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Microsoft will divorce search from Cortana in Windows 10 - CNET

As of the latest preview build of Windows 10 they're splitting amicably.

2 minutes ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Fortnite bug gave hackers access to millions of player accounts, researchers say

You might want to double-check your credit card statements.

22 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Warner Bros Puts A Bullet In Westworld Mobile On Fallout Of Bethesda Lawsuit

Bethesda launched a very popular mobile game called Fallout Shelter, and as tends to happen anytime a game gets that popular, there were copycats. Most notably the Westworld Mobile game from ...

1 hours ago from HotHardware

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Decrypted Telegram bot chatter revealed as new Windows malware

Sometimes it take a small bug in one thing to find something massive elsewhere. During an investigation recent, security firm Forcepoint Labs said it found a new kind of malware that was found ...

2 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Microsoft could unveil the Hololens 2 on February 24 - CNET

An invite to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona hints at a new product to rival Magic Leap.

18 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Dances removed from Forza Horizon in wake of Fortnite copyright claims

Playground Games drops ‘Carlton and Floss’ emotes from driving game as Epic faces fourth lawsuit for alleged Fortnite copyright infringementTwo dance moves that are the subject of lawsuits in ...

5 hours ago from

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LoJax Malware Continues to Operate 8 Months After Discovery

Even replacing drives won't kill LoJax, which appears to still be operating more than eight months after researchers from Arbor Networks detailed the malware. The post LoJax Malware Continues ...

18 hours ago from Extremetech

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Microsoft is now the strategic cloud provider for Walgreens

Microsoft and Walgreens on Tuesday entered into a seven-year agreement in which the two aim to make health care more convenient to people through data-driven insights.

Tue 15 Jan 19 from Techspot

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Tesla hacking competition offers $900,000 and free car if someone can hijack Model 3

Hackers at Pwn2Own CanSecWeat security conference will compete to find security holes with electric car

Tue 15 Jan 19 from The Independent

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Analyst says PS5/next-gen Xbox will be unveiled at E3 2020

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, IDC’s Lewis Ward says both Microsoft’s and Sony’s current-gen consoles may get “modest hardware refreshes” in 2019, along with “a slate of AAA exclusives,” ...

Wed 16 Jan 19 from Techspot

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