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Flying, Walking Vampire Bat Robot Is Back

With new, foldable wings, DALER is more capable (and bat-like) than ever

Thu 22 Jan 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Redesigned Atlas robot can walk tether-free

Like a teenager going off to college, DARPA's Atlas robot has cut the tether and is walking on its own without a safety line. The centerpiece of this year's DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), the ...

Fri 23 Jan 15 from Gizmag

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Watch sad Vladmir Putin gaze wistfully at a robot-driven ATV

This week, the Russian military presented Vladimir Putin with a humanoid robot that looks like a Daft Punk stand-in and is reportedly capable of both shooting a handgun and, as seen ...

Thu 22 Jan 15 from The Verge

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This Lego Robot Thinks Like A Worm—And Soon You Can Build Your Own

A Lego robot programmed to act like a roundworm may signal the next big leap for artificial intelligence. The Open Worm Project is a group of programmers and scientists…

Thu 22 Jan 15 from Popular Science

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Artificial intelligence future wows Davos elite

From the robot that washes your clothes to the robot that marks homework: the future world of artificial intelligence wowed the Davos elite Thursday, but the rosy picture came with a warning.

Thu 22 Jan 15 from

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Davos 2015: Robots less dangerous than stupid people

Computers cannot mimic two year-olds and tell jokes, let alone be sociopathic, say two leading artificial intelligence experts.

Wed 21 Jan 15 from Science

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Japan selling talking robots that won't try to make sense

The scientist behind a new talking robot in Japan says people should stop expecting robots to understand them, and instead try to chime in with robotic conversations.

Tue 20 Jan 15 from

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Robotbase's Personal Robot Promises Tons of Features, Impressive Hardware

This Kickstarter project is creating a compelling robot platform, but can it deliver?

Wed 21 Jan 15 from IEEE Spectrum

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Meccanoid G15 KS brings Meccano into the robot age

Meccano is one of those toys with a very strong nostalgia element, involving memories of hours spent bolting together a toy wheelbarrow or a coffee table-size Forth Bridge. But 21st century ...

Tue 20 Jan 15 from Gizmag

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UW Computer Scientists Enhance Robotic Manufacturing

Some industrial robots are hulking, highly specialized pieces of machinery that are cordoned off by cages from human factory workers. But manufacturers have also begun experimenting with a ...

Thu 22 Jan 15 from Newswise

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