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Cozmo: Kids get programming boost with drag-and-drop interface

(Tech Xplore)ŚCozmo is a little robot with a big robotic brain. That's how Anki, the team behind Cozmo, describes it.

4 hours ago from TechXplore

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Flying drones wheel it when necessary

Flying drones are fast and they aren't stopped by rough terrain, so why would we even want to bother with ones that move along the ground? Well, for one thing, ground-based travel requires ...

Mon 26 Jun 17 from Gizmag

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Robots to help children with autism

New research involving the University of Portsmouth is aiming to develop robots to help children with autism in ways humans can't.

20 minutes ago from

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A new robot from the TheCorpora Robotic Company has been launched on Indiegogo, where you can order them, in kit form and fully built, for delivery in December. One is an open source standard ...

Mon 26 Jun 17 from iProgrammer

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Video Friday: Self-Driving Potato, NASA at Mars, and Autonomous Sumo Robots

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Fri 23 Jun 17 from IEEE Spectrum

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UK Robotics Week highlights expertise and potential for mechanical assistants

Jason Ford News editor There doesn’t appear to be much middle ground when it comes to discussions about robotics and automated systems. The automotive industry has had robotic operatives ...

Mon 26 Jun 17 from The Engineer

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Snake robots to assist astronauts

Norwegian researchers are looking into how a snake robot might carry out maintenance work on the International Space Station (ISS), study comets, and explore the possibility of living and working ...

Wed 21 Jun 17 from

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Kuri the home robot can recognise your pets

Mayfield Robotics based in Redwood City, California, has created a robot that can recognise pets and notify family members on what they're doing through a smartphone app.

Thu 22 Jun 17 from Daily Mail

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Trench-digging may be replaced by a tunnelling robot

Installing things like underground water/gas pipes or telecommunications cable conduits can be a very disruptive process. Typically a trench has to be dug first, which is subsequently ...

Wed 21 Jun 17 from Gizmag

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— The following contains SPOILERS for Transformers: The Last Knight — Is Transformers: The Last Knight good? I don’t know what that question even means for the Transformers ...

Thu 22 Jun 17 from

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