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In the surcharge blame game, companies tend to finish last

Companies may bear the brunt of the blame for imposing surcharges on consumers, even when an outside agency foisted those charges on the company, according to an international team of researchers.

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Study calls for industry legislation to build a better future in developing countries

New research from the University of Portsmouth has called for stronger industry legislation in developing countries to help fight business monopolies reducing competition.

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Lego Education’s Unveils New Space-Themed Sets for Annual Competition

This week, Lego Education showed off two themed sets that participants will use for next year’s FIRST Lego League competition. Lego has once again joined up with FIRST, a science and tech-focused ...

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Top 5 Ads Of The Week: Solange And Uniqlo, Spotify’s Bowie MTA

The Rock’s telling stories for Under Armour, Greenpeace imagines the ocean of the future, and Uppersafe sews paranoia into the connected home. So that was quite a week, eh? Of course, ...

55 minutes ago from Fastcompany Tech

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Here’s how hackers could cause chaos in this year’s US midterm election

Despite efforts to boost security, critical parts of America’s voting infrastructure are still vulnerable to cyberattack.

Wed 18 Apr 18 from MIT Technology Review

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Fake Starbucks coupon aimed at blacks uses the N word

Starbucks said it had nothing to do with the voucher circulating on social media.        

Wed 18 Apr 18 from USA today

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US judges should do more than simply 'apply the law' when it demands cruel sentences

In a paper published by the Virginia Journal of Criminal Law, experts argue for strategies to help judges resolve conflicts between their morals and the letter of the law. The paper uses mandatory ...

Wed 18 Apr 18 from

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Study suggests social workers could help families navigate foreclosure, protect the American Dream

Community-based service professionals think that helping clients navigate a financial crisis—such as foreclosure—is a good idea.

Wed 18 Apr 18 from

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Brexit backer Banks denies allegation he misused data in campaign

LONDON (Reuters) - A prominent campaigner to leave the European Union, Arron Banks, denied allegations on Tuesday by a former employee of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica that he had ...

Tue 17 Apr 18 from Reuters Technology

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