Skydio Demonstrates Incredible Obstacle-Dodging Full Autonomy With New R1 Consumer Drone

Skydio, an autonomous drone startup based out of Redwood City, California, unveiled a product today that it’s been working on for four years. The R1, as it’s called, is an artificial intelligence-powered quadcopter capable of shooting 4K video of a subject and maneuvering complex environments all on its own. Using industry advancements in AI to help train a custom computer vision system, Skydio developed a product that’s effectively the first professional-grade drone that can be flown without any expertise whatsoever, the company claims. In fact, the R1 doesn’t even come with a controller because in almost every situation imaginable, the drone should fly itself. It’s a dream quite a few startups have tried and failed to deliver: full... Continue reading…

Skydio Demonstrates Incredible Obstacle-Dodging Full Autonomy With New R1 Consumer Drone

The Skydio R1 is years ahead of just about any other autonomous drone we've ever seen

Tue 13 Feb 18 from IEEE Spectrum

Drones that dodge obstacles without guidance can pursue you like paparazzi

A skilled autopilot function will make drones far more ubiquitous and useful.

Tue 13 Feb 18 from MIT Technology Review

Skydio’s $2499 ‘self-flying’ drone knows where you are and where you’re going

 Today, Skydio is showcasing the R1, a drone that boasts what the startup calls “self-flying” capabilities. What this means is that the drone is capable of locking-on to an ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from TechCrunch

Skydio R1 is an autonomous drone that will film all your awesome adventures

Tired of crashing your drone? The Skydio R1 flies itself, avoids obstacles and captures video footage in 4K.

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Techradar

This $2,500 Autonomous Camera Drone Navigates Tight Spaces Like No Other

The brand-new Skydio R1 is aimed at sports enthusiasts who want the ability to autonomously shoot high-quality video of their exploits. It’s a gorgeous Wednesday on the Berkeley, California, ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Fastcompany Tech

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