Nope, no Intel chip recall after Spectre and Meltdown, CEO says - CNET

Intel is responding to claims that the company’s processors have a security bug, and software fixes could slow down PCs. Reports this week have suggested that a security flaw in Intel processors, and allegedly not AMD ones, has led to a redesign of Linux and Windows kernels to protect against a hardware flaw. “Recent reports that these exploits are caused by a 'bug' or a 'flaw' and are unique to Intel products are incorrect,” says a statement from Intel. “Based on the analysis to date, many types of computing devices — with many different vendors’ processors and operating systems — are susceptible to these exploits.” Intel says it’s working with AMD and ARM in a strongly worded statement, despite AMD engineer Tom Lendacky previously... Continue reading…

Nope, no Intel chip recall after Spectre and Meltdown, CEO says - CNET

CEO Brian Krzanich says the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities may be deep, but they're also being fixed with software updates.

Thu 4 Jan 18 from CNET

Use a computer or smartphone? A new, broad security flaw means you need to do this now

A newly-revealed design flaw in almost all central processing units puts millions of computers at risk. USA TODAY's Q and A explaining what's going on.        

Thu 4 Jan 18 from USA today

Intel reveals chip design flaw that could have allowed hackers to access hidden info

Hardware and software manufacturers including Apple and Microsoft began pushing out patches that protected against attacks making use of the flaw.        

Wed 3 Jan 18 from USA today

Major Intel, Arm chip security flaw puts your PCs, phones at risk - CNET

Security researchers from say a common processor design used by Intel and mobile chip tech designer Arm may leave the door open to exposing sensitive system data.

Wed 3 Jan 18 from CNET

Intel working with rivals to fix flaw

Intel says the flaw that could allow hackers to steal data isn't just linked to its computer chips.

Wed 3 Jan 18 from BBC Technology

Google’s Project Zero team discovered critical CPU flaw last year

 In a blog post published minutes ago, Google’s Security team announced what they have done to protect Google Cloud customers against the chip vulnerability announced earlier today. ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from TechCrunch

Early Data Shows Linux Update to Fix Intel Security Flaw Hits Performance Hard

Early Linux data suggests Intel CPUs take a fairly heavy hit in some tests when the new page table isolation fix is enabled. Database benchmarks and possibly cloud server performance could drop ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Extremetech

Intel says memory security issue extends beyond its own chips

That major security flaw attributed to Intel chips might not be so Intel-specific after all. After hours of silence, Intel has posted a response denying some of the claims about the ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Engadget

Intel working to fix security flaw in its chips without slowing computers

FRANKFURT/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp on Wednesday acknowledged a report that a design flaw in its chips could let hackers steal data but said that it was working on a solution that ...

Wed 3 Jan 18 from Reuters Technology


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