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Sensor-1 Is A Personal, Portable Security System

Metasensor Metasensor's Sensor-1 is a portable security system. Home security systems are great for knowing when people are entering your home or even for preventing ...

11 hours ago from Popular Science

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Fall detector for older people

Pressure measurements enable a newly developed fall detector to "observe" falls that current sensors do not register, thus improving safety for older people who live at home.

17 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Researching suitable concepts and prototypes for automated driving

Automobiles increase the mobility of their users. However, their maneuverability is pushed to the limit by cramped inner city conditions. Those who need to park their vehicles frequently, such ...

17 hours ago from

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The USAF wants to use the F-35 as a stealth scout plane

The F-35 Lightning II is the most advanced multirole fighter America's ever built. Problem is, that to maintain its stealth capabilities, it has to store all of its munitions within ...

9 hours ago from Engadget

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NFL welcomes startup ideas for the future of football

Tomorrow, the biggest event in football will take place in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. But today, a group of technology entrepeneurs gathered in an auditorium at ...

Sat 6 Feb 16 from Engadget

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DeLorean Releases New Commercial For Its Iconic Car

The Delorean has been the dream machine for millions of people so naturally it was a bit sad when the DeLorean Motor Company stopped making them. Impeccably restored cars are often seen at car ...

Sun 7 Feb 16 from Ubergizmo

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NYC mayor wants a streetcar to connect Brooklyn and Queens

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is once again trying to make an impact on transportation -- but this time it's with streetcars, not taxi apps. Later today during his State of ...

Thu 4 Feb 16 from Engadget

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How to build a Raspberry Pi home heating monitor

For this Raspberry Pi project, we'll dunk our heads into the Internet of Things (IoT). We'll determine the temperature of our home using a cost-effective sensor and push that data to the cloud ...

Sat 6 Feb 16 from Techradar

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Designer of 3D-printed semi-automatic handgun won't release files

3D printing opens up a whole new world of DIY repair, biomedical science, and more undeniably positive things. However, it also offers the opportunity for regular people to produce untraceable ...

Thu 4 Feb 16 from

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Mature drivers favor checks on over 70s, new study finds

The majority of older drivers are in favour of tighter rules on checking the health and suitability of over-70s to drive - even if those checks could take them off the road themselves - according ...

Thu 4 Feb 16 from Medical Xpress

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