SanDisk speeds up high capacity mobile storage with 1 TB microSD card

The inexorable march of increasing storage capacities continues today with the announcement of the world’s first 1-terabyte microSD cards. Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk brand have both launched UHS-I microSDXC products today at Mobile World Congress, which will be good news for anyone looking at Samsung’s new 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus and thinking “what if that, but doubled?” Of the two cards, Western Digital is claiming a performance advantage by citing up to 160MB/s read speed versus 100MB/s for Micron’s. The Micron card’s max write performance is 5MB/s faster at up to 95MB/s, however. The SanDisk card will be available from April for $449.99, which is a pretty high convenience premium considering the new 512GB card in the same line... Continue reading…

SanDisk speeds up high capacity mobile storage with 1 TB microSD card

Smartphones are getting ever more capable, now coming with 4K screens and multiple cameras. Streaming high resolution movies can quickly eat up mobile data allowance, and even generous ...

Mon 25 Feb 19 from Gizmag

SanDisk and Micron Announce 1TB MicroSD Cards

What seemed like plenty of storage space a few years ago is never enough in the here and now. That's why the companies making computers, phones, and other gadgets are always rushing to pack ...

Tue 26 Feb 19 from Extremetech

SanDisk and Micron unreal 1TB microSD cards at MWC 2019

Earlier this morning we reported that the SD Association had announced the SD 7.1 specification at MWC, which offers faster PCI Express and NVMe interfaces for microSD cards. The new spec will ...

Mon 25 Feb 19 from Techspot

WD SanDisk And Micron Launch First 1TB microSD Cards For Massive Mobile Storage

The storage needs of smartphone users are not diminishing, they are only expanding with the advent of high resolution photography and 4K video. To account for this, Micron and Western Digital ...

Mon 25 Feb 19 from HotHardware

World's fastest 1TB microSD card, revealed at MWC, will cost $450 - CNET

Think of all the Nintendo Switch games this baby can hold.

Mon 25 Feb 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Micron and SanDisk Unveil World’s First 1TB microSD Cards

A little over a year ago, UK-based Integral Memory unveiled the world’s first 512GB microSD cards. Today at Mobile World Congress two other manufacturers loudly declared “hold our ...

Mon 25 Feb 19 from

The era of 1TB microSD cards has begun

While processors can no longer keep up with Moore's law, memory manufacturers keep cramming more storage into ever-smaller spaces. Micron and Western Digital have both unveiled ...

Mon 25 Feb 19 from Engadget

1TB microSD cards are now a thing

Mon 25 Feb 19 from The Verge

1TB microSD cards will boost the storage of your device, if you can afford it

Want to carry loads of data around in your pocket? Two 1TB microSD cards have just been launched at MWC.

Mon 25 Feb 19 from Techradar

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