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Carmike Cinemas pulls 'The Interview' with Sony's support

Carmike Cinemas has decided to cancel its planned showings of "The Interview" in the wake of threats against theatergoers by the Sony hackers.

22 hours ago from

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Researchers applaud U.S.-Cuba accord

End of Cold War estrangement could aid joint scientific projects

10 hours ago from Science Now

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Hackers invoke 9/11 in new chilling Sony threat

Hackers invoked the 9/11 attacks Tuesday in their most chilling threat yet against Sony Pictures, warning cinema-goers not to see a film which has angered North Korea.

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Robin Williams' suicide seizes the year on Google

Robin Williams' suicide seared into the world's collective mindset more than anything else this year, based on what people were searching for on Google.

Tue 16 Dec 14 from

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Foursquare And Seven Years Ago. . .

Has it really been seven years since Foursquare emerged on the digital landscape and became the first location-based social network to take hold of our zeitgeist? Do you remember how check-ins ...

13 hours ago from InventorSpot

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Hulu's former chief shows how he'll take on YouTube

If you've been wondering exactly how former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar would take on internet video heavyweights like YouTube, you now have your answer. Kilar's startup, Vessel, has both opened the ...

15 hours ago from Engadget

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Amid scrutiny, Uber vows bigger focus on safety

(AP)—Uber promises to focus on rider safety amid increasing concerns that its drivers are not adequately screened for past criminal convictions.

1 hours ago from

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Hackers trick way into ICANN computers

The private agency that acts as a gatekeeper for the Internet said that hackers tricked their way into its computers.

2 hours ago from

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Amazon extends Christmas shipping deadlines

Amazon is courting last-minute holiday shoppers by extending its free-shipping deadline by one day to Dec. 19.

Tue 16 Dec 14 from

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Forget CSI, New Facebook Update Will Auto Enhance Your Photos

Having trouble taking good looking photos with your smartphone or tablet? So do a lot of people, though that hasn't stopped the majority from posting their snapshots to Facebook anyway. Ah, ...

17 hours ago from HotHardware

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