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'Gotham' first look: all set-up and no substance

In the opening moments of Fox's new series Gotham, you follow a young, strangely mute Selina Kyle as she leaps up and down fire escapes, picking pockets and making mischief. You guess ...

13 hours ago from The Verge

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Contactless Payments To Launch This September 16

Do you think that contactless payments would be the face of the future when it comes to performing transactions? After all, that is why credit cards exist in the first place, so that ...

Fri 25 Jul 14 from Ubergizmo

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The battle for virtual reality: Google, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR

Back in June, Google revealed Cardboard: an open-source attempt at mobile virtual reality. Heck, even the "hardware" is open source --here are instructions to make your own, right now! But ...

Fri 25 Jul 14 from Engadget

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Lenovo C1 Announced

It does look as though competition among different companies in the wearable tech market is starting to heat up, and we did bring you word about Lenovo's prototype smart glasses not too ...

6 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Using media as a stress reducer can lead to feelings of guilt and failure

It seems common practice. After a long day at work, sometimes you just want to turn on the TV or play a video game to relax, decompress. This is supposed to make you feel better. But, a recent ...

Thu 24 Jul 14 from Medical Xpress

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California gov steps into the cloud

Yesterday the California Department of Technology and IBM announced CalCloud , a new technology model powered by cloud computing. Read more about California gov steps into the cloud ...

Fri 25 Jul 14 from TG Daily

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Prototype display uses eyeglass prescription to allow for viewing devices without glasses

An experimental display technology being developed by Microsoft, U.C. Berkeley and MIT aims to allow users with vision problems to clearly see device screens without the need for glasses. The ...

Fri 25 Jul 14 from Phys.org

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LittleBits circuits now let kid geniuses hook up to the Internet

The snap-together circuits, a 21st-century successor to old-school engineering toys like our treasured Legos, now connect to the Internet, giving children terrifying new power.

Fri 25 Jul 14 from CNET

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Valve updates the Steam Controller with an analog stick

Valve continues to tweak the elusive Steam Controller, recently adding in an analog stick into the design alongside the existing setup that includes two touchpads, several trigger buttons and ...

Thu 24 Jul 14 from Techspot

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Asus rides first consumer Wave 2 802.11ac router to shore

At CES 2014 in January, Quantenna Communications revealed that the first consumer product to include its new QSR1000 4x4 Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) chipset would be ...

Wed 23 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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