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Schools need to encourage broader participation in science learning outside of the classroom

Schools are failing to offer sufficient opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to engage in science-based learning outside of the classroom, and should be doing more to open up ...

18 hours ago from

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Professor calls for federal guarantee of quality education for kids

American children, no matter where they live or what school they attend, deserve to be guaranteed a quality education, much as we guarantee a safety net for seniors, argued Professor Marta Tienda ...

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Polarization for controversial scientific issues increases with more education

A commonly proposed solution to help diffuse the political and religious polarization surrounding controversial scientific issues like evolution or climate change is education.

Mon 21 Aug 17 from

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Frontline supervisors use micro-power strategies to cope with middle-manager status

Probation and parole officers and their frontline supervisors widely differ on their views of the power of the frontline supervisor, according to a new study that includes a University of Kansas ...

Tue 22 Aug 17 from

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Racial stereotypes influence perception of NFL quarterbacks

Racial stereotypes affect the public's perception of NFL quarterbacks and may, in some cases, become a self-fulfilling prophecy for black athletes, new University of Colorado Boulder research ...

Mon 21 Aug 17 from

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He complains she shops too much—and marriage suffers

(HealthDay)—It's sometimes a case of "till shopping do us part."

18 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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ASU students live with Echo Dots while learning voice-control tech

Engineering students at Arizona State University can opt into an interesting new program meant to give students access to voice-controlled technology while they learn about it in the ...

Thu 17 Aug 17 from Engadget

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Elevated testosterone causes bull market trading

Since the first stock market in Amsterdam in the 17th century, trading floors have been dominated by men. It turns out testosterone may be responsible for some of the dramatic bubbles and crashes ...

Wed 16 Aug 17 from Medical Xpress

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Teenage bitcoin millionaire is back with a better Botangle

 Erik Finman gained notoriety and a certain fame as a 14-year-old entrepreneur and bitcoin investor who’d managed to turn a $1,000 investment in the cryptocurrency into more than ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from TechCrunch

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