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'In-body GPS' system suggests future where doctors could implant sensors to track tumors or dispense drugs

Medical processes like imaging often require cutting someone open or making them swallow huge tubes with cameras on them. But what if could get the same results with methods that are less expensive, ...

8 hours ago from TechXplore

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Philips’ latest Hue lights project color onto the walls around your TV

Signify is introducing two new Philips Hue lights today that are designed to project color onto your walls. The first are new Hue Signe lamps that can be easily positioned next ...

5 hours ago from The Verge

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Gig economy drivers and riders at heightened risk of traffic collisions

The pressures that come with being a self-employed courier or taxi driver may significantly increase the risk of being involved in a collision, a new report by UCL finds.

50 minutes ago from

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Automated Drones Will Be Used To Prevent Illegal Fishing In Africa

It has been a well-established fact that drones are useful for all kinds of situations, whether it be for creative purposes or even for industrial use. We’ve also seen how drones can be used ...

5 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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These tags turn everyday objects into smart, connected devices

Engineers have developed printable metal tags that could be attached to everyday objects and turn them into "smart" Internet of Things devices.

Thu 16 Aug 18 from TechXplore

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Can Wi-Fi signals reveal hidden explosives?

It's an unfortunate truth that weapons and explosives in public places are an increasing problem, with some schools in the US beginning to implement security checkpoints. But many of ...

Fri 17 Aug 18 from Gizmag

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LA to become first in US to install subway body scanners

Los Angeles is poised to have the first mass transit system in the U.S. with body scanners that screen passengers for weapons and explosives.

Tue 14 Aug 18 from

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How virtual reality is giving the world's roller coasters a new twist

Roller coasters have been a popular attraction at theme and amusement parks around the world for more than a century. Whether it's at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, in the US or the now-defunct ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Sidewalk Labs unpacks its Quayside smart city dream

Sidewalk Labs still has a ways to go before it realizes its futuristic vision for Toronto's Eastern Waterfront, but we now know what the smart neighborhood could look like. The ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from Engadget

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Panasonic's Sensor Detects Distant Small Objects in Dark (1)

Panasonic Corp developed a range image sensor that can take an image of a 10cm object located 250m away in the dark.

Wed 15 Aug 18 from Tech-On

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