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The environment may change, but the microbiome of queen bees does not

Researchers from North Carolina State University, Indiana University and Wellesley College have characterized the gut microbiome of honey bee queens. This is the first thorough census of the ...

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Genome reveals how Hessian fly causes galls in wheat

A team of researchers from 26 institutions around the world has sequenced the Hessian fly genome, shedding light on how the insect creates growth-stunting galls in wheat.

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How animals survive Norwegian winter nights

Norwegian mammals and birds have many different methods of surviving long, intense winter nights. A biologist from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) University Museum ...

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'Skeletorus' and 'Sparklemuffin' the Newest Spiders

Two gorgeous new species of peacock spiders nicknamed 'Skeletorus' and 'Sparklemuffin' have been discovered in Australia.

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Corpse Bride: Lizard Necrophilia Reported in Brazil

A recent report of a male black-and-white tegus attempting to mate with a dead female in Brazil raises the question: Why are some animals necrophiliacs?

Fri 27 Feb 15 from National Geographic

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Research of plain wren duets could help further understand fundamentals of conversation

Known for their beautiful singing duets, plain wrens of Costa Rica perform precise phrase-by-phrase modifications to the duration between two consecutive phrases, achieving careful coordination ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from

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Study IDs key birds that host Lyme disease bacteria in California

Birds are more important than previously recognized as hosts for Lyme disease-causing bacteria in California, according to a study led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

Wed 25 Feb 15 from Medical Xpress

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Feds spot third baby orca born recently to imperiled pods

(AP)U.S. scientists following endangered killer whales from a research vessel have spotted a newborn orca off the coast of Washington state.

Thu 26 Feb 15 from

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Good News, Northerners: Birds from Harsher Climates Are Smarter

You won't see a chickadee shoveling out a parking space and claiming it with a folding chair, no matter how good your binoculars are. But birds, too, have to be resourceful when they live in ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from Discover Magazine

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How the 'mute' cicada sings

"Mute" cicadas may use the sound of wing impact to communicate, according to a study published February 25, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Changqing Luo from Northwest A&F University, ...

Wed 25 Feb 15 from

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