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Statistics predict France and Germany as UEFA EURO favorites

When Europe's best national football teams kick off the UEFA EURO 2016 on June 10th, host France and World Cup Champion Germany will, mathematically speaking, also be the odds-on favorites as ...

Tue 31 May 16 from

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Computer generated math proof is largest ever at 200 terabytes

( trio of researchers has solved a single math problem by using a supercomputer to grind through over a trillion color combination possibilities, and in the process has generated ...

Mon 30 May 16 from

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40-year math mystery and four generations of figuring: Proof of Kelmans-Seymour Conjecture in Graph Theory

This may sound like a familiar kind of riddle: How many brilliant mathematicians does it take to come up with and prove the Kelmans-Seymour Conjecture?

Wed 25 May 16 from

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Snot could be crucial to dolphin echolocation

An acoustic model reveals that echolocation relies on mucus lined tissue lumps in the animal's nasal passage.

Tue 24 May 16 from ScienceNews

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This App Will Solve Maths Problems By Pointing Your Phone At It

Need to solve a math problem? Just fire up the calculator and you should be able to solve a variety of problems. However what if you did not know where to start, or how to use your calculator ...

Fri 20 May 16 from Ubergizmo

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Happy Pi Day!

How are you celebrating?

Fri 14 Mar 14 from Science Now

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Stanford mathematician first female winner of Fields prize

Maryam Mirzakhani and three others honored

Wed 13 Aug 14 from Science Now

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Life of 3.14159...

BERNIE'S BASICS: Some of the most complex equations in science sport a familiar symbol from childhood - Pi. But what has 3.14159 got to do with general relativity and quantum physics?

Tue 12 Mar 13 from ABC Science

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Crick DNA Nobel medal gets $2 million at auction

CEO of Chinese regenerative medicine company claims highest bid.

Thu 11 Apr 13 from Nature News

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That figures: Professor who had to work at Subway dazzles world of maths after solving centuries-old prime number riddle

A university professor who was forced to work at Subway when he couldn't find a job as an academic has solved a prime number riddle that has puzzled the best mathematical brains for centuries.    

Tue 21 May 13 from The Independent

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