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Unfair treatment by police linked to physiological impacts among black men

Advocates of proactive policing model argue that stopping and searching law abiding citizens is a minor inconvenience. However, researchers from Florida State University have found it might ...

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'Job readiness' more important to UK employers than academic credentials

Formal academic credentials play a relatively minor role in the UK labour market, with the majority of employers placing greater emphasis on 'job readiness', according to a new study published ...

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India's right to information act provides lessons on government transparency

By studying the social response to India's Right to Information Act, a University of Arizona researcher has uncovered how the world's largest democracy created a culture that demands government ...

Mon 17 Dec 18 from

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Drivers who can 'bid' for parking spaces may improve parking options around the world

Parking is of paramount concern to urban car owners and urban planners. The current arsenal of solutions available to policymakers addressing the increasingly urgent parking shortage in cities ...

Mon 17 Dec 18 from

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One-third of Americans consider living abroad

New research has revealed that approximately one-third (33.1%) of all US-born US citizens living in the US are considering leaving the United States to live abroad.

Mon 17 Dec 18 from

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UK workplace rights reform doesn’t look disruptive to gig economy giants

The UK government has set out a labor market reform package it bills as a major upgrade to workplace rights in the era of disruptive gig economy platforms. The reforms, which include new legislation, ...

Mon 17 Dec 18 from TechCrunch

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Low skilled, low paid workers of the world don't unite, research shows

Workers in low-skilled, low paid employment aren't prone to band together and form a common bond, new research has shown.

Fri 14 Dec 18 from

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Good corporate behaviour boosts sales

Study shows reputation influences consumer choices. Andrew Masterson reports.

Sun 16 Dec 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Demographics of deportation: Noncitizens fare better in communities that are 20-40 percent Hispanic

An exhaustive new analysis of deportation practices across the country reveals a "protective effect" for noncitizens living in communities that are 20 percent to 40 percent Hispanic.

Thu 13 Dec 18 from

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Rethinking school suspensions: School climate offers a clue

A 2012 study by the Everyone Graduates Center at John Hopkins University found that when a high school freshman receives a single suspension, their chances of dropping out of school can increase ...

Wed 12 Dec 18 from

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