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Development of an artificial orchid cultivation kit

Orchids are loved by gardeners around the world but are notoriously difficult to cultivate. Japanese researchers have developed a new orchid cultivation kit that allows seed germination, flowering, ...

Fri 22 Sep 17 from

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New findings on the biomechanics and evolution of suction traps in carnivorous bladderworts

Bladderworts (Utricularia spp. Lentibulariaceae) are plants with many superlatives: They belong to the most recently evolved and also the largest genus of carnivorous flowering plants, encompassing ...

Thu 21 Sep 17 from

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When Faced With Competition, Duck Penises Get Weird(er)

Dating is a tough game. No matter where you go, it seems like there's always someone who's more attractive, funnier or remembers to shower. Losing out sucks, but hey, at least you get to keep ...

Wed 20 Sep 17 from Discover Magazine

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Barn owls found to suffer no hearing loss as they age

( small team of researchers with the University of Oldenburg has found that barn owls do not suffer hearing loss as they get older. In their paper published in Proceedings of the ...

Wed 20 Sep 17 from

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Heat-loving Australian ants believe in diversity, hint 74 species new to science

The 'furnace ants' or 'honeypot ants' present a very large genus of ants, Melophorus, confined to Australia. Long believed to be megadiverse, some scientists have even suggested that the group ...

Thu 21 Sep 17 from

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Tiny Brazilian frogs are deaf to their own calls

Pumpkin toadlets, found on the leaf litter of Brazil's Atlantic forest, are among the smallest frogs in the world. An international team from Brazil, Denmark and the United Kingdom, has discovered ...

Thu 21 Sep 17 from

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Understanding the dance to save the dance

Fri 22 Sep 17 from (news wire)

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Foster tadpoles trigger parental instinct in poison frogs

Poison frogs, especially male poison frogs, are very caring parents. After the tadpoles hatch, the males piggyback their offspring to distant pools spread around the rainforest where they can ...

Wed 20 Sep 17 from

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This dance is taken: Hundreds of male frog species change colors around mating time

Some of nature's most vibrant colors occur in frogs, who peek out from rainforests and marshes in startling shades of blue, yellow and red. But for hundreds of species, only males flaunt flashy ...

Wed 20 Sep 17 from

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Breaking legume's crop wild relative barrier

Domesticating plants to grow as crops can turn out to be a double-edged scythe.

Wed 20 Sep 17 from

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