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AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint willing to kill off Galaxy Note 7 - CNET

The carriers, unlike Verizon Wireless, will release a software update December 27 to make Samsung's device unusable.

Fri 9 Dec 16 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Tesla reportedly hires Samsung to manufacture custom chips to power Autopilot

Tesla over the summer parted ways with Mobileye, the Israeli-based technology startup that had been supplying the electric automaker with silicon to power its autonomous driving system, following ...

Fri 9 Dec 16 from Techspot

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We're Entering a New Era of Portable Windows PCs

At long last Microsoft will make it possible to run Windows 10 on cheap low-powered PCs (like rinky-dink tablets) as well as on smartphones. For years, Microsoft has struggled to bring the full ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from Gizmodo

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Track-only club racing Mustang joins the paddock

Even though modern performance cars are much more powerful than sports cars from 10 years ago, it's getting more and more difficult to actually use them on the road. The cost of gas, ...

Fri 9 Dec 16 from Gizmag

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Piccadilly Circus' famous adverts are being replaced by Europe's largest LED screen

The saying goes that Piccadilly Circus is the one place in the world where, if you stand long enough, you'll meet everyone you've ever known. It's small wonder, therefore, that it's ...

21 hours ago from Gizmag

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Samsung limits Galaxy Note 7 battery to 30% charge

Samsung is planning to release an update for faulty Galaxy Note 7 smartphones still in use that stops them being charged past 30%.

Fri 9 Dec 16 from BBC Technology

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ET deals roundup: Save big on laptops, TVs, and more

Still need to get your holiday shopping done? Worry not, there's tons of great sales going on for December. From Dell laptops to VR headsets to big-screen 4K televisions, you can save a ton ...

20 hours ago from Extremetech

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AMD Reboots Graphics Drivers As Crimson ReLive With Built-In Video Capture And HDR Gaming Support

AMD is heading into 2017 with a major new graphics driver refresh called Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition, or Radeon ReLive for short. Even better, we'll just call it ReLive from here ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from HotHardware

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Samsung S8: New Galaxy phone to lose headphone jack and home button and be one big screen, just like iPhone 8

The company hopes that the new phone will help it through the issues with the exploding Note 7, which was reportedly the result of chasing Apple too hard

Thu 8 Dec 16 from The Independent

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HoloLens China Release Confirmed For 2017

The HoloLens augmented reality headset has been released in a couple of markets already and Microsoft has now confirmed when it’s going to be released in China. Microsoft made the announcement ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from Ubergizmo

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