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Real Robots to Help Fight Ebola

Robots aren't ready to help fight ebola right now, but within a few months, they might be

8 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Robots recognizes humans in disaster environments

Through a computational algorithm, a team of researchers has developed a neural network that allows a small robot to detect different patterns, such as images, fingerprints, handwriting, faces, ...

3 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Video Friday: Keecker Not a Robot, Drone Racing, and Robotics Tipping Point

Your weekly dose of robot videos

Fri 17 Oct 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Germ-zapping robot could support war against Ebola (w/ Video)

Some years ago, when Ebola was not in any global news headlines, researchers presented their paper, "Use of Medical Robotics in Biothreat Situations" to an American Medical Informatics Association ...

Sat 18 Oct 14 from

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Robot project envisions factories where more people want to work

Rather than taking jobs, robots will one day soon join people on the factory floor, as co-workers and collaborators. That's the vision of a EUR 6.5 million project led by Stockholm's KTH Royal ...

Wed 15 Oct 14 from

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Robot Teams Practice for Japan Volcano Monitoring

Aerial robots carrying ground robots and sampling equipment prepare to explore active volcanoes

Tue 14 Oct 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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US Students Design Robot to Locate Unexploded Underwater Mines

Many educators believe that hands-on experience is the best way to learn. A project developed by a group of students at the Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, New Jersey is proving ...

Wed 15 Oct 14 from Voice of America

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Can we teach robots right from wrong?

From performing surgery and flying planes to babysitting kids and driving cars, today's robots can do it all. With chatbots such as Eugene Goostman recently being hailed as "passing" the Turing ...

Tue 14 Oct 14 from

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Apple and retail partners prepare for launch of Apple Pay

It's almost time to start paying for things with your iPhone 6 instead of plastic. Last month, Apple said its Apple Pay mobile payments service would launch in October, and new information ...

Mon 13 Oct 14 from The Verge

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Robot Snakes Teach Scientists How Sidewinders Move

Elizabeth the robot snake gave scientists insight into sand dune travel

Sun 12 Oct 14 from TIME

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