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Apple announces OS X Beta Seed Program, opens beta testing to everyone

Apple on Tuesday opened up OS X beta versions to the public in general. The Cupertino-based company announced the OS X Beta Seed Program, which allows anyone with an active Apple ID to download ...

22 hours ago from Techspot

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Google, Microsoft and Facebook launch $3.6 million project to stop the next Heartbleed

The sudden chaos of the Heartbleed bug drove home just how much of the web relies on the OpenSSL standard, and just how little was being spent to maintain it. But in the aftermath, ...

8 minutes ago from The Verge

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Remote Desktop Preview App For Windows Phone 8.1 Released

Microsoft had promised that it would release a remote desktop app for Windows Phone, and it has made good on that. Today the company released a preview of the Remote Desktop app for Windows ...

18 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Flappy Bird and 2048 combined into new digital drug

Even the most hardened, jaded gamers played Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird more times than they’re willing to admit (even if that was only once); the same goes with Gabriele Cirulli’s ...

14 hours ago from

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Next 'Skylanders' game 'Trap Team' out this October

Video game will feature new portal where players can bring characters into real world.

13 hours ago from USA today

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Apple releases Heartbleed patch for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Wi-Fi routers

Apple has largely remained unaffected by the Heartbleed bug. Earlier, the Cupertino-based company claimed that iOS, OSX, and other "key" web services were never vulnerable, but now it looks ...

19 hours ago from Techspot

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Windows 8 Start menu should return in August, thanks to new, faster release cycle

Microsoft, recognizing the disappointing truth that iOS and Android aren't going to being chivalrous and slow down while it fixes Windows 8, is planning to speed up its release cadence yet again. ...

18 hours ago from Extremetech

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2K Games Taking Civilization And Borderlands Series To Valve Steamworks

Gamespy's multiplayer servers are getting unplugged and going dark on May 31, and as the deadline approaches, game publishers are scrambling to find new homes. For 2K, the solution is simple ...

21 hours ago from HotHardware

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Minecraft update lets you customize your world before jumping in

Minecraft’s upcoming 1.8 update adds a new level of customization to a game that’s already tailored to those wanting to build their own world. The problem was that up to this point, ...

13 hours ago from Techspot

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Xbox One to launch in Japan on September 4

Microsoft teases "Halo for Xbox One" but is quiet on JRPGs and apps.

15 hours ago from Arstechnica

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