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Signify uses office lights for 250 Mbps wireless data transfer

Though most of make use of radio waves to wirelessly send and receive data to and from our work mobile devices and computers, there is another way. Signify or Philips Lighting as it ...

5 hours ago from Gizmag

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AT&T Now Fields the Fastest Mobile Network Thanks to Faux G Upgrades

The results of PCMag's fastest mobile network survey for 2019 are in, and AT&T surprisingly leaps ahead to take the lead again -- thanks to LTE upgrades the company has deliberately misbranded ...

2 hours ago from Extremetech

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Telecom Italia to start talks with CDP, Enel on single network

Telecom Italia has signed a non-disclosure agreement with state lender CDP and utility Enel to kick off talks on ways of integrating its fiber optic network with that of smaller rival Open Fiber, ...

4 hours ago from Reuters Technology

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These are the phones you need to access 5G in the US

Verizon customers can now access the carrier's 5G network in the US from yet another smartphone.

2 hours ago from CNN

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T-Mobile CEO says Sprint merger will take 5G nationwide - CNET

T-Mobile is "fixing the broken, arrogant wireless industry," says John Legere.

2 hours ago from CNET

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U.S. agency to vote on auctioning key unused parts of 2.5 GHz band for 5G

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote in July on whether to auction a key band of largely unused 2.5 GHz spectrum to help advance next-generation 5G wireless networks and scrap ...

Tue 18 Jun 19 from Reuters Technology

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Hungary has no evidence of Huawei threat, plans rapid 5G rollout: minister

Hungary has no evidence that equipment from Chinese telecoms giant Huawei poses a security threat, a government minister said on Thursday, adding that Budapest was mulling incentives to accelerate ...

4 hours ago from Reuters Technology

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Boris Johnson's full fibre plan needs more detail says industry

Broadband providers say it will take more than money to achieve a "full fibre for all" by 2025 pledge.

Mon 17 Jun 19 from BBC Technology

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American Airlines To Start Offering Satellite WiFi Across Its Mainline Fleet

Usually when we’re in a plane, we lose all reception on our phones. However, depending on the flight and the airline company, sometimes there is the option to purchase onboard WiFi, usually ...

Mon 17 Jun 19 from Ubergizmo

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Verizon To Connect NBA Arenas With Fiber Network For 1080p Broadcasts

NBA broadcasts are about to get an upgrade. Verizon has announced that it has reached an agreement with the National Basketball Association to create a high-speed network which will connect ...

Sun 16 Jun 19 from Ubergizmo

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