'Super seducer' game that teaches men how to pick up women banned from PlayStation

Super Seducer is the work of a pickup artist who even Piers Morgan finds vile. I’m calling on gamers to join my campaign“If you’re not good at cooking you better be real good at sucking dick.” That memorable line is from a new video game released this week, just in time for International Women’s Day.The game is called Super Seducer. It was created by a pickup artist called Richard La Ruina, a man Piers Morgan recently branded “repulsive” for his views on British women. Take that in for a second. Piers Morgan thinks this man’s views on women are beyond the pale. In the game players are given the option to try out different lines and “moves” on women, like grabbing their breasts … or their bottom. The aim is to hone your skills for real life so you can “win” the ultimate prize: the girl of your dreams. Continue reading...

'Super seducer' game that teaches men how to pick up women banned from PlayStation

The game is still available on other platforms, though has received an angry reaction

Wed 7 Mar 18 from The Independent

“Dating coach” game Super Seducer barred from PlayStation 4

Available on Steam, game using live-action video to "teach" pick-up techniques.

Thu 8 Mar 18 from Arstechnica

PlayStation won’t publish pickup artist game Super Seducer

Super Seducer, a game that aims to teach men how to flirt with women by removing any option for said women to escape, was set to launch on Steam and PlayStation 4 on March 6th. ...

Wed 7 Mar 18 from The Verge

Sony blocks Super Seducer video game on PlayStation

The PlayStation release of a controversial dating tips game is barred by the console-maker.

Wed 7 Mar 18 from BBC Technology

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