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Female embryos less likely to survive to birth

New research has challenged the prevailing belief that the higher proportion of male babies born in the general population results from a higher proportion of males being conceived.

4 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Endangered clouded leopard kittens born in Miami zoo

Two clouded leopard kittens were born this month at the Miami Zoo, a treat for the doting keepers and a victory in the fight to preserve a vulnerable species.

18 hours ago from

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Panda stalking reveals panda hangouts

Scientists used GPS trackers to learn about the giant panda lifestyle.

Fri 27 Mar 15 from ScienceNews

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Bright bird plumage resulted from natural, sexual selection

Darwin hypothesized that bird color differences resulted from sexual selection. Wallace disagreed. A study shows that both were right after all.

Fri 27 Mar 15 from ScienceNews

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Save Our Spuds: Scientists find shield for potato blight

Scientists on Monday said they have found a gene to help protect potatoes from a blight that unleashed a devastating famine in Ireland in the 19th century.

23 hours ago from

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Beards as badges of honour?

Are beards 'in' again because guys are under pressure? Maybe.

Wed 25 Mar 15 from

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Two exotic termites find love in Florida, worrying researchers

Two particularly hungry, exotic termite species apparently have found love halfway around the world and, as with so many other Florida hook-ups, the results are disturbing.

Wed 25 Mar 15 from

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Coyotes filling wolves' niche in southeastern US

It's believed that wolves once roamed the southeastern United States before they were eliminated by overhunting and habitat loss. Now the region has a new top dog, the coyote, which may fill ...

Thu 26 Mar 15 from

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Shape-shifting frog discovered in Ecuadorian Andes

A frog in Ecuador's western Andean cloud forest changes skin texture in minutes, appearing to mimic the texture it sits on.

Mon 23 Mar 15 from

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A new jumping spider with mating plug discovered from the 'Western Ghats'

Research endeavours undertaken in the recent past by the Division of Arachnology of Sacred Heart College, Kochi in India, under the leadership of Dr. P.A. Sebastian, have lead to the discovery ...

Thu 26 Mar 15 from

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