Democrats slam FCC over complaint process reforms - CNET (page 2)

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission will be voting to ensure they wonít have to read your complaints anymore ó and Democratic House members are not happy about it. Two high-ranking Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter addressed to the Commissionís chairman Ajit Pai earlier today to voice their disapproval of a proposed rule that, if approved, would send informal consumer complaints directly through to the company in question. ďAt a time when consumers are highly dissatisfied with their communications companies, this abrupt change in policy troubles us,Ē the congressmen wrote. If the consumer isnít happy with the outcome of the informal complaint, their only other option would be filing a formal... Continue reading…

Democrats slam FCC over complaint process reforms - CNET

Dems claim consumers will be forced to pay $225 to have their complaints reviewed by FCC. But officials say that's just not true.

Tue 10 Jul 18 from CNET

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