Google’s search engine for China would link searches to phone numbers

A report from last month revealed that Google could be planning to return to China with a new search engine that would basically comply with the country’s censorship policies. Now it seems that US lawmakers are curious as to what Google plans to do should they return to China, and whether or not they will comply with China’s policies.According to a report from Reuters, it seems that a bipartisan group of 16 US lawmakers want to question Alphabet (Google’s parent company) about their China plans. They want to know if Google will be able to protect the safety of their users if China were to allow them to operate in the country, which would no doubt come with certain conditions.However Google had previously stated that they are “not close” to launching in China, but don’t deny that this is an area that they have been exploring for a while now, although it isn’t necessarily confirmation that they will go through with it. It’s not surprising that Google would love to tap into the Chinese market, given the sheer n

Google's rumored 'Dragonfly' search prototype tied data to phone numbers

While Google employees push back against and lawmakers ask questions about a rumored version of its search engine for China -- with censorship and blacklists for terms like human rights, ...

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Engadget

Google's Dragonfly would reportedly collect Chinese citizens' phone numbers - CNET

A prototype for China's censored search engine would connect users' searches to their personal numbers.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

Google's secretive plan to build a search engine in China spurs government inquiry

US legislators have 'serious concerns' about Google's reported plans in China, while seven employees are said to have resigned over a lack of transparency at the company.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Daily Mail

Google's China search project reportedly spurs concern from US lawmakers - CNET

This comes after protests from some Google employees.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from CNET

House lawmakers want answers from Google on censored Chinese search engine

Since news broke last month that Google is working on a censored search engine for the Chinese market, the company has faced unrelenting criticism from lawmakers. In the latest ...

Fri 14 Sep 18 from The Verge

Ex-Googler Claims To Be One Of Five Scientists Who Quit In Protest To Chinese Search Plans

In May, it was reported that Google workers were quitting over Google's involvement with a Pentagon project called Project Maven. Eventually, a petition made the rounds with Google workers ...

Fri 14 Sep 18 from HotHardware

Google's China plan spurs inquiry from U.S. lawmakers, staff departures

A bipartisan group of 16 U.S. lawmakers asked Alphabet Inc's Google on Thursday if it would comply with China's internet censorship and surveillance policies should it re-enter the Chinese ...

Thu 13 Sep 18 from Reuters Technology


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