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Uniting community development efforts could benefit members of underserved communities

Research shows that wealth inequality creates barriers to community development, due to the widespread effects of poverty. A report by the United Nations Children's Fund shows that more than ...

7 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Migrating to the Mediterranean makes Britons unhappier, says research

Migrating to the Mediterranean in search of a better lifestyle makes people unhappier than if they stayed at home, the British Sociological Association's annual conference in Leeds heard today ...

7 hours ago from

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High school seniors conquer watery ketchup with 3D-printed bottle cap

3D printers have produced some pretty amazing (and scary) stuff, and now a pair of high school seniors have successfully used the tech to ensure they'll never have to eat a soggy hotdog again. ...

3 hours ago from Engadget

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Ask yourself: Will you help the environment?

Whether it's recycling, composting or buying environmentally friendly products, guilt can be a strong motivator—not just on Earth Day.

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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How often are unauthorized immigrant workers trafficked and abused?

Labor trafficking – or recruiting a person for labor through force, fraud, or coercion for involuntary servitude, debt bondage, or even slavery – has been a difficult problem to track among ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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Researchers find mentor programs often harm, more than help first-year science teachers

New teachers deal with a multitude of challenges during their first year in the classroom, which is why many school districts develop mentoring programs to ease that transition. But a new Iowa ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from

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Teachers' scare tactics may lead to lower exam scores

As the school year winds down and final exams loom, teachers may want to avoid reminding students of the bad consequences of failing a test because doing so could lead to lower scores, according ...

Mon 21 Apr 14 from

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ScienceShot: Physics Predicts U.S. Voting Patterns

Properties of magnetized iron show strong resemblance to party affiliation

10 minutes ago from Science Now

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Teachers angry at online insults

Online social media is being misused to insult, intimidate and smear staff in schools, says a teachers' union.

Mon 21 Apr 14 from BBC Technology

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Longest experiment sees pitch drop after 84-year wait

The longest-running experiment in the world has for the first time glimpsed a drop of viscous pitch fall – although the event comes too late for one man

Thu 17 Apr 14 from Newscientist

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