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Obama Demands the Facts on Election Hacks

A report will investigate who was behind the myriad security breaches in this year’s presidential race.

2 minutes ago from MIT Technology Review

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Mobile money access lifted two percent of Kenyan households out of poverty: study

Since 2008, MIT economist Tavneet Suri has studied the financial and social impacts of Kenyan mobile-money services, which allow users to store and exchange monetary values via mobile phone. ...

22 hours ago from

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Hillary Clinton warns of 'fake news epidemic'

Losing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says the spread of "fake news" threatens the US.

11 hours ago from BBC Technology

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The Uber driver trying to support his family: 'We are not earning enough'

Abdurzak Hadi, whose 10-year-old son has leukaemia, is struggling to make ends meet but feels he has nowhere else to goAbdurzak Hadi has worked as a minicab driver for 10 years and as an Uber ...

5 hours ago from

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Research explains why some presents are great to give but not to receive

Several years ago, Elanor Williams' parents gave her a large Himalayan salt block for Christmas, knowing how much she loved cooking and entertaining. Although she appreciated the gesture, she ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from

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Italian scientists won’t miss departing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

Italy’s youngest leader failed to walk the talk when it came to boosting research, academics say.

2 hours ago from Nature News

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Wait times at polls in 2016 election improved in several key states, new survey results show

While many voters reported long lines at polling locations around the country during the 2012 presidential election, this year the overall amount of time people had to wait to vote improved ...

Thu 8 Dec 16 from

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United's overhead bin charge is confusing, probably on purpose

As if holiday travels aren’t stressful enough already, United Airlines will somehow make it even more annoying to head home. Earlier this month, it announced a new pricing tier, Basic ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from The Verge

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Take the time and effort to correct misinformation

Scientists should challenge online falsehoods and inaccuracies — and harness the collective power of the Internet to fight back, argues Phil Williamson.

Tue 6 Dec 16 from Nature News

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Necrophilia—most offensive of offences, but no one prosecuted

No case of necrophilia has ever come before UK courts, although British awareness of the offence is high - and was further raised by some of the most distressing revelations about Jimmy Savile's ...

Wed 7 Dec 16 from

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