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UC Berkeley's Salto Is the Most Agile Jumping Robot Ever

The secret to agile animals is their ability to make repetitive very high jumps, and Salto is the first robot that can do the same

34 minutes ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Scientists develop robotic hand for people with quadriplegia

Scientists have developed a mind-controlled robotic hand that allows people with certain types of spinal injuries to perform everyday tasks such as using a fork or drinking from a cup.

4 minutes ago from

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Baby robots help humans understand infant development

To understand the world, human beings fabricate and experiment. To understand ourselves and how we come to be the way we are, researchers are currently building baby robots with mechanisms that ...

Mon 5 Dec 16 from

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Autonomous droid makes first fast-food delivery

Just Eat claims to have made the world's first-ever online food delivery using a self-driving robot. As part of its pilot with Starship Technologies, the takeaway food firm dispatched ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from Gizmag

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Bipedal Atlas is able to sort out where to step amidst messy rubble

(Tech Xplore)—Humanoid robot Atlas is back. On the go again. Lots of attention has been paid for some time over how this bipedal robot shows promise. Robotics experts are showing Atlas act out ...

Fri 2 Dec 16 from TechXplore

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Creepy life-like sex robots modelled on celebrities could soon allow fans to live out their fantasies

London-based Dr David Levy, author of 'Love and Sex with Robots', has said in the future it will be common to find sex robots modelled on celebrities.

Mon 5 Dec 16 from Daily Mail

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This Robot Crosses Rough Ground Like a Human Does

By testing the ground beneath its feet, it can work out how to make its move.

Fri 2 Dec 16 from MIT Technology Review

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Two Taiwanese teenagers win World Robot Olympiad in India

Whizzing around a green felt table chasing a soccer ball beaming infrared light, the boxy robot shoots—and scores—and wins its Taiwanese teenage creators first prize at this year's student robot ...

Mon 28 Nov 16 from

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Robots Deployed To Help Black Friday Shoppers Deal With The Insanity

No, not by helping you shoplift mass quantities of goods the way Bender might if you took him to the mall. These robots are all about providing the more traditional (and legal) kind […]

Fri 25 Nov 16 from

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Parker Posey Will Play Dr. Smith and Now We Suddenly Care a Lot About Netflix's Lost in Space 

The news that Netflix was making a new version of Lost in Space was always only sort of interesting. It’s a show that’s ripe for a reboot in the landscape of turning old TV shows and movies ...

Tue 22 Nov 16 from Gizmodo

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