Twitter verifies organiser of white supremacist Charlottesville rally where Heather Heyer was killed

The controversy around Twitter’s latest public relations crisis hangs on a single, perhaps unanswerable question: what does it mean to be verified? The little blue badge originated in response to worries that celebrities on the platform were being impersonated. In time, though, it came to mean more. So when Twitter granted the badge this week to a white supremacist, it was little wonder that outrage followed. The story of the Twitter verification controversy is the story of many Twitter controversies before it. A series of deferred decisions all but guaranteed the issue would eventually blow up in the company’s face, and when that moment finally arrived, Twitter could do little but apologize and promise to work on a solution. The current... Continue reading…

Twitter verifies organiser of white supremacist Charlottesville rally where Heather Heyer was killed

'The system is broken', the social media platform's CEO says

Thu 9 Nov 17 from The Independent

Twitter rolls out longer names as users ask to 'ban Nazis'

Twitter has now revealed it is extending the length of display names, allowing up to 50 characters. But, many are not happy. Angry users have begun to change their names, asking firm to 'ban ...

Fri 10 Nov 17 from Daily Mail

Twitter halts verification requests after public outrage

Jason Kessler, an alt-right blogger who was one of the organizers of the Unite the Right demonstration that resulted in the death of an anti-racist protester, received the coveted blue checkmark ...

Fri 10 Nov 17 from Daily Mail

Twitter can’t separate verification from validation

2016 was a dumpster fire of a year for Twitter. Abusive language and toxic interaction became the norm across the microblogging site as it saw a dramatic rise in activity from users ...

Thu 9 Nov 17 from Engadget

Twitter temporarily stops verifying accounts after criticism

Verified Twitter accounts have never been officially endorsed or given special promotions but criticism from many Twitter users shows that popular opinion can sometimes outweigh the truth. Following ...

Thu 9 Nov 17 from Techspot

Twitter halts verification process amid Jason Kessler backlash - CNET

Don't expect to get Twitter's coveted blue check mark any time soon.

Thu 9 Nov 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Twitter halts verification after backlash over Charlottesville organizer

Over the last month, Twitter seemed to finally wake up to the need to fight the rampant hate speech and abuse that happens on its platform. That made yesterday's decision to verify ...

Thu 9 Nov 17 from Engadget

Twitter halts verification over checkmark for Charlottesville rally organizer

Twitter has halted its verification program after outrage over handing a blue checkmark to the organizer of the deadly Charlottesville rally.        

Thu 9 Nov 17 from USA today


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