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Small lies in social networks may keep society running

Lying in social networks could have adverse, as well as beneficial, effects depending on the severity of the deception.

Mon 28 Jul 14 from ScienceNews

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LeBron heads back to Cleveland. Was big data right?

The great, mind-dulling debate about where LeBron James would end up took a new twist when famed data nerd Nate Silver weighed in.

Fri 11 Jul 14 from CNET

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Mathematicians claim share of science's most lucrative prize

Five mathematicians will take home $3 million each as winners of the inaugural Breakthrough Prize for Mathematics, announced today.  Read more

Mon 23 Jun 14 from Nature News Blogs

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Happy Pi Day!

How are you celebrating?

Fri 14 Mar 14 from Science Now

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Life of 3.14159...

BERNIE'S BASICS: Some of the most complex equations in science sport a familiar symbol from childhood - Pi. But what has 3.14159 got to do with general relativity and quantum physics?

Tue 12 Mar 13 from ABC Science

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Crick DNA Nobel medal gets $2 million at auction

CEO of Chinese regenerative medicine company claims highest bid.

Thu 11 Apr 13 from Nature News

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That figures: Professor who had to work at Subway dazzles world of maths after solving centuries-old prime number riddle

A university professor who was forced to work at Subway when he couldn't find a job as an academic has solved a prime number riddle that has puzzled the best mathematical brains for centuries.    

Tue 21 May 13 from The Independent

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Unlocking secret lives of bubbles yields perfect foam

Bubbles are messy to model since their behaviour changes with size – a model that copes with this has led to the best foam simulation yet    

Thu 9 May 13 from Newscientist

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Real-world Civilisation game shows impact of war

A model similar to the computer game Civilisation recreates human history and shows the importance of warfare in stabilising society    

Wed 25 Sep 13 from Newscientist

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The World Loses Its Great Fractal Mind, Benoit Mandelbrot, at 85

The world is not smooth, made of perfect spheres and unbroken lines. Its ...

Mon 18 Oct 10 from Discover Magazine

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