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Reddit in revolt: Moderators shut down popular parts of the website in solidarity with fired friend

Reddit has been plunged into crisis as several of the site's most popular subreddits have switched to private mode following the unexplained dismissal of Victoria Taylor, a key member of the ...

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Facebook tests video ads in budding YouTube challenge

Facebook on Thursday confirmed that it is dabbling in video ads and sharing revenue with content creators, in a move that would compete with Google-owned YouTube.

10 hours ago from

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Netflix tax: Chicago to charge extra levy on streaming TV and music services

Chicago is to raise extra funds by charging a "cloud tax" taking an extra 9 per cent from the money raised popular streaming services like Netflix.

1 hours ago from The Independent

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Sprint CEO Claure's Tirade Against T-Mobile Only Emboldens Legere's Bravado

Sometimes it's better not to take the bait and get sucked into an Internet fight. Sprint boss Marcelo Claure is learning that the hard way after being drawn into battle with T-Mobile CEO John ...

20 minutes ago from HotHardware

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Plex Forums Hacked, Hacker Demanding Ransom Or Else

If you use movie streaming service Plex and have posted on its forums before, or maybe you're just really active on its forums, you might want to change your passwords. The service has recently ...

5 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Former federal agent pleads guilty to stealing bitcoins

A former undercover federal agent pleaded guilty to extortion and related charges after acknowledging he channeled more than $700,000 in digital currency from the Silk Road online drug bazaar ...

Wed 1 Jul 15 from

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Google apologizes after photo app tagged black couple 'gorillas'

Google apologized after an identification program in its new photo app put a "gorillas" label on a picture of a black couple.

Thu 2 Jul 15 from

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EE fined 1 million for not properly dealing with complaints

As part of its job as the communications industry regulator, Ofcom routinely checks to see if UK mobile carriers are doing a good job of looking after their customers. This includes how they ...

7 hours ago from Engadget

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UK was illegally spying on Amnesty International, 'mistakenly' forgot to tell human rights group

The UK government was illegally spying on civil rights group Amnesty International and neglected to tell it the surveillance was going on, after a mistake.

Thu 2 Jul 15 from The Independent

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Goodbye Fun, Bubble Wrap Will Not Pop Anymore

Bubble Wrap, as we know it, has been an ultimate object of joy rather than just being a covering sheet. Many of us have spent relentless hours just popping those bubble, oh what fun isn't it?Sadly, ...

17 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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