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Tech's real role in student debt

 Hillary Clinton’s campaign advisers sought to explain the student debt deferment portion of her tech agenda on a call with reporters today, after the item generated criticism that ...

11 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Blue-collar training in high school leaves women behind

What's the best way to prepare high schoolers for jobs in the 21st century? Education leaders and the general public have been debating this question with more heat in recent years, clashing ...

19 hours ago from

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Disney, coding non-profit create 'Frozen' & 'Star Wars' comp sci courses for kids

DENVER Do you want to code a snowman? How about a droid?The non-profit group on Tuesday said it will team up with Disney and Lucasfilm to create Frozen and Star Wars-themed computer ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from USA today

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Researchers develop new statistical test that shows racial profiling in police traffic stops

By analyzing data from 4.5 million traffic stops in 100 North Carolina cities, Stanford researchers have found that police in that state are more likely to search black and Hispanic motorists, ...

23 hours ago from

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California gets go-ahead to vote on legalization of marijuana

(Reuters) - Californians are set to decide whether to make recreational marijuana use legal, as other Western states have done, after the California Secretary of State's office said on Tuesday ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from Reuters

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Stress contagion possible amongst students and teachers

Teacher burnout and student stress may be linked, according to a University of British Columbia study.

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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Researcher finds 'ghost workers' common in migrant farm work

New research by Sarah Horton, an anthropologist at the University of Colorado Denver, reveals that employers in agricultural industries often take advantage of migrants' inability to work legally ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from

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Teachers out at prep school after nasty Slack messages about students are revealed - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Several teachers privately called the kids "idiots" and worse; then screenshots of their chats were circulated, say reports.

Sun 26 Jun 16 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Uber Replaces Surge Multiplier With 'Upfront' Pricing

Uber has long implemented surge pricing in areas where demand is high, surge pricing is reflected in the app through a multiplier which gives users an idea of how many times over the normal ...

Sun 26 Jun 16 from Ubergizmo

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40-year-old Twinkie still going strong

In a glass box in a private school in Maine sits a 40-year-old chemistry experiment still going strong: A decades-old Twinkie.

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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