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Wine Critics Watch Out: Artificial Tongues Are Getting Better

Nanosensor mimicks the sense of astringency in the human mouth when drinking wine

13 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Car hacking: The security threat facing our vehicles

The car of the future will be safer, smarter and offer greater high-tech gadgets, but be warned without improved security the risk of car hacking is real, according to a QUT road safety expert.

Wed 17 Sep 14 from

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ComSonics Radar Guns Could Detect Drivers Who Text

Texting while driving is a definite no-no, and it should be anathema to all those behind the wheel, pretty much the same when it comes to taking a swig of your favorite poison. After ...

16 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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3D-printed syringe pumps could cut the cost of scientific research

Used in laboratories to administer small amounts of liquid for drug delivery or chemistry research, syringe pumps can cost research labs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But researchers ...

Thu 18 Sep 14 from Gizmag

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Turret flight tests to pave the way for integration of laser weapons on military aircraft

High energy laser (HEL) systems have been the subject of military research for decades, but it is only in recent years that the technology has advanced to the point where it is feasible for ...

Wed 17 Sep 14 from Gizmag

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Indiegogo's pilot program lets successful projects keep raising money

When it comes to the wild and woolly crowdfunding space, it's not hard to look at Kickstarter as the Goliath to Indiegogo's David -- that's why the latter keeps trying to change up how young ...

Wed 17 Sep 14 from Engadget

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Reducing traffic congestion, remotely

At the Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress last week, MIT researchers received one of the best-paper awards for a new system, dubbed RoadRunner, that uses GPS-style turn-by-turn ...

Tue 16 Sep 14 from

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Dancing traffic light entertains pedestrians and improves safety

Pedestrians will often ignore the "red man" at pedestrian lights in order to cross the road sooner. Unfortunately, this leads to accidents. Car manufacturer Smart created an experiment to see ...

Wed 17 Sep 14 from Gizmag

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High-speed gondolas envisioned for New York City

A plan is afoot to ease the congestion of New York City's existing transportation infrastructure with a cable car system similar to London's Emirates Air Line. The East River Skyway proposal ...

16 hours ago from Gizmag

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You can now buy Marty McFly's light-up high-tops for under $100

For some people, the holographic movie posters and hoverboards from Back to the Future II's Hill Valley are nothing compared to Marty Mc Fly Jr.'s self-lacing Nike Air MAGs. Of course, when ...

11 hours ago from Engadget

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