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Crows make hooked tools in increase efficiency

Scottish research finds crows make hooks to gain more food in less time. Stephen Fleischfresser reports.

19 minutes ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Birds yearn for the bright lights of cities

US radar data reveals migratory flocks head for inner urban roosts, placing themselves in danger. Andrew Masterson reports.

3 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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And now for something completely different—a worm with three sexes

Diane Shakes shakes her head. A trisexual arrangement is really not so different. Three sexes—male, female and hermaphrodite—are "part of the plan" for many organisms. There's even a word for ...

Thu 18 Jan 18 from

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Use of primate 'actors' misleading millions of viewers

More needs to be done to educate audiences, including viewers at home and filmmakers, on the unethical nature of using primates in the film industry, says a leading expert in a new study.

Thu 18 Jan 18 from

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Hot weather is bad news for bird sperm

A new study led by Macquarie University and spanning Sydney and Oslo has shown that exposure to extreme temperatures, such as those experienced during heatwave conditions, significantly reduces ...

Fri 19 Jan 18 from

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Graphic images show dolphin that choked on octopus in Australia

A dolphin was found off the coast of Australia dead after it apparently choked on a large octopus.

Sat 20 Jan 18 from FOXNews

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Reimbursing ranchers for livestock killed by predators supports conservation efforts

Alberta's predator compensation program offsets costs of conserving wildlife habitat on private lands in the province.

Wed 17 Jan 18 from

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Females fall for robot fiddlers

Biologists use robotic crabs to test whether its real love or just a quick fiddle on the beach. Andrew Masterson reports.

Tue 16 Jan 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Measuring metabolism in dolphins to calculate their caloric needs

A team of researchers from several institutions in the U.S. and one in Spain has measured the metabolism of wild bottlenose dolphins in an effort to better understand their caloric needs. In ...

Wed 17 Jan 18 from

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Mantis shrimp size each other up before giving up a fight

To a mantis shrimp, walking away from a fight doesn't mean being a wimp. It means recognizing who they're up against and knowing when to bail rather than drag out a doomed battle, Duke University ...

Wed 17 Jan 18 from

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