Sony's latest PlayStation VR bundle takes on the 'Doom' hellscape

Bethesda’s Skyrim is one of the more beloved RPGs in recent times. The game was originally released back in 2011, but thanks to DLCs, mods, enhanced versions of the game, and also a virtual reality (VR) version of the game, interest in the game has been kept alive and well. In fact in a few days, Skyrim VR is set for a release.For gamers who are wondering if maybe the VR version of the game is worth their time, the folks at Bethesda have released a new trailer for the game, which combines footage from the game itself as well as interviews with the developers who speak more about the game, what gamers can expect, and how the VR version of the game is different from the original.If you have a couple of minutes to spare, then the video above could be worth checking out. Skyrim VR is set for a release on the PlayStation VR platform come 17th of November, and Sony already has a PlayStation VR bundle that gamers can purchase if they’re interested in getting the game and the headset.The 17th of November is also the

Sony's latest PlayStation VR bundle takes on the 'Doom' hellscape

Sony is clearly determined to get PlayStation VR on to your head no matter what game genre you prefer to play. In addition to its recently announced Skyrim bundle, it's launching ...

Wed 15 Nov 17 from Engadget

DOOM For The Nintendo Switch Has Been Released

It is safe to say that when Bethesda announced that DOOM and Wolfenstein II would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch, many were surprised. We know that the publisher was already supporting ...

Fri 10 Nov 17 from Ubergizmo

Doom definitely works on the Switch, but it looks noticeably worse

Reboot looks pretty good in portable mode, pretty fuzzy on the big screen.

Thu 9 Nov 17 from Arstechnica

DOOM’s Graphics Compared On The PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Recently Bethesda announced that they will be bringing DOOM onto the Nintendo Switch, which means that DOOM will now be playable across pretty much all platforms which includes the PC, PS4, ...

Thu 9 Nov 17 from Ubergizmo

Sony announces a PSVR/Skyrim bundle just in time for the holidays

Sony does not have a huge lineup of new AAA titles for this holiday season. However, three of the more hotly anticipated games soon to be released are Doom VFR, Fallout VR, and The ElderScrolls ...

Mon 6 Nov 17 from Techspot

Doom VFR’s teleportation controls are the compromise VR needs – for now

Doom VFR uses different controls and though this means it's not the Doom we know, it's still a Doom we think we can love.

Tue 14 Nov 17 from Techradar

Skyrim PSVR bundle launches with upgraded HDR-passthrough headset

The new Skyrim PSVR bundle will come with the new and improved PSVR headset.

Tue 7 Nov 17 from Techradar

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