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Uber loses tribunal as court rules drivers are ‘workers’

The outcome of the case brought by two drivers could have huge implications for more than 30,000 drivers across England and Wales

8 hours ago from Newscientist

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Racism still rife against black and minority ethnic teachers in England

A University of Huddersfield professor has developed a theory that black and minority ethnic (BME) teachers and academics in England depend on "white sanction" in order to fulfil their potential.

9 hours ago from

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Pirate party prepares for first major win in Iceland elections

Polls show that the anti-establishment Pirate Party, which calls for direct democracy and greater transparency, could sweep to power in elections on Saturday

8 hours ago from Newscientist

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Turnout for mayoral elections abysmally low

A new study released Thursday by researchers at Portland State University—part of its Who Votes for Mayor project—detail the shockingly low voter turnout that is now typical in elections for ...

Thu 27 Oct 16 from

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Modest gains, but US students still lag in science learning

The vast majority of U.S. students still lack a solid grasp of science despite some modest gains by fourth and eighth graders, especially girls and minorities.

Thu 27 Oct 16 from

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Study examines immigrants' influence on trade

A new study from The University of Texas at Dallas shows that firms are significantly more likely to trade with countries that have large resident populations living near the headquarters.

Thu 27 Oct 16 from

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Rise of the screens: YouTube most popular digital content in Australian classrooms

A QUT report suggests Australian schools should be more flexible with the use of YouTube and other social media platforms to embrace new trends in 'edutainment', allowing teachers to maximize ...

Thu 27 Oct 16 from

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Money can buy happiness but it's costly to bank on that without measuring debt

Yes, money can lead to happiness, but how much debt one has should also be considered in the money-happiness equation, according to a new a study from Purdue University.

Wed 26 Oct 16 from

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New evidence that politics, not economics, drives inequality

One of the biggest surprises about rising income inequality in the United States may be that economic factors aren't the biggest cause, a new study suggests.

Wed 26 Oct 16 from

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