Major flaw in Intel chips revealed (page 3)

In a recent report from The Register, it seems that a major security flaw has been discovered within Intel’s CPUs. While security flaws are discovered from time to time, what makes this particular flaw so huge is the fact that it will require a significant redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels, where the end result could actually result in a hit in performance.According to the report, “Crucially, these updates to both Linux and Windows will incur a performance hit on Intel products. The effects are still being benchmarked, however we’re looking at a ballpark figure of five to 30 per cent slow down, depending on the task and the processor model. More recent Intel chips have features – such as PCID – to reduce the performance hit.”This is also expected to affect Apple’s macOS operating system, where a microcode update can’t address the issue and that a fix needs to be made at the OS level. Alternatively The Register claims that you could buy a new processor that comes without the flaw. Unfortunately

Major flaw in Intel chips revealed

A bug that could allow malicious programs to 'read' the content of a chip's memory is being patched.

Wed 3 Jan 18 from BBC Technology

Security flaw found in Intel chips made in the past decade

Santa Clara, California, company Intel is reportedly working to fix the issue, which is thought to affect millions of computers powered by the x86-64 series of chips built over the past decade. ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Daily Mail

Design flaw found in Intel chips; fix causes them to slow: report

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A design flaw has been found in microprocessors made by Intel Corp that requires updates to computer operating systems, a tech publication reported, adding that the fix ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Reuters Technology

AMD Shares Surge Following Disclosure Of Potentially Devastating Intel Chip Flaw

Intel has egg on its face at the moment, while AMD is making omelettes out of the situation. In case you missed the late breaking news last night, the situation we are talking about is a chip ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from HotHardware

Major security flaw found in Intel processors

Developers scramble to fix bug within chips made in the last decade that will affect millions of computers running Windows, mac OS and LinuxA security flaw has been found in virtually all Intel ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from

Massive Intel CPU Bug Leaves Kernel Vulnerable, Slows Performance: Report

There's allegedly a major CPU bug in all Intel x86 and x86-64 CPUs, and fixing it could hammer CPU performance going forward. Patches for Linux and Windows are already in the works. The post ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Extremetech

Massive security flaw found in Intel CPUs, patch could hit performance by up to 30%

Almost every Intel processor manufactured over the last decade contains a major security flaw that could be exploited in severe attacks. If that isn’t bad enough, patching the issue might ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Techspot

Huge Intel CPU Bug Allegedly Causes Kernel Memory Leak With Up To 30% Performance Hit

If the reports are accurate, it appears that Intel might have a pretty severe chip-level security bug on its hands that cannot be simply swatted away with a microcode update. The bug affects ...

Tue 2 Jan 18 from HotHardware


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