines, or view them from elevated platforms. Whichever ...

20 hours ago from Gizmag

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Virginia Tech unmanned aircraft test site 'fully operational,' FAA says

The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership's Unmanned Aircraft Systems test site program is fully operational and ready to conduct research vital to integrate unmanned aircraft into the nation's ...

Thu 14 Aug 14 from

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