Google takes on Snapchat with its own 'Stories' format

Google is launching a developer preview of something it’s calling “AMP Stories,” which are two words that only make sense if you’re obsessive about what’s happening with the way we consume content on our phones. So you might be tempted to ignore the whole thing, but don’t: because understanding what’s happening here will get you ready for what could be a major change to how your Google search results are going to look later this year. Luckily, the basics are actually pretty simple. We’ll start with the second part, “Stories.” If you’ve been using Snapchat, Instagram, or any number of Facebook properties, you know what a story is. It’s a full-screen display of content you can swipe or tap through. Snapchat started it, Instagram ruthlessly... Continue reading…

Google takes on Snapchat with its own 'Stories' format

Google launched its own "stories" format Tuesday to compete with Snapchat and Instagram with image-driven news articles aimed at mobile phone and tablet users.

Tue 13 Feb 18 from

Google launches its own version of Snapchat Stories - CNET

Google's new AMP stories gives developers a way to share content with images and video.

Tue 13 Feb 18 from CNET

Google launches Amp Stories platform for content creation

Amp Stories works in a similar way to Snapchat's Discover Stories, providing full-screen tap-through articles. From today, any mobile user can try out a developer preview of the service. ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Daily Mail

Google plans Snapchat-esque stories for mobile search results

Assuming you have a basic understanding of social media and haven't been living under a rock for the last year, you're going to be familiar with "Stories" -- full ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Engadget

Google takes AMP beyond basic posts with its new story format

 For the most part, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project was about what its name implies: accelerating mobile pages. Unsurprisingly, that mostly meant quickly loading and rendering ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from TechCrunch

Google is adding Stories to search results

Instagram-style photo and video slideshows will soon appear alongside regular links.

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Techradar

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