Image of the Day: The Imitation Game

A research project from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands created the latest iteration of the DelFly robot called the Nimble. It’s a super agile robot with a quad-wing flapping system, and it’s capable of flying just as nimbly as a real winged insect. Using its four wings, the DelFly can control three axes of flight, and it goes left or right by changing the way each one of its wings flap. It’s eerily similar to a real insect. Currently, the DelFly can fly around for more than five minutes on a full battery with a range of more than 1 kilometer (0.62 miles). The DelFly can handle flying on the three axes of flight You might be asking yourself, “What can a flying robot be used for?” The DelFly’s project page states... Continue reading…

Image of the Day: The Imitation Game

A bioinspired robot helps researchers study insect flight.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from The Scientist

Watch this robotic fruit fly swoop, dive and perform impressive flips

DelFly is a robot that flies through a room with as much agility as a real fly using its flappy wings. It is also helping researchers understand how insects move

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Newscientist

DelFly Nimble MAV is the closest thing yet to a robot fruit fly

For 13 years now, a Dutch research team has been building autonomous flying robots inspired by the humble fruit fly. Now, with the DelFly Nimble, they've achieved their closest mimic ...

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Gizmag

Robotic-flapper maneuvers and fruitfly turns

Thu 13 Sep 18 from Science Now

Novel flying robot mimics rapid insect flight

A novel insect-inspired flying robot, developed by TU Delft researchers from the Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab), is presented in Science (14 September 2018). Experiments with this first ...

Thu 13 Sep 18 from TechXplore

Watch this robot fly like a real insect

The DelFly is a super light, super agile robot that flies like a real insect. By using a quad-wing flapping system, this odd little bot can flit, hover, and land like a fruit fly. Part of a ...

Fri 14 Sep 18 from TechCrunch

WATCH: Flapping Robot Sheds Light On How Fruit Flies Move

The scientists were inspired by the super-agile fruit fly. And by designing this robot, they've figured out some of the mysteries of one of the fly's fanciest maneuvers.

Thu 13 Sep 18 from KQED Science


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