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Expats try phones, social apps to connect to quake-hit Nepal

After the earthquake hit Nepal, Prem Raja Mahat spent a sleepless night at his Baltimore home, trying again and again to reach his son, who was visiting friends and family back in Mahat's home ...

6 hours ago from

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Wimbledon Bans Selfie Sticks

Some people love selfie sticks because they let them take wide-angle photos with their smartphone, allowing to fit all of their friends in the frame or even get a sweeping shot of whatever’s ...

1 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Russian hackers read Obama emails, report says

Emails to and from President Barack Obama were read by Russian hackers last year in a breach of the White House's unclassified computer system, The New York Times said Saturday.

Sat 25 Apr 15 from

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Nepal quake survivors draw support from Apple, Google, Facebook and more

Some of the biggest technology companies have all offered ways to help the survivors.

1 hours ago from CNET

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Google sets up marketplace to buy patents

Google announced Monday it is setting up an online marketplace for those who want to sell patents to the Internet giant.

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Nepal earthquake: Google and Facebook want to help you find victims of the disaster

Google has reopened its Person Finder tool to aid earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.

Sun 26 Apr 15 from The Independent

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eBay backs Google in fight against Europe

eBay has helped Google out in its battle against the European Commission, after its CEO has argued that it is a strong competitor to the search engine.

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Hackers Deface Tesla Website, Hijack Tesla And Elon Musk's Twitter Accounts

Tesla might seem like it's an invincible company lately, but when it comes to software and social media, it shares the same risks us common folk do, something yesterday's events help emphasize. ...

Sun 26 Apr 15 from HotHardware

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Does the Apple Watch require new rules of etiquette? Experts weigh in. (+video)

Three etiquette experts sound off on the dos and don'ts of smart watches.

47 minutes ago from The Christian Science Monitor

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Silk Road 'link' to six drug deaths

Six people who died from overdoses bought their drugs via the Silk Road marketplace, claims the US government.

7 hours ago from BBC Technology

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