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Digital native fallacy: Teachers still know better when it comes to using technology

Members of today's younger Net Generation aren't more tech savvy than their teachers just because they were born into a world full of computers. In fact, if it weren't for the coaxing and support ...

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Autocratic leaders who sign human-rights treaties seek political gain, not material benefits, study says

Since World War II, more than 45 international human-rights treaties have been signed by many of the world's roughly 200 countries. But why do some states sign such accords, especially if they ...

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Highly connected CEOs more likely to broker mergers and acquisitions that harm firms

Chief executive officers with extensive social connections to board members, executives at other firms, bankers and other financial market participants initiate mergers and acquisitions more ...

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Cadavers beat computers for learning anatomy

Despite the growing popularity of using computer simulation to help teach college anatomy, students learn much better through the traditional use of human cadavers, according to new research ...

Thu 16 Oct 14 from

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Gypsies and travellers on the English Green Belt

The battle between Gypsies, Travellers and the settled community over how land can be used has moved to the Green Belt, observes Peter Kabachnik of the City University of New York.

Fri 17 Oct 14 from

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Carolina on My Mind: A New MedPage Today Partnership

(MedPage Today) -- Introducing the newest member of the MedPage Today family: North Carolina Health News.

1 hours ago from MedPageToday

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Millennials uneducated on important clothing care skills, study finds

As more and more high schools around the country drop home economics classes due to budget cuts or changes in educational priorities, many high school students are left without basic skills, ...

Tue 14 Oct 14 from

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Diversity in medical education: It's not so black and white anymore

A perspective piece in this week's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine from a student at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine addresses the evolution of diversity ...

Wed 15 Oct 14 from

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Partisan lenses: Beauty lies in your political affiliation

Have you ever noticed you find your candidate for political office more attractive than the opponent? New research from Cornell University shows you're not the only one.

Wed 15 Oct 14 from

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Scientists caught in Chinese anti-corruption sweep

Researchers allegedly embezzled funding for science 'megaprojects'.

Thu 16 Oct 14 from Nature News

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