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Bio-inks allow sensors to be drawn onto skin, leaves and other surfaces

You've probably heard about pens with conductive ink, that allow users to draw circuits onto materials such as paper. Now, researchers at the University of California, San Diego have gone a ...

18 hours ago from Gizmag

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Vienna Is Going To Build A 25-Story Skyscraper Out Of Wood

Next year in Vienna, architects will start working on a 275-foot-tall building made almost entirely out of wood. The Guardian reports that the approximately 25-story…

20 hours ago from Popular Science

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Towards dust-free wood combustion

About 15 million wood-fired stoves and combustion systems exist in Germany, including central-heating boilers for apartment houses. They are subject to strict clean air regulations. New wood-fired ...

4 hours ago from

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Road safety through snowflake imaging

The technology behind the camera that revealed the intricate, imperfect beauty of snowflakes can now expose their potential danger.

6 hours ago from

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Watchdog: Air traffic control system is a hacking risk

The nation's system for guiding planes and other aircraft is at "increased and unnecessary risk" of being hacked, according to a report by government watchdog released Monday.

20 hours ago from

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Tesla Model S Comes With Secret James Bond Homage

Next time you drive your Tesla Model S, you might want to wear your tuxedo and your exploding cufflinks.

57 minutes ago from Popular Science

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Borrowing from whales to engineer a new fluid sensor

How can a humpback whale and a device that works on the same principle as the clicker that starts your gas grill help an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fly longer and with more stability?

Mon 2 Mar 15 from

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TomTom expands in Latin America with Fiat, in Europe with Hyundai

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - TomTom, the navigation software and device maker, said on Tuesday it had extended a supply deal with Fiat Chrysler to Latin America and will begin supplying Hyundai Motor ...

11 hours ago from Reuters Technology

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UK cities including London not as 'smart' as global counterparts

Major cities in the UK are falling behind their international counterparts in terms of their use of smart technologies, according to a new study. The research has found that smart cities in ...

1 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Networks of micro-drones: What can they be expected to do?

Micro-drones are already being put to use in a large number of areas: These small aircraft face extensive requirements when performing aerial observation tasks or when deployed in the field ...

2 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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