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Babbler bird calls 'convey meaning'

A bird can communicate by rearranging sounds into calls that convey meaning in the same way that humans use language, say scientists.

3 hours ago from BBC News

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Rare case of wallaby fostering tree kangaroo in pouch

Australian zookeepers Tuesday said they had successfully fostered an orphaned tree kangaroo with a surrogate wallaby in a rare case after its mother was crushed by a branch.

12 hours ago from

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First lions to return to Rwanda after over two decades

Lions will return to Rwanda for the first time in more than two decades, wildlife officials have said, after the endangered animal was wiped out following the country's 1994 genocide.

Sat 27 Jun 15 from

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Like mustard and wasabi? You should thank this catterpillar

In a paper published this month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a group of scientists explain the process through which plants like mustard came to be - as it turns out, ...

5 hours ago from ZME Science

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Study suggests there are only two tiger subspecies

( team of researchers with affiliations to institutions in Germany, Denmark and the U.K. has concluded after extensive research, that there are really only two subspecies of tigers, ...

Mon 29 Jun 15 from

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Study finds pet owners reluctant to face up to their cats' kill count

Cats are increasingly earning themselves a reputation as wildlife killers with estimates of animals killed every year by domestic cats in the UK numbering into the millions. This new study on ...

Fri 26 Jun 15 from

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Attractive female flies harmed by male sexual attention

Too much male sexual attention harms attractive females, according to a new Australian and Canadian study on fruit flies.

Fri 26 Jun 15 from

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Controversial trial of genetically modified wheat ends in disappointment

In setback, wheat engineered with insect alarm signal fails to keep aphids out of the field

Thu 25 Jun 15 from Science Now

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Marvel's next big comic comes from a video game

The venerable comic book maker has inspired movies, television shows and video games. Now, for the first time, the trend is working in reverse.

Mon 29 Jun 15 from CNET

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Bad news and good news for birds nesting at reservoirs

In a six-year study at Arrow Lakes Reservoir in British Columbia, researchers from Cooper, Beauchesne and Associates and Simon Fraser University found that while some nests failed due to flooding ...

Thu 25 Jun 15 from

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