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Kubo, the robot that teaches kids to code, is now available for preorder

 We saw tons of new stuffat CES this year. But one thing that particularly caught our eye was Kubo, the robot that teaches kids how to code. Kubo is a pretty simple robot – it’s ...

13 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Lessons learned when commercialization of a new soft robot fails

Commercializing a new, innovative product is often the greatest challenge across the research and development landscape, as is evident in the failed attempt to bring jamming-based robotic gripper ...

17 hours ago from

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Panasonic robots take temp jobs at airport and hotel

When you visit a Japanese airport or hotel this month don't be surprised if some staff are little plastic robots eager to help. Panasonic Corporation is currently conducting tests of ...

Mon 16 Jan 17 from Gizmag

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EU to vote on declaring robots to be 'electronic persons'

Resolution to grant robots legal status in order to hold them 'responsible for acts or omissions' passed by European Parliament legal affairs committee

Sat 14 Jan 17 from The Independent

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Home robot to nudge older people to stay social and active

A home robot called ElliQ is designed to connect older people to online services and proactively pipe up with activity suggestions

Wed 11 Jan 17 from Newscientist

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Trust issues: Users more gullible when they customize their technology

Cheery robots may give people the creeps and serious robots may actually ease anxiety depending on how users perceive the robot''s role in their lives, according to an international team of ...

Wed 11 Jan 17 from

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EU to debate robot legal rights, mandatory "kill switches"

A draft report submitted to the European Parliament's legal affairs committee has recommended that robots be equipped with a "kill switch" in order to manage the potential dangers in ...

Thu 12 Jan 17 from Gizmag

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China turns to robots as workers age

Flat, orange robots glide under stationary cars and ferry them to empty Chinese parking bays, using space more efficiently and, their creators say, reducing driver stress.

Thu 12 Jan 17 from

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Monkeys Mourn the Death of Their Robo-baby

I talk a lot about robots. I love robots, even though they totally terrify me. And one of the more interesting things I’ve noticed recently is how animals (including us humans) react to ...

Thu 12 Jan 17 from

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Forget Amazon's Echo: Meet Peeqo, the robot that communicates entirely through GIFs (and you can even build your own)

Peeqo is a personal assistant robot that communicates with GIFs. Created by a student at New York University, it uses Google Speech API and to listen and respond to your queries. ...

Tue 10 Jan 17 from Daily Mail

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