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Elon Musk says Mark Zuckerberg's understanding of AI threat is 'limited'

Two billionaires continue to spar over prospect of robot apocalypse

7 hours ago from The Independent

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Google SOS Alerts help keep users safe during a disaster

'Technology plays a vital role in providing information to help keep you and loved ones safe and informed'

5 hours ago from The Independent

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Yes, there is a dating site for verified Twitter users

Dating app Loveflutter opening section just for verified Twitter users.        

22 minutes ago from USA today

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Italian bank says 400,000 loan account details hacked

Italy's largest bank, Unicredit, says accounts of some 400,000 customers in Italy have been hacked.

6 hours ago from

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Snopes meets $500K crowdfunding goal amid legal battle

Fact-checking website has quickly met a $500,000 goal set for an online fundraiser amid a legal battle with an outside vendor that Snopes says is holding it hostage.

22 hours ago from

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Google adds autoplaying videos to search, making YouTube clips play no matter what people enter

Somewhat confusingly, the content appears to come from random, unofficial sources

Tue 25 Jul 17 from The Independent

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Officials arrest suspect in $4 billion Bitcoin money laundering scheme

Bitcoin's decentralized architecture makes it popular with criminal groups.

2 hours ago from Arstechnica

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Lyft's new 'taco mode' leaves drivers angry

Lyft is partnering with Taco Bell to debut 'taco mode,' an oddball marketing campaign that will allow hungry passengers to add munchy pit stops to their rides. But all drivers can think about ...

17 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Lawmakers are calling for a net neutrality face-off between Google and Comcast, among others

Others that could be in the scrum include AT&T, Facebook, Netflix and Verizon.

Tue 25 Jul 17 from The Washington Post

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Nielsen to count viewers for Hulu, YouTube live TV services

Nielsen will begin to tabulate how many people get their live TV from Hulu and YouTube, giving media companies and advertisers a better idea of how many people now stream broadcast networks ...

Tue 25 Jul 17 from

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