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Touch-Friendly Office For Windows 10 Phones Promised For This Month

It's an interesting choice that Microsoft has made when they launched touch-friendly/optimized versions of their Office productivity suite for iOS and Android devices before releasing it for ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from Ubergizmo

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iOS vs. Android Leads To Roommates Stabbing

The war between iOS and Android couldn’t get more intense with fans physically hurting each other. In recent years, we have witnessed many virtual wars between the companies in the comment ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from Ubergizmo

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Microsoft Releases Fix For Windows 10 Build 10051 Bricking On Low-End Lumias

Windows 10 Build 10051 for phones brings with it a number of great updates, with the Spartan Web browser being the most notable, but for some, it introduced something extra: phone bricking. In ...

10 hours ago from HotHardware

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Google Chrome Users Still Clinging To Windows XP Supported Through 2015

As hard as it might be to believe, Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP last April; the 8th, to be exact. Since then, there has actually been little to report on XP-wise, although earlier ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from HotHardware

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'Halo: Spartan Strike' arrives on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS And Steam

Halo: Spartan Strike is now available on multiple platforms. This twin-stick shooter from 343 Industries and Vanguard Games is the spiritual successor to 2013’s Halo: Spartan Assault, ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from Techspot

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Chrome for iOS updated with Today widget, new gestures, support for password managers

Google has updated its Chrome browser for iOS with several new features that take advantage of iOS 8's latest abilities. Specifically, Chrome 42 brings a new Notification Center widget, ...

Fri 17 Apr 15 from Techspot

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Minecraft exploit that made it easy to crash servers gets patched

A security researcher announced in a blog post that he discovered the exploit almost two years ago, and claims Mojang ignored him and did nothing to fix the problem.

Fri 17 Apr 15 from Extremetech

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Microsoft apps and services will be bundled with Cyanogen based devices

Cyanogen is the most popular custom ROM for Android. But despite building an entire business based on Google’s mobile platform, the company has been looking to distance itself from Google ...

Thu 16 Apr 15 from Techspot

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Candy Crush Saga causes man's thumb tendon to rupture

It’s no secret that there are free-to-play mobile games on app stores created in such a way as to make you want to play them all the time. This in turn leads to […]

Fri 17 Apr 15 from

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GameStop Will Start Accepting Classic Games And Consoles Later This Month

GameStop is going to launch a pilot sales and trade-in program later this month under which it will accept your classic games and console, classic consoles like the Nintendo 64 for example. This ...

Thu 16 Apr 15 from Ubergizmo

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