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When shareholders exacerbate their own banks' crisis

Banks are increasingly issuing 'CoCo' bonds to boost the levels of equity they hold. In a crisis situation, bondholders are forced to convert these bonds into a bank's equity. To date, such ...

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Employees of small, locally owned businesses have more company loyalty, study finds

Employees who work at small, locally owned businesses have the highest level of loyalty to their employers—and for rural workers, size and ownership of their company figure even more into their ...

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Banking culture primes people to cheat

Individual bankers behave honestly — except when they think about their jobs.

Wed 19 Nov 14 from Nature News

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Firms pressure sales people to invest in costly internal negotiations

In many firms sales people spend as much time negotiating internally for lower prices as they do interacting with customers. A new study appearing in the November issue of Marketing Science, ...

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Revealing political partisanship a bad idea on resumes

Displaced political aides looking for a new, nonpartisan job in the wake of the midterm power shuffle may fare better if they tone down any political references on their resumes, finds a new ...

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Professional majors strengthen the mission of liberal arts colleges

Faced with declining enrollment and rising costs, some small liberal arts colleges have added professional and vocational majors, a decision University of Iowa researchers say has strengthened ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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2008 Lacey Act Amendment successful in reducing US imports of illegally logged wood

Recently published research by U.S. Forest Service economist Jeff Prestemon supports the contention that the 2008 Lacey Act Amendment reduced the supply of illegally harvested wood from South ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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New report explores NYC students' pathways into and through college

A new report from the Research Alliance for New York City Schools gives a first look at patterns of college enrollment, persistence, and completion for New York City high school students.

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US Students Use Physics, Creativity to Create Whimsical Machine

High school and college students throughout Los Angeles have been preparing for a machine building competition that challenges their science and creativity skills, as well as their patience.  ...

20 hours ago from Voice of America

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