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EE has launched its fastest ever mobile network in London - but how exactly do you access 4G+?

Mobile operator EE has launched its next-generation  4G+ service in London,  which they claim will offer download speeds of up to 150MBps and averages of 90Mbps – five times faster than the ...

Thu 30 Oct 14 from The Independent

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FTC says AT&T misled customers with unlimited data

AT&T is being sued by the government over allegations it misled millions of smartphone customers about its unlimited data plans.

Tue 28 Oct 14 from

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If You Use Verizon, Advertisers Can Track You No Matter What

If you use Verizon, you have no way to opt out of the company's tracking program. And that means you have no way to stop third-party companies from using Verizon's tracking IDs to build profiles ...

Thu 30 Oct 14 from Gizmodo

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FCC Chairman looks to spur online video future

FCC chairman looks to encourage online video offerings with rules change        

Wed 29 Oct 14 from USA today

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Japan's wireless carriers told to unlock phones starting next year

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's wireless network providers are to lift restrictions on which network their subscribers can use, the government said, demanding that all smartphones and tablets to be ...

Fri 31 Oct 14 from Reuters Technology

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Net Neutrality's Future Remains A Glorious Muddle

 The FCC is expected to vote on new neutrality rules in December. What those rules will entail remains a high-stakes parlor game. Out this week from the Wall Street Journal’s Gautham ...

16 hours ago from TechCrunch

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70 Companies Qualified for AWS-3 Auction

The FCC has qualified 70 companies (pdf) to bid on AWS-3 spectrum (pdf). The auction starts Nov. 13 and will be the country’s largest spectrum auction since the $19 billion 700 MHz auction ...

17 hours ago from

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Netflix is coming to BT TV YouView boxes

BT today announced its second quarter financial results, but it's not the facts and figures we're interested in, as thrilling as they may be. All but hidden among tables and text is the news ...

Thu 30 Oct 14 from Engadget

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Self-driving cars are starting to evolve

It's mainly the policy, not the technology.

Wed 29 Oct 14 from Arstechnica

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FCC moves to treat online video like cable, a boon for Aereo

Chairman Wheeler: video competition rules shouldn't be a barrier to innovation.

Tue 28 Oct 14 from Arstechnica

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