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The smart wheelchair

A wheelchair controller that automatically avoids obstacles and knows when the user is tired or stressed is being developed by researchers in India. Details are described in the International ...

Thu 20 Oct 16 from Medical Xpress

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Self-driving car hits truck in Singapore; no injuries

A self-driving car with two engineers on board was switching lanes in Singapore when it hit a truck Tuesday, authorities said. No one was hurt.

Tue 18 Oct 16 from

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Roaming fashion robots keep busy doing odd jobs on your clothes

Pocket-sized "Rovables" could zip to your wrist to monitor your pulse before climbing to your chest to act as a digital name badge

Fri 21 Oct 16 from Newscientist

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Drinking an ice slurry/water mix helps body cope with exertion in hot weather

New research from the University of Montana demonstrates a unique relationship between fluid volume and fluid temperature during arduous work in the heat. The study, published in Wilderness ...

Wed 19 Oct 16 from Medical Xpress

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Sat-nav maps update aims to prevent stuck lorries

A multi-million pound sat-nav project seeks to stop lorries getting stuck on UK roads.

Wed 19 Oct 16 from BBC Technology

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This Contact Lens Will Kick-start the Internet of Disposable Things

Objects that recycle ambient radio signals can get online without a power source.

Wed 19 Oct 16 from MIT Technology Review

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With new model, buildings may 'sense' internal damage

Researchers at MIT have developed a computational model that makes sense of such ambient vibrations, picking out key features in the noise that give indications of a building's stability. The ...

Wed 19 Oct 16 from Eurekalert

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Berlin tells Tesla: Stop ads with 'misleading' autopilot term

Germany wants Tesla to stop advertising the "autopilot" function on its cars because it leads to false customer expectations, as the system comes under scrutiny following two fatal crashes.

Mon 17 Oct 16 from

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Researchers study human reaction to sharing control with driverless car

The first trials of the Venturer autonomous vehicle project, a Government backed research project, have focussed on a critical aspect in the field of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

Mon 17 Oct 16 from

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Repurposed sensor enables smartwatch to detect finger taps and other bio-acoustic signals

A smartwatch is capable of detecting and distinguishing a variety of taps, flicks and scratches by the hands and fingers, and all that's required is a software upgrade that repurposes the device's ...

Mon 17 Oct 16 from

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