Plants lace their nectar with drugs to make bees return

Honeybees are extraordinary animals, and for years scientists have looked at them for inspiration to develop new technologies from artificial hive mind computers to explosive detectors. Bees have been truly gifted by nature, and we’re only starting to unravel the many abilities these fantastic insects possess. Recently, researchers at Newcastle University have found that bees enjoy [...]Bees use caffeine to boost memory and remember plants better is a post from ZME Science. (c) ZME Science - All Rights Reserved. Thank you for being a subscriber, Download your very own FREE copy of our recently released e-book "Our Incredible World, Like You've Never Seen It Before". Follow ZME Science on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Plants lace their nectar with drugs to make bees return

Pollinators return to the same plants to get their hit of caffeinated nectar

Fri 8 Mar 13 from Newscientist

Coffee and Citrus Plants Boost Bee Memory With Caffeine

Caffeine has been a part of human cultural heritage for more than five thousand years. From ancient teas and coffees to todays energy drink craze, you could say that as a species, we're hooked. ...

Thu 7 Mar 13 from Discover Magazine

Caffeine's buzz attracts bees to flowers

Nectar of some blooms carries the drug, which improves bee memory

Thu 7 Mar 13 from ScienceNews

ScienceShot: Caffeine Improves Memory in Bees

Plants drug pollinators to keep them coming back

Thu 7 Mar 13 from Science Now

Bees get a buzz from caffeine

Scientists have today shown that caffeine improves a honeybee's memory and could help the plant recruit more bees to spread its pollen.

Thu 7 Mar 13 from

Bees dig a caffeine buzz too. But why?

Bees receiving low doses of caffeine had improved memory, and that's good for plant pollination.

Sat 9 Mar 13 from Dvice

Bees Buzzing on Caffeine

Coffee and citrus plants use caffeine to manipulate the memory of honeybees, a new study says.

Fri 8 Mar 13 from National Geographic

Plants give honeybees a boost of caffeine so insects return to pollinate

Researchers at Newcastle University found that the nectar of some flowers contains caffeine, and that this gives bees' memories a boost.

Fri 8 Mar 13 from Daily Mail

Caffeine amps up bees' memory, study finds

Experiments show that honeybees are three times as likely to remember a floral scent a day later if the nectar contains a bit of caffeine.Think coffee's just the drug of choice for humans looking ...

Fri 8 Mar 13 from L.A. Times


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