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FCC warns ISPs 'We're watching you'

The FCC has issued a new advisory reminding ISPs that they must disclose accurate information about connectivity speeds and services for home and mobile broadband. Read more about FCC ...

23 hours ago from TG Daily

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Comcast does a U-turn, admits rep from retention call was doing "what we trained him to do"

After that excruciating recorded call between AOL product manager Ryan Block and a Comcast customer rep went viral last week, the cable company quickly apologized noting that's not "how ...

Wed 23 Jul 14 from Techspot

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FCC gets its chance to overturn state limits on broadband competition

Tennessee utility wants to serve people who can't get minimum broadband speeds.

1 hours ago from Arstechnica

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Verizon boosts FiOS uploads to match downloads

Verizon is boosting the upload speeds of nearly all its FiOS connections to match the download speeds, vastly shortening the time it takes for subscribers to send videos and back up their files ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from

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Fibre broadband cable arrives on the Scilly Isles - in pictures

Crowds gathered on Porthcressa Beach on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, yesterday to see a subsea fibre optic cable being hauled onto the beach

7 hours ago from Tech

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Bitcoin Gets Its Own TV Network

Kryptoradio will broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain on digital TV to increase redundancy and enable new applications

Tue 22 Jul 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Verizon launches rewards program with tracking

Verizon Wireless is launching a nationwide loyalty program this week for its 100-million-plus subscribers. There's a twist, though: To earn points for every dollar spent, subscribers must consent ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from

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Simpsons World: Every Simpsons Episode Ever, Online For Free (Sort Of)

Until now, Simpsons fans have been relegated to rewatching old episodes on grubby DVDs or downloading them one-by-one on iTunes. A new portal called Simpsons World will launch in October that ...

Mon 21 Jul 14 from Gizmodo

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Thais rescue NBN interim satellite scheme

Featured | Written by: Graeme Philipson | Published in: Telecoms & NBNNBN Co has announced an expansion of its existing interim satellite arrangements, made possible by the increased involvement ...

Tue 22 Jul 14 from iTWire

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Telstra readies 700MHz 4G trials in six centres

Featured | Written by: Stephen Withers | Published in: Telecoms & NBNCommercial trials of Telstra's 700MHz 4G service will soon begin in six areas on both sides of the country.

Mon 21 Jul 14 from iTWire

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