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Professor says people are turning to 'socially mediated vigilante justice' to right perceived wrongs

The internet loves creating villains: People get caught on camera or social media behaving badly, the post or video goes viral and anyone with a computer or smartphone piles on and fans the ...

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Pediatricians say no to spanking

(HealthDay)—Most U.S. pediatricians say spanking is a bad way to discipline children.

2 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Three-minute thesis: War on waste – it's not just plastic bags

How much of a threat is hydatid disease to Australia's beef industry, and what can be done to combat it?

Sun 17 Jun 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Dads often earn more, even if they're not harder workers

When it comes to earning potential, it pays to be a dad, new UBC research suggests.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from

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ExCITe Center releases first national study of K-12 education makerspaces

Drexel University's ExCITe Center released Making Culture, the first in-depth examination of K-12 education makerspaces nationwide, revealing the significance of cultural aspects of making that ...

Thu 14 Jun 18 from

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Study identifies key challenges when communicating potential policies

A team of Cambridge researchers sets out to define a new science for policy communications, with ambitions of finding the "Goldilocks zone" between too much and not enough information when informing ...

Thu 14 Jun 18 from

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IKEA Sets Science-Based GHG Emissions Targets

Global furniture giant IKEA Group has announced new greenhouse gas emission reduction targets this week that have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative and will ensure the company's ...

Fri 15 Jun 18 from CleanTechnica

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Research finds fair classroom practices disarm threat of evaluation retaliation

While tuition inflation presents a challenge for many college-bound students, an area of growing concern for many universities is "grade inflation"—in part caused when instructors grade more ...

Wed 13 Jun 18 from

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The new trailer for Luke Cage season 2 puts black women front and center

The first couple of trailers for the second season of Netflix and Marvel’s Luke Cage seemed like they were meant to get fans hyped about the new villains the bulletproof protector ...

Tue 12 Jun 18 from The Verge

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Farmers increasingly relying on agricultural contractors, new research shows

More farmers are relying on external companies to carry out major work, new research shows.

Tue 12 Jun 18 from

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