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Lazing lions take pride of place

WINNING SHOT: This photo of lions resting with their cubs in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park is the winning image in the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Tue 21 Oct 14 from ABC Science

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Nonchalant night-time chimp crime caught on camera

Incredible night-vision videos of daring raids on farmers' fields are the first to show chimpanzees operating under cover of darkness

Wed 22 Oct 14 from Newscientist

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Sex-loving, meat-eating reptiles have shorter lives

Snakes and lizards that want to live longer should abstain from sex until late in life, and be vegetarian, according to new research which investigated how reproductive intensity and diet affects ...

11 hours ago from HealthCanal

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Rescued 'abandoned' penguin chicks survival similar to colony rates

Abandoned penguin chicks that were hand-reared and returned to the wild showed a similar survival rate to their naturally-reared counterparts, according to a study published October 22, 2014 ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from

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Secret wing colours attract female fruit flies

Bright colours appear on a fruit fly's transparent wings against a dark background as a result of light refraction. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have now demonstrated that females ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from

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Bite to the death: Sugarbag bees launch all-conquering raids

They may be tiny and stingless but there's nothing sweet and innocent about a species of native Sugarbag bee when it goes to war over a coveted honey-filled hive.

Tue 21 Oct 14 from

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Campaign blunts Vietnamese demand for rhino horn

Polls suggest that Vietnam is losing its taste for rhino horn, but rhino poaching is still on course to break records again this year

Mon 20 Oct 14 from Newscientist

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Built-in billboards: Male bluefin killifish signal different things with different fins

They help fish swim, but fins also advertise a fish's social standing and health. In a new study, researchers report that for the male bluefin killifish (Lucania goodei), each colorful fin presents ...

Mon 20 Oct 14 from

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Later supper for blackbirds in the city: Artificial light gives birds longer to forage for food

Artificial light increases foraging time in blackbirds. Birds in city centres are active not just considerably earlier, but also for longer than their relatives in darker parts of the city. ...

Mon 20 Oct 14 from

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Absurd Creature of the Week: The Wasp That Lays Eggs Inside Caterpillars and Turns Them Into Slaves

Few parasitoids are more bizarre or disturbing than the wasps of the genus Glyptapanteles, whose females inject their eggs into living caterpillars. Once inside, the larvae mature, feeding on ...

Fri 17 Oct 14 from Wired Science

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