AI Startup Embodied Intelligence Wants Robots to Learn From Humans in Virtual Reality

If there’s one simple skill roboticists would love to steal from humans, it’s our ability to pick things up. Apples or eggs, pens or power drills; it doesn’t matter to us. Our hands are dextrous, able to grasp a range of shapes, and — more importantly — we can calculate how to handle any object we’ve not seen before in a flash. Robots, by comparison, are slow and clumsy butterfingers. Their hardware is capable of doing the actual grasping, but they get confused by even tiny changes in size, shape, or position. This is a big a problem if we ever want robots to be helpful around the house, or if we want to improve their utility in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. A startup named Embodied Intelligence is one of a crop... Continue reading…

AI Startup Embodied Intelligence Wants Robots to Learn From Humans in Virtual Reality

A new startup from UC Berkeley and OpenAI engineers is bringing learning and adaptability to robotic manipulation

Wed 8 Nov 17 from IEEE Spectrum

Startup to train robots like puppets

Robots today must be programmed by writing computer code, but imagine donning a VR headset and virtually guiding a robot through a task, like you would move the arms of a puppet, and then letting ...

Wed 8 Nov 17 from TechXplore

These AI Hotshots Plan to Reboot Manufacturing by Jumping Inside Robots

The startup Embodied Intelligence is developing smart manufacturing robots that learn from human workers through virtual reality.

Tue 7 Nov 17 from MIT Technology Review

Embodied Intelligence Wants to Teach Robots With Virtual Reality

Embodied Intelligence wants to make it easier for anyone to teach robots new tasks. It's like a VR videogame, only you get to control a hulking robot.

Tue 7 Nov 17 from Wired Science

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