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Japan To Use Robots In Schools For Improving English Skills

In a bid to improve the English skills of both teachers and students, Japan is turning to robots and artificial intelligence. Japan’s Ministry of Education will launch a trial and put ...

50 minutes ago from Ubergizmo

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China shows off automated doctors, teachers and combat stars

Robots that can diagnose diseases, play badminton and wow audiences with their musical skills are among the machines China hopes could revolutionise its economy, with visitors to a Beijing exhibition ...

Sun 19 Aug 18 from

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Future robot swarms should copy lazy ants who let others do the work

The optimum strategy for tunnelling ants is to leave all of the digging to just a few workers. Swarms of robots could use similar techniques for clearing rubble

Thu 16 Aug 18 from Newscientist

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Robots have power to 'significantly influence' children, study reveals

Researchers say it raises concerns about the negative influence machines might have on vulnerable youngsters

Wed 15 Aug 18 from The Independent

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Robots as tools and partners in rehabilitation

In future decades, the need for effective strategies for medical rehabilitation will increase significantly, because patients' rate of survival after diseases with severe functional deficits, ...

Fri 17 Aug 18 from

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Director Tony Kaye puts out casting call for robots to star in next feature film

Watch out humans, robots could soon compete for your acting roles. Director Tony Kaye is looking to cast an AI robot for his upcoming film '2nd Born,' the sequel to the yet-to-be-released ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from Daily Mail

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Replacing your boss with a cruel robot could make you concentrate more

A mean robot watching over you increases your focus on the most important parts of a task more than a friendly robot or even no robot at all

Thu 16 Aug 18 from Newscientist

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Image: DLR's Rollin' Justin robot

This Friday 17 August, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst will be directing this humanoid robot Rollin' Justin based in the DLR German Aerospace Center establishment in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany ...

Thu 16 Aug 18 from

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Aerial-Biped Is a Quadrotor With Legs That Can Fly-Walk

Walking around wouldn't be nearly so hard if you could just shut gravity off for a bit

Mon 13 Aug 18 from IEEE Spectrum

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Robots will never replace teachers but can boost children's education

Robots can play an important role in the education of young people but will never fully replace teachers, a new study suggests.

Wed 15 Aug 18 from TechXplore

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