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Elon Musk warns that people thinking negatively about self-driving cars could kill

If people are dissuaded from using autonomous vehicles then there's far more chance they'll die in a crash, the Tesla founder warned

Fri 21 Oct 16 from The Independent

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That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot

From the outside, the single-engine Cessna Caravan that took off from a small airport here on Monday looked unremarkable. But inside the cockpit, in the right seat, a robot with spindly metal ...

Tue 18 Oct 16 from

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How can the smart effect help build human-robot trust?

Strategic messaging that precedes human-robot interaction can help build the trust needed for effective human-robot communication and positive interaction outcomes, according to a study published ...

Wed 19 Oct 16 from

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New mobile robot to support agri-tech experiments in the field

Scientists at the University of Lincoln, UK, have taken delivery of an advanced new mobile robot to support agri-tech experiments at the University's agricultural field station.

Wed 19 Oct 16 from

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Robot, Get the Fork Out of My Sink

Better vision and manipulation could help robots move into factories and even homes.

Tue 18 Oct 16 from MIT Technology Review

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Robot babies from Japan raise all sorts of questions about how parents bond with AI

Driven by a declining population, a trend for developing robotic babies has emerged in Japan as a means of encouraging couples to become "parents". The approaches taken vary widely and are driven ...

Mon 17 Oct 16 from

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This robot can work up a sweat doing pushups

Meet Kengoro, a humanoid robot. A video starts with a rather surprising sight of a robot doing what looks like an expert floor exercise. You see the robot during its workout, using the strength ...

Sat 15 Oct 16 from TechXplore

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Learning to Prosper in a Factory Town

Greenville, South Carolina, has bet its future on high-tech manufacturing. Who wins and who loses in this increasingly automated economy?

Tue 18 Oct 16 from MIT Technology Review

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Meet Sawyer, the friendly robot that wants to disrupt manufacturing and education

Sawyer can do just about anything, even 'wink'.

Tue 18 Oct 16 from ZME Science

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Watch A Plucky Little Robot That Wants to Play

MIT Technology Review meets Cozmo the robot.

Fri 14 Oct 16 from MIT Technology Review

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