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Yes, your 32GB iPhone 7's storage is slower, but here's why it doesn't matter - CNET

The low-capacity version of the phone might have a bit slower storage speed, but in real-world usage, you might not have a different experience at all.

58 minutes ago from CNET

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Razer's Blade Stealth and 'Core' add up to the gaming laptop I always wanted

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of a computer that didn't exist: something that could get me through the work day but also transform into a gaming powerhouse at ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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Researchers describe technique to bypass ASLR schemes

(Tech Xplore)—Technology watching sites were abuzz this week with news about a CPU flaw regarding Intel Haswell powered devices. Researchers participating in the IEEE/ACM International Symposium ...

23 hours ago from TechXplore

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YouTube Restores GTA 5 Video With Galaxy Note 7 Bomb Mod

Yesterday it was reported that Samsung had filed a DMCA takedown request on a YouTube video which showed off a GTA 5 mod that used a Note 7-lookalike in the game as a bomb. Given that exploding ...

Thu 20 Oct 16 from Ubergizmo

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Galaxy Note 7 recall becomes a presidential punchline

Samsung is having a tough time. The fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 is one the biggest blunders ever in tech and now President Obama is using it as a punchline.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from Engadget

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Intel gets boost from top EU court adviser who says its $1.16 billion fine should be reviewed

Back in 2009, the European Commission hit Intel with a $1.45 billion fine for violating Europe’s antitrust laws. The chipmaker appealed the decision in the hope of escaping the costly ...

Fri 21 Oct 16 from Techspot

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Lynk & Co is a car company that's refreshingly cynical about car companies

"The world doesn't need another car brand." If Lynk & Co turns out to be a success over the next few years, these will be its famous first words. They were uttered by Alain Visser, ...

Fri 21 Oct 16 from The Verge

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Samsung announces industry's first 8GB LPDDR4 memory package

Samsung has introduced the industry’s first 8GB (gigabyte) LPDDR4 (low power, double data rate) DRAM package for mobile devices.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from Techspot

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What we know (and what we can guess) about Nintendo Switch’s insides

Performance, backward compatibility, future upgrades, and more possibilities.

Thu 20 Oct 16 from Arstechnica

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Netgear's latest Nighthawk router comes with all the bells and whistles

Netgear has added a new router to its popular Nighthawk line that’s designed to handle intensive tasks like 4K media streaming and virtual reality gaming.

Wed 19 Oct 16 from Techspot

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