Facebook Lists: Site reveals new feature designed to make people share more personal information

Facebook’s status update feature has evolved over the years, where previously it used to be where people would post the most inane of things. While we suppose people still do that from time to time, like we said, the feature has evolved and according to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Lists”.As the name implies this is a very straightforward feature, where users can now post a list of things as a status update. Prior to this users could create lists, albeit they had to be creative about creating them, but with this feature it has become a whole lot easier, plus it stands out a more thanks to the gradient backgrounds that users can attach to it.These lists can be used for all sorts of things, such as creating a list of New Year resolutions or goals, or perhaps a wishlist of places you want to travel, or maybe even a wishlist of things you want to buy, and so on. Like we said, this is just the latest update to the status feature that Facebook has introduced in recent tim

Facebook Lists: Site reveals new feature designed to make people share more personal information

Its launch represents the firm's latest attempt to get people to post more personal information to the site

Wed 14 Feb 18 from The Independent

Facebook's new Lists feature encourages personal updates

Like the name suggests, the tool lets users post to-do lists, travel wishlists, how-to lists and bucket lists, among other things. Lists will now appear in users' news feeds as they scroll ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Daily Mail

Facebook's Lists are its latest attempt to encourage oversharing

Facebook's latest attempt to get you to post more original content is a feature called Lists. It lets you post a customized list such as "My travel wishlist" or "Goals ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from Engadget

Facebook’s new Lists feature is yet another way to post personal updates

Facebook is introducing a new feature for posting status updates, called Lists, as reported by TechCrunch. The new feature, which begins rolling out today, is yet another way the ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from The Verge

Facebook pushes for more personal updates with launch of new Lists feature

 Facebook’s status update box is getting a new feature called Lists, which begins rolling out today. This is the first major update to the entry field since the launch of colored ...

Tue 13 Feb 18 from TechCrunch

Facebook pushes personal posts with new Lists feature - CNET

The new tool comes as the social network continues to overhaul your news feed.

Tue 13 Feb 18 from CNET

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