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Kenya northern white rhinos: Vets harvest eggs from last two females

It is hoped the unprecedented procedure will prevent the extinction of the northern white rhino.

7 hours ago from BBC News

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Ancient plants reproduce in the UK as global warming increases

Its not something thats happened with a short-term mild spell. Its a longer-term warming which is making these things happen.

Fri 23 Aug 19 from ZME Science

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Migrating mule deer don't need directions: study

How do big-game animals know where to migrate across hundreds of miles of vast Wyoming landscapes year after year?

11 hours ago from

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Mosquitoes push northern limits with time-capsule eggs to survive winters

When the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) arrived in the United States in the 1980s, it took the invasive blood-sucker only one year to spread from Houston to St. Louis. New research ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Genetic diversity couldn't save Darwin's finches

A study by the University of Cincinnati found that Charles Darwin's famous finches defy what has long been considered a key to evolutionary success: genetic diversity.

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Scientists use honey and wild salmon to trace industrial metals in the environment

Scientists have combined analyses from honey and salmon to show how lead from natural and industrial sources gets distributed throughout the environment. By analysing the relative presence of ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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Five dolphins die after Broome beach stranding

All five dolphins have died on a beach at Broome's Roebuck Bay after they were found stranded at low tide.

Tue 20 Aug 19 from ABC Science

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Queen bees face increased chance of execution if they mate with two males rather than one

Queen stingless bees face an increased risk of being executed by worker bees if they mate with two males rather than one, according to new research by the University of Sussex and the University ...

Tue 20 Aug 19 from

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When sleep is the imperative

Study finds some migrating birds put it ahead of security.

Mon 19 Aug 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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Scientists aim to solve 'male-killing' evolutionary puzzle in insects

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are leading a new international project to investigate the curious phenomenon of 'male-killing' microbes in insects.

Mon 19 Aug 19 from

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