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A Teacher's Companion to Essential Motivation in the Classroom

""A definitive one-stop guide for teachers who are looking for inspiration into how his ideas can be put into practice in every-day classrooms. A truly lively and engaging resource, it scrutinises ...

Mon 20 Apr 15 from AlphaGalileo

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Should a political party form a coalition? Voters and math decide

Mathematical ideas and tools are often used to describe aspects of large macroscopic systems. Examples abound in areas as varied as finance to psychology. In a paper published last month in ...

Wed 15 Apr 15 from

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Ecological 'flash mobs': It's all about timing... and magnets?

How does an acorn know to fall when the other acorns do? What triggers insects, or disease, to suddenly break out over large areas? Why do fruit trees have boom and bust years?

Wed 8 Apr 15 from

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NJIT mathematician's 2015 Major League Baseball projections

The snow is almost gone in the northeast and that means baseball season cannot be far behind. Like most seasons, some teams look like they will continue to dominate their competition while others ...

Wed 1 Apr 15 from

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John Nash, Louis Nirenberg share math's Abel Prize

John Nash and Louis Nirenberg will receive the 2015 'Nobel of mathematics' for their work on partial differential equations.

Wed 25 Mar 15 from ScienceNews

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A duel between mathematical models supports the reigning theory of the genetics of altruism

It isn't that often that a scientific controversy is featured in the New Yorker, but in 2012 an article titled "Kin and Kind" describing a tempest over a biological theory appeared in its pages.

Mon 23 Mar 15 from

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Happy Pi Day!

How are you celebrating?

Fri 14 Mar 14 from Science Now

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Stanford mathematician first female winner of Fields prize

Maryam Mirzakhani and three others honored

Wed 13 Aug 14 from Science Now

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Life of 3.14159...

BERNIE'S BASICS: Some of the most complex equations in science sport a familiar symbol from childhood - Pi. But what has 3.14159 got to do with general relativity and quantum physics?

Tue 12 Mar 13 from ABC Science

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Crick DNA Nobel medal gets $2 million at auction

CEO of Chinese regenerative medicine company claims highest bid.

Thu 11 Apr 13 from Nature News

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